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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

You will be hard-pressed to find a venture capitalist or an entrepreneur who doesn’t know of the vital tool that is SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the silver bullet in your advertising arsenal to drive your marketing campaign. The higher your domain ranks through properly implemented SEO strategies the higher are your chances to drive the sales higher. SEO is all about generating the very important leads.

Announce your arrival and let your presence be felt on a global scale by carefully designing innovative as well as the basic SEO strategies. Go for an expert third party SEO strategizing firm; the Seattle SEO KottonGrammer Media is your one-stop solution when it comes to devising SEO plans and executing them.

However, reading about SEO tips and implementing them in the real world are two separate things altogether. Yes, there are a few basic strategies that you can dabble yourself in, but for a more comprehensive approach and strategizing you need the expert help. In the following section, we will have a look at the most basic strategy that you can employ to drive your online ranking higher. 

You can start by making the website faster

According to the experts, most of the business venture capitalists and entrepreneurs miss out on increasing the site speed. The fact of the matter is site speed is an overlooked facet. However, faster loading times for your website translate into greater audience retention. To keep your audience base engaged and to drive the traffic for a higher ranking with respect to the search results you need to optimize your webpage and domain landing pages. Here is a fact for you; on an average when the loading time of a particular page is around 3 seconds, users tend to navigate away from the page. Optimize the image files specs and size. Compressing the images will bring down the site loading times by 40%, our experts reveal.

Our experts reveal a few tips to increase the site loading speed in the following section

  1. Step 1 is a complete review of all the on-page elements to make sure only the required amount of information is present that will benefit the users.
  2. Cut down on all the junk files and unnecessary pop-ups to increase the site loading speed.
  3. Browser caching is important as well, which means some amount of information will get saved at the user-end browser to help the site load faster on consecutive visits.
  4. Lastly, you can reduce the unnecessary plug-ins, script files to optimize your site.

About the https:// link

The https:// a link is a vital tool and it ensures the users about the safety of your domain. So make sure you have one for your domain. The link is the hallmark of a safe connection which maintains a basic level of security between the server and the user. This link is what the users usually look for while making payments, searching for products and services. There are instances when user end browser services block the access into an unsecured site. These sites are deemed unsafe, deceptive or defective. Avoid making the amateur mistake of not having a secured link and you will never turn away potential leads. Additionally, with secure links, you have a better chance of data retrieval from Google Analytics about the inbound traffic and audience retention of your domain.

Optimize the mobile site

This is the day and age of the hand-held devices and no one individual is seen without one. What are the chances that you are reading this article on your phone or tablet device? Pretty high, we think! So it is ideal that you do not stop at optimizing your webpage and domain for the desktop and the laptops. Get it done for the smaller screened and touch-sensitive mobile and handheld devices as well. Around 52% of the entire internet traffic is mobile generated and you wouldn’t want to miss out on half the world, will you?

Keep tabs on your metrics

Traffic and engagement

The popularity of your webpage is determined by the metrics of traffic and engagement. This is usually calculated by the time a user spends on your domain page. The lower the bounce and ping rates the more is the engagement. In simple words, it means the user is hooked on to the content you have provided.

To increase the traffic and engagement metrics, our expert’s advice you the following,

  1. Invest time and hire professional content writers to make the content informational, worthwhile and easy to read.
  2. Use sentence fragmenting to make content easy to understand and keep the English simple.
  3. Images should help the text flow through and the use of bullet points to make for a faster reading is encouraged as well.
  4. Make sure all the information regarding the product or the service is listed at the start of the content or at your domain landing page.

Lastly the User Experience

The user experience or the UX is a key element when it comes to improving the search result rankings. The truth is the search engines follow the user and not the other way around. The better the user experience, the higher is the inbound traffic, which means your site will automatically get ranked higher in the search result rankings. There are a few tips provided in the following section that can help with increasing the quality of user experience.

  1. Makes sure that the navigation within the site is easy even for individuals with different abilities. 
  2. Use different sized tags for the article and structure it according to the industry standards. H1 tags for the headings, H2 for the subheadings and H3 for the body of the article is the current trend at this moment.

Yes, you do need professional aid when it comes to SEO strategizing and implementation. There are many technical details to take care of along with the monitoring, maintenance and constant updating of the site. Hire your professional today.


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