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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

What is HTML?

Hyper Text Markup Language or is otherwise known as HTML is a standard language for creating web pages.  This means HTML is not a programming language but rather a markup language.  It describes the structure of the web pages using markup and its elements are the building blocks of an HTML page. These elements are represented in the form of tags. For example, tags label particles of content such as “heading”, “paragraph”, “table”, and so on. These tags are enclosed in angle brackets. The syntax for tagging is <tagname> content here… </tagname>. These HTML are usually in pairs as <p> and </p>. The first tag in the pair is the start tag and the second pair is the end tag. The end pair is accompanied by a forward slash, as </p> in the example above.

Web browsers

The main purpose of a web browser is to read the HTML documents and display them. These browsers could either be Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. The browsers, however, do not display the HTML tags, but they use them to generate the content of the page.

Since its beginning, HTML has had various version of it starting from the year 1991.

HTML 2.01995
HTML 3.21997
HTML 4.011999

HTML 5 is the latest as well as the most enhanced version of HTML. Before getting discussing to HTML 5 tutorials here are some basic things you need to have and know.


A basic idea and knowledge of HTML and its tag is a must before we get started. Awareness of the basic will help expedite the learning process faster.

Overview of HTML 5

HTML 5 succeeds the XHTML version and is a standard for structuring and presenting contents on what is abbreviated as the World Wide Web or WWW, as is often referred to as. It is a co-operation between the WWWC or the World Wide Web Consortium and WHATWG or Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group.

This new version accommodates features like the video playback option and the drag-and-drop that previously were supported by relying on third-party browser plug-ins such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Google Gears.

HTML 5 is supported in a range of latest browsers like Apple Safari, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Even the mobile web browsers that come inbuilt on iPhones, Ipads, and all Android phones will support HTML 5.

What can you expect in HTML 5?

HTML 5 is exciting for a range of the different feature it supports. Take a look at them.

  • New Semantic Elements – The semantic elements include the <header>, <footer>, and <section>.
  • Forms 2.0 − Improvements have been made to HTML web forms. Now, new attributes have been incorporated for <input> tag.
  • Audio & Video – Now it is possible to embed audio or video on your web pages without having to depend on third-party plugins.
  • Local Storage –The larger aim is to achieve this purpose without having to rely on third-party plugins.
  • Server-Sent Events – HTML5 introduces a series of events that flow from web server to the web browser. These are called the Server-Sent Events (SSE).
  • Canvas – It facilitates support for a two-dimensional drawing surface that you can easily program with a JavaScript.
  • WebSocket – This is the next-generation bidirectional communication technology that is applied for web applications.
  • Drag and drop − Drag and drop items from one location to another on the same webpage. How easy is that?
  • Geolocation –Visitors now have an option to choose to share their physical location with your web application.
  • Microdata – Microdata lets you create your own vocabularies, one that is beyond the understanding of HTML 5 and extend your web pages with custom semantics.

Getting started

Now if these features have got you curious to learn more, then you can move to HTML 5 tutorials. But to become a master in HTML 5 it is necessary to find a  bundle of good tutorials. So to resolve your problem we have discussed a list of curated sites and books that will help a beginner who knows nothing about programming to an experienced professional. Some of them are extremely interactive with videos and examples and covers a wide range of topics and lessons, while others give ample importance to the queries and doubts you have and attends to you by way of solving them.

Designhack.net- Beginners HTML 5 Tutorials

Now this one is designed keeping in mind the beginners who need lessons from scratch. It covers the new elements of HTML 5 and attached prime importance to the Semantic elements it holds.

Smashingmagazine.com- Beginners, Interactive

To enable you to start coding from scratch, this site has all that you need to know as a beginner. It helps you code an HTML layout from the bottom and will train you up all the way to the top. Get your hands on here to make the best out of their content.

Html 5 Doctor- Online, Interactive

How about designing a blog with HTML 5? If you are into this line, this site will help you design a blog with HTML 5, inclusive of the new additions and elements that you need to know and work with. With ample examples and syntax, there is no better way to master designing a blog.

Code.tutsplus.com- Advanced, Interactive

This website’s HTML 5 tutorials are particularly useful for building a blog page using next-generation techniques from HTML 5 and CSS 3. It will teach you how to build a website when the specifications have been finalized. The new features will enhance the web experience and so will your learning get more exciting.

Line25.com- Online, Interactive

This step by step process cum guide will let you create your own contact form by use of HTML 5 and CSS 3. The tutorial will also give you an insight into the use of the difference of the new HTML 5 and thus enabling you to use them in your form.

Lynda.com-  HTML 5 tutorials

Lynda is a good site to get started in the first place. Find the basics of HTML 5 covered and other minute details on how it differs from HTML 4 and the like. Lynda is the best platform that offers software training.  The site also discusses how it might evolve tomorrow and why it is preferred by developers today.

HTML5 Rocks- Video Tutorials

This provides you with a simple and a standardized way to add subtitles, or even captions. Find some chapters that cover them in length and also videos that help you learn better.

Designmodo- Online, Interactive

If you like, here is a site on HTML 5 tutorials that discuss the steps to building an amazing website through the use of HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Code.tutsplus.com- Intermediate, Interactive

Related to HTML 5, this site will explain how your media content to users can be presented effectively. This tutorial will teach you how HTML 5 will help you present this in several different ways.

Net.tutsplus.com- Advanced, Interactive

This HTML 5 tutorial is for those who have basic knowledge of HTML 5. Here is the interesting part for many of the gamers out there! Build your first game with HTML 5. Learn how you can build your game using Box2D and HTML 5’s canvas tag. The site gives you an in-depth path to build your own first game. This is however meant for the advanced team.

Vanseodesign- Beginners HTML 5 Tutorials

Learn some basic semantic elements and semantic tags. The blog will give you a good understanding of the semantic elements, carefully designed with examples and descriptions to help you understand better.

HTML5rocks – Interactive, Advanced

Now that’s a bit advanced! Learn what it takes to create an HTML 5 web app. You will be able to figure out the hidden complexities to the mobile framework’s hide. Experience the minimalistic approach using core HTML 5 API’s and also some basic fundamentals that you need to know to contribute to the framework.

Eduonix.com- Online, Interactive

If you would like to stay focused on just learning HTML 5, here is the site you must take a look at. Learn step by step programming and create your own website. Isn’t that something you need to try?

Tutorialspoint.com- Beginners Tutorials

Here is another must-visit site for HTML 5 tutorials and this website’s tutorials are for beginners. Experience some real learning through examples along with the demo and tools you need to know about to learn any further.

W3schools- Beginners Tutorial with Examples

W3 schools provide some fine elements of learning. They provide you with sufficient examples and templates that you can try yourself to understand better. The step by step guide will sure come to your rescue in the long run.

Dive into HTML 5- Beginners Tutorials

One of the most comprehensive resources for HTML 5 tutorials is probably this. Focussed for the beginners as well as for the advanced professionals this is an all-time quick look up that proves to be useful for the exhaustive they provide.

Thenewboston.org- Video Tutorials

Get the best out of this! Listen to this video mode of learning HTML 5 and it will not disappoint you. For all those who are more prone to video learning, this is the best site you can fall upon. With the range of topics covered and the concepts explained in simple terms, this is simply the best.

Netmagazine.com- Online, Interactive

Learn the basics of canvas, the interesting aspect, and the addition of HTML 5. Get an understanding of the features of canvas from learning how to get that done on HTML 5 to actually drawing shapes and another kind of objects on HTML 5. The tutorial will also explain to you how to make a canvas of the same size as your browser. The tutorial closes in style after a brief discussion on the future possibilities of canvas and how it can be made more interesting.

HTML5 Tutorials- Online, Interactive

Get started to use the new semantic tags of HTML 5. This site is complete with a lot of tips and description on how to use the new semantic elements that have been added into the new HTML 5. Learn the basics of it along with how and where to use them. The site has made attempts to make this learning possible through examples and explanations. It is also interesting with a range of tables and charts to help you learn quick and better.

Sitepoint.com- Advanced, Interactive

The next of the kind is a drag and drop planning board with HTML 5. The blog starts with a basic idea of what they intend to create and then take it up from there as the next set of series that needs to go to completion. It also contains the coding and information on set Data. To the end of the blog, you are guided to three more sites that might help you further in regard. Take a look at it, to get an idea of what the discussion is all about.

HTML 5 Tutorials for Beginners

Here is yet another simple way to learn HTML 5. Learn the basics of game development here with the Javascript and canvas feature.

Webdesign14.com- Online, Interactive

This is a very different kind of blog where you will find how to avoid the common mistakes made in HTML 5. The blog focuses on the mistakes people make in coding and using HTML 5 and also explains how you can avoid them easily.

HTML videos

YouTube is yet another place where you can find HTML 5 tutorials. These ones are both intended for the beginners and the advanced learners. For those of you who learn better through videos, here is where you need to search. The comments section takes in question and some people do actually respond to your queries or doubts.

Code Player-HTML 5 Video Tutorials

These video style tutorials are another way for interested and passionate learners to learn. Find some sections on learning HTML 5, Java and many more.

Javatpoint.com- Online, Interactive

This another video style tutorial that is interactive with basics and a range of other topics covered. The video also has examples and code snippets to support the real learning experience.

All that is now left is to choose the right site based on what you really want to learn. Whether you are a beginner or already advanced learner, these sites will come in handy just at the right time.




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