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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

The SEO world has become so transient that you can no longer depend on the strategies that worked for you the last year. You have to continuously change and evolve your initiatives to accommodate the latest trends to protect your website from slipping its rankings or getting penalized by Google. Higher rankings mean more user flow that you can tap into for conversions and ROI. So, here are a few techniques that you need to apply to influence the overall customer experience in your favor.


Like other search engines, Google also wants to serve its users with the best results and has been performing exceptionally well in this field to acquire the top position in the online ecosystem. Similarly, you have to make your website’s SEO practices extremely well-rounded so that your users get what they desire. Otherwise, you will not succeed in your objective.

A spammy site witnesses high bounce rate, while the one with quality content and keyword targeting not only has a lower bounce rate but better search engine ranking also. If a user spends time on your page, it shows he or she found it to be relevant for their purpose. And since Google is becoming more and more user experience-centric, it is likely to pull your site on the top result pages. You can tend to this aspect by following a few of these tricks on your website:

  • Upload easy-to-read posts
  • Use a bucket brigade copywriting technique
  • Adopt an inverted style of providing information with the most crucial point appearing on the top
  • Provide better page designs for enhanced user experience (UX)
  • Increase the loading time of the website

The mark of good content lies in its presentation and information. Generally, the use of short paragraphs, different lengths of the sentences, sub-headings, bulleted points, and images and white spaces work best. As far as bucket brigade thing goes, it’s about exciting and keeping users busy with your copy using trigger words or phrases, such as ‘the answer is,’ ‘you might be thinking,’ etc.

As pointed out, website design goes a long way in defining the user experience. Since it can be difficult to pinpoint something that can be hurting the performance of your website, you can choose any of the powerful user-testing tools, such as Optimizely, Optimize by Google, Crazy Egg, to analyze and enhance it.

Voice Search

The experts anticipate that voice search will take over almost 50% of the total searches by the next year because already a large number of users are using voice assistants over texts for help with a query. So, factoring this ingredient is critical for your SEO campaign. There is a significant difference between how a user performs a spoken or written word query on the internet. Voice searches are typically question-based, and users get their information from featured snippets. Therefore, it is critical to make your website question-friendly. If you succeed in this, you can perhaps manage to draw the attention of one of those six American users who depend on smart speakers.

For this, you don’t have to revise your entire website, though. You can implement it by targeting structured data and long tail keywords in the content. Schema markup is an example of structured data that many SEO agencies use to help search engine giant understand the substance of your page quickly and rank it accordingly.

Long-form content

One of the top SEO training agencies found through its survey that long content correlated with higher SERPs. However, that doesn’t mean every piece of information has to be unnecessarily so, while the focus has to be on user intent. For example, people searching for tips may need in-depth details, whereas people looking for dos and don’ts of something may need quick guidance with bulleted points. 

Another thing to note in this context is that don’t remove your existing pages since they already have gained some form of traction. So instead of writing something new, revamp the old pages by adding useful information.


YouTube algorithm works pretty much like Google’s spiders when it comes to sifting through information about your content, and there are a few elements whose presence and absence can mark a considerable impact on YouTube searches. Some of these include title, video description, length of the video, and thumbnail. The title has to be SEO-friendly and click-worthy because otherwise, it can severely impact its CTR. Using a mix of keywords and trigger words can be fruitful. Ideally, the title length should be more than five words.

As far as the description goes, it’s critical to be aware of the fact that YouTube’s crawler needs written information to understand the content of your video as it cannot read it. Some people tend to use a mix of different target keywords for this purpose. If you wish to create a real impact, then write a brief blog on the content of the video. Many brands don’t do this, but you can have the edge over them by attempting this trick.

The total length of your video can be more than five minutes as longer ones get more attention. Lastly, using a compelling thumbnail image is also crucial to earning more clicks from users.

Local searches

About half of the Google searches concern local information as users mostly try to find out phone numbers, addresses, opening hours, and local service providers. That means if you are a local business owner, then you cannot afford to let this opportunity pass and hamper your chances of turning profitable. Some of the techniques that can come in handy in this regard include:

  • Directory listings on platforms, such as Google My Business, Bright Local, etc.
  • Optimization of local landing pages
  • Search engine optimization of business

SEO practices have to evolve with time to catch up with the new algorithm requirements and Google webmaster guidelines. It’s essential to accommodate the changes as soon as possible to make sure your business remains ahead in the competition. By focusing on content quality, engaging users, and building strong backlinks, you can solve many concerns. At the same time, making use of a few AI tools can also be rewarding for you. For help with all this, you can look for established SEO marketing consultants in your city.


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