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Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Agile learners are those who learn the new skills from the experiences and apply it in a new way to introduce something new.  The agile learners like to solve complex problems, and complete the challenges given to them. For the companies people who can help in various situations to the business or add some value to improve the system of routine operations can be of immense need. They can prove as an asset to the business and add a huge value over a period. Hence since the point of searching candidate to recruiting the HR needs to check if the concerned candidate has those potentials or not. 

Hence it is necessary for HR to check or measure learning agility of the candidates before hiring. For this purpose there are many tools available in the market which can be used. The candidate needs to be carried through some of the tests and rank his skills which can help the HR to find the outcome and decide if he is fit for a specific job or not. 

In many positions one needs to keep o learning new things. It can be due to the business dynamism or use of latest technology. Those who cannot learn quickly may not have that edge required by the business to carry forward the operation and hence such profiles must be kept at a bay by the HR in the initial stage only. 

Need for Agile Learners?

To maintain the balance with the increasing pace of the technology day by day we need to learn about the new technologies day by day to meet the need of the organization and also of the users. The demands of the industries are increasing at a very high pace and to be in this race there is the need to learn about the new skills by leaving the old skills behind.

This is because every businessman desire is to get its business at the top of everyone and need the consistent growth with time. Every industry is looking for the candidates who have desire to learn the new skills and could be able to learn it with dedication and could unlearn the old skills. Industries look for agile learners because they could take their business above all by keeping the balance with the changing pace of the technology.

The industry that has the agile learners has:

  • Higher productivity and profit.
  • Higher employee productivity.

The CEO of Tankscrib says that the industry should hire the fresh graduates because they will be having the new skill set and the fresh mind to think at different level and will have the dedication to learn about the new skills provided by the industry, because they do not have any prior experience about how the technology is used in the real world since they hire the fresh graduates because of this reason. 

How to measure the Agility of any Learner?

There are two factors on which the Agility of any learner could be told: 

  • Ability
  • Orientation

In old days the technology would not grow with the pace like today so there was no much importance given to the agility of the learners. The learning agility of any person could not be determined on the basis of their past experience and awards winning, it could only be measured on the basis of the above two factors mentioned.

The main focus should be only on those candidates who are able to give up on the already learned skills and ideas which will be of no use in future and learn the new ones.

Now let us understand the above two factors:


It is a skill of the candidate who can learn quickly with the accelerated pace in today’s world of technology. The candidate’s now a days should be able to analyse the new trends, patterns, logic behind the technology. 

The learning Ability of the candidate can be measured on the basis of its intelligence to apply the experience gained from everywhere to solve a complex problem in the given period of time.


Orientation means the attitude or feeling towards a particular subject or issue in general way, here it means that how fast is the candidate in learning the new skills then the others. 

The learning Orientation of the candidate could be measured on the basis of its broad thinking, Consciousness and drive for mastery. 

These two factors can be measured by qualitative data collection and by interviewing by the subject matter experts (SMEs).

If an employer gets confused between selecting the high ability candidate or high orientation candidate then the employer should select the one who having the hunger to learn the new skills because the person having hunger to learn will already have high ability and high orientation in itself. Every candidate says that he/she is the dedicated learner but chooses the candidate who have taken additional classes in free time or have maintained the good GPA.

Types of Learners-

Average Learners

Average learners are those learners who have both ability to learn and orientation learning and could maintain the balance with the pace of technology at the average going industry.

Average learners are needed in Data entry, KPO/BPO industries where there is same task to be done daily with changing the skill set with the pace.

Enthusiastic Learner

Enthusiastic learners are those learners who have the average ability of learning but having good behavioural skill level that is the plus point for the orientation learning.

These learners are needed in the industries where creativity, passion, innovative thought process is needed. Ex. Photography etc.

Latent Learners

These learners have the above average level of learning ability and have average level of behavioural features of character.

These type of learners are needed in the Banking, Accounting etc. sectors where attention to details, focus etc. is needed.

High Potential Learners

These learners have high ability of learning and high behavioural traits for orientation learning.

These type of learners are needed in Stock Market Trading, Management consultant etc.


Sophia Rodreguaze


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