Importance of Typography in Web Design – The Prime Facts

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Any talented graphic designer would tell you that typography can be used to explore interaction with readers about what you want to convey. The message can be conveyed if the visual language is aligned with the verbal language. On some occasions, however, typography gives a visual effect which speaks speak louder than the words.

Responsive design depends on this perspective. There is a huge connection between the conception of the word and its transmission through the visual medium. Professional graphics rely on visuals to convey the verbal language and its literal meaning too. Average professionals do not allude much thought to typography but are subconsciously affected by it.

Why care about typography at all?

1. Fonts and their appearance have changed drastically in the last decade and there have been new fonts like Helvetica which have made quite an impression.

2. The biggest example of the relevance of typography in web design is in the context of brand recognition. The colors associated with the brand, the font, and text all blend in together to create a brand distinct from other brands and specific enough for consumers.

3. Fonts are like fashion and new fonts bring in a certain freshness especially to present a certain look that can be designed with the help of the typographic element.

4. Some fonts are just variations of other fonts and some fonts combine with other fonts to deliver a “new” font. Old methods and types can give way to the new.

Invoking feelings and reactions in responsive design through typography

Just as body language and tone is important along with visual language and words to convey feelings, text alone cannot convey the same message in isolation while artists can interpret the same and yet create different pieces of the text.

The mobile world is subject to rapid change and the importance of Responsive web design cannot be ignored. The main content is the main goal and hence typography is what delivers the right effect. Successful web design is actually the right typography balanced by right visuals and right text content. And each element should blend seamlessly with the other.

Tips for Stunning Typography

Too many font-faces can be very distracting

One should limit the number of typefaces used for a single website so that there is consistency in your design. Using only font on your website can be monotonous but changing fonts every other sentence is also detrimental to the impact of the content.

The perfect balance between the two extremes is the way to go. The purpose of the design and the related information should be conveyed visually and through text in the same breath.

Font Selection is the Site’s Character

Font selection or typeface selection is used to convey the purpose of the website. Review the core purpose of the site and the organization and then bring every element of the site in consonance with the core idea. Choosing the right typeface is highly important because it gives character to the site.

Alignment is Important

The way you align the type and the text is arranged on the site can impact readers. The right, left, centered and justified alignments need to be worked out after the design is finalized. The alignment should direct your readers and users to look for information through structure and flow

Typography Accounts for Most of Web Design

Most people come to the website to read and not only look. They come to glean info from an article, a review, or info about the new app, the content matters. The colors or design elements only add to the inferences. With the right typography, one can ensure that the site is enticing and successful in drawing readers.

Fontography required immense effort and to be font literate, is highly important for every designer.

Be Creative in Type Artwork

Typefaces have their own beauty and can be interpreted in different contexts and hence they reflect on the state of identity amongst other arts and crafts. Using them mechanically curbs the expressiveness of the medium and loses vividness. With compelling typography, one can add greatly to the message of the text and with Google web fonts, typekit, WebINK, and other web tools, lack of beautiful typography is inexcusable.

Increase the Size of Type when Necessary

The importance of the content should be conveyed by large typefaces and font-size. Cramming hundred words into a tagline is stupid. Sizing the perfect “10-word” tagline can help you quickly inform users about the website and its content purpose. Some typography become artwork.

The rest becomes bull-shit owing to lack of knowledge. The sense of website’s purpose through typography enhances the readability of the rest of the content of the page.

Get Creative with Font Choices

Designers, stop using “Times New Roman” typeface for all sites and get more creative with font choices. Helvetica, Comic Sans, Verdana, Georgia, Franklin Gothic are some of the fonts that add a layer of visual depth to the site content and can help companies to express themselves creatively.




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