Let’s Bust Common Myths about Computerized Maintenance

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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Let’s Bust Eight Common Myths about Computerized Maintenance

CMMS, or computerized maintenance management system, is a software package to maintain information in your computer database. You can use and moderate information for more effective organization maintenance.

It not only maintains core functionalities but also tracks the organization’s all-important information. You can customize the work order system, vendor management, purchasing, budgeting, asset tracking and many more.

Some CMMS products are specific to industrial uses, such as health care facilities, navy fleets, university systems, and much more. The CMMS system can be either premise-based or cloud-based.

In premise-based CMMS systems, companies host the software on their own server systems. On the other hand, cloud-based systems operate with outside servers. Companies like Axxerion offer the best CMMS cloud-based software, which can be used from any device or mobile app.

Though computerized maintenance management systems are so effective with thousands of companies across the globe, they have some common myths. Let’s bust some of the common myths of the CMMS system.

1. Implementing CMMS Automatically Improves Indicators 

Some companies think that implementing CMMS will improve all business indicators overnight. In reality, that does not happen. CMMS only improves the workflow and prevents unnecessary wastage. If you are struggling with your business plan, then CMMS cannot do any magic for you.

It is true that the CMMS system collects and processes relevant documents automatically. That saves time and provides a lot more flexibility to the workout plan. But how you acquire the plan and execute it depends on company strategy. Just installing CMMS and waiting for magic to happen are clear delusions.

2. It is Only for Preventive Maintenance  

Some enterprises indeed use CMMS for preventive maintenance. That is the core part of this software. However, it does not mean that it is only limited to preventive maintenance. In fact, it has much broader options. For example, you can use the system to assign any remote repairs or emergency repairs and many more.

CMMS is also highly effective for predictive maintenance. It can track all data and forecast the needs in upcoming days. Based on future projections, you can redesign or modify your current strategy. That not only spikes company output but also gives a competitive advantage in the market.

3. CMMS is Too Expensive for Enterprise

CMMS software requires one primary upfront investment. You can then customize it to match specific requirements. Because CMMS enables preventive maintenance and saves labor and wastage, it re-pays your initial investments quickly.

If you do a cost-benefit analysis of CMMS installation to any enterprise, the final result will always drive towards CMMS. It not only scales up productivity but also improves overall performance, which is more cost-effective in terms of investing in computerized maintenance. Furthermore, you can customize cloud subscriptions, saving more of your budget for other things.

4. CMMS Needs High Levels of Technical Experts 

In the early days, computerized software was indeed a complicated beast, and you had no other options other than hiring top technical experts, which is a pricey option as only experts can work with such devices

However, as the software industries have boomed in the last decade, there are significant improvements to computerized software. Now, CMMS is more user-friendly, and its layout is so simple that anyone can operate it on a computer or mobile apps.

In modern CMMS products, you will find self-explanatory menus and easy to follow guidelines. You can train the whole enterprise, and there would be no need to hire any technical experts.

5. Replace CMMS System with a Module of ERP system

Some companies believe that if you add some elements of maintenance to the ERP system, then you do not need to invest in the CMMS system. That will save the budget and earn more profit for the company. It may be true, but no single module can replace the whole CMMS system.

CMMS is not only about monitoring inventories or registering equipment; you can also try a wide range of customized actions. If the company’s needs are small, try a module of ERP over CMMS. However, it is completely a myth that a module of ERP can replace the whole CMMS system.

6. CMMS can Destabilize Network Security

Cybersecurity is the burning issue to assure safety in the digital world. Cybercriminals are ready to spurn out new spyware and malware into the system. Sometimes they are faster than anti-virus updates.

Does CMMS suit subverts to this treat? Well, the CMMS system does auto updates for malware suits and anti-virus screens regularly. Also, they have additional security layers like firewalls for added safety. CMMS also exclusively runs network monitoring to assure complete security.

Above all, you must educate every user about the best security operations. Warn users to stop themselves from clicking any suspicious items. Also, download files only from trusted websites and don’t experiment on unwanted pop-up ads.

7. CMMS has a Low Success Rate

Almost 40% of people misinterpret the CMMS system’s success with a high failure rate. The common perception about CMMS is that it is a highly complex traditional solution system that requires top technical experts.

In reality, there is a completely different picture of it. Almost 50% of the CMMS investors earn the pay cash and scale up profits within 12 months of operation. In fact, these numbers are more staggering if you have better strategies on execution. 

8. CMMS is a Must for Company Survival

Blast the modern myth that CMMS is mandatory for company sustainability. Companies survived before CMMS, and companies are still surviving without CMMS. Computerized maintenance adds extra pace to your business. As the whole operation becomes more efficient and there is less waste, you have better chances for a wider profit margin.

CMMS is not for survival; it is for better competency and effective results. Installing CMMS gives you an extra edge to topple your competitors. If you want to grow as a market leader, then count CMMS highly.

Final Verdict

CMMS is the modern-day solution for advanced business operation and organizational maintenance. You can track all records and plan the next steps with more accuracy.

It’s a solution that minimizes waste and maximizes productivity. Why would you drain your opportunities on bizarre myths? Try it. 


Sophia Rodreguaze


Sophia is the contributing editor at noeticforce.com. She writes about anything and everything related to technology.

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