Junk Car pickup: Things to keep in mind

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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Is your old worn out car lying in the garage for a long time? Why don’t you get rid of it since, it is merely occupying the space, and is of no use? The solution to selling the car to the best junk car pick up service is unproblematic and secure, provided you hire the best one.

Cash for car is a service that you will get after you sell it to the junk car pickup provider. Before that, consider some of the points that can help in selecting the best one. 

  1. A recognized junk car company 

Firstly, hire a reputed junk car company. You will come across a lot of companies doing the same job. But you will notice that only a few of them have an excellent client report. If a company has a good report, it means the services provided by them are the best.

Be careful that you do not fall for fraud as it can get you in trouble. Thus, a reputed company also ensures that they are professional in their work. A leading company will also give you an upfront offer, and you won’t have to reveal personal information as well.

  • Nearer to your house

It is better to look for a company nearer to your place as distance matters. The company need not have to come a long way to pick up your vehicle and also won’t cost you anything.

Apart from that, you can also collect a lot of information regarding the company from your neighbors. Gathering more information will help you in understanding which company would be the best. 

  • The right price according to make and model

Even though you are selling an old car, but you should get the right price for it. The best company will provide the best pricing details that you should get depending on the car.

All you have to do is state the model, manufacturing year, and make of the car. The concerned company will offer price quotes based on that.

  • How reliable is the junk car service provider?

Reliability is an essential parameter that most of them look for before approaching any company. The company should provide details of the services and the pricing details in a written form.

Make sure that there is no hidden cost that the company charges from you after taking the vehicle. The best company should provide a hassle-free service to you. 

  • Duration of operation

One of the critical parameters of the junk car buying company is how much time it will take to process the money after picking up the vehicle. Some might consume a lot of time, whereas some might provide same-day service.

The best company will provide same-day service so that the clients get rid of the old car. Along with that, they will also give the amount at the same time. 

Keeping all these points into consideration will help in selecting the right junk car pickup company.

The Valuation of Junk Cars

The value of the car depends on the condition it is in during the selling process. If it is operable that the spare parts can be sold. However, if the car is not working, the price is valued based on metal weight.

The owner of the car needs to show necessary documents to authenticate that he or she is the real owner. Once the verification is completed, the vehicle will be taken for the scrapping process.

What Happens to Your Junk Car?

Once your car reaches the junkyard, it goes through the following steps –

  1. A Through Inspection

A recycling unit thoroughly inspects the car, whether it is worth repairing or recycling. If there is too much repair, then the facility begins to dismantle the vehicle and prepare it for recycling. Almost all cars in the present in the junkyard are recycled instead of repair.

  • Dismantling the Valuable Parts and Removing the Fluids

Various liquids present within the vehicle such as gas, oil, transmission, antifreeze, brake lubricants, etc. are drained out of the car before the dismantle process. Operators separate the harmful liquids and prepare them for safe disposal.

Additionally, fluids like oil and gas are generally filtered to be reused. Subsequently, car engines, as well as transmissions, are lifted from the chassis, and usable parts are taken out. These parts are cleaned and repaired for the purpose of resale.

  • Resale of Repaired Parts

As mentioned above some parts are cleaned and repaired for reuse. Therefore, they are sold to auto-manufacturer to be included in other vehicles. These parts are popularly used in the used cars.

  • Crushing

Once all the parts are segregated and resold, all that left is the body of the car. Eventually, you are left with different kinds of metals found in the car, which are crushed and shredded to metal chunks. These metals are then used for various purposes.

How are the Car Parts Used?

In a typical scenario, almost 90% of the car gets recycled. Windshield, tires, batteries, wheels, steel and iron, transmission, radiators, carpets, car seats, rubber hoses, mats, oil filters, and belts are the most recycled components.

Recycled glasses are used to make tie flooring, porcelain, jewellery, glass beads, countertops, etc. Moreover, recycled tires are generally used to make new roads. Auto batteries are recycled to generate new batteries that can be used in other cars.

The most popular items; steel, and iron are dismantled and shredded to be used to manufacture a wide range of products.

Final Thoughts

Getting rid of your junk car is not only good for you, but it is also good for the environment. When you understand the process, you are more likely to make a well-informed decision.

While there are many buyers who will offer a good deal for your junk car, not everyone has a good approach towards recycling the car. Therefore, make sure you understand how their process works and verify whether or not it is safe. This way, you can earn money while being environmentally conscious.


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