Marketing Strategies That Will Help Your Clients Double Their Social Media Following

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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Marketing Strategies That Will Help Your Clients Double Their Social Media Following

One of the most fundamental aspects of a business venture is its ability to meet up with the versatility of the fast-evolving world of technological advancements. And a very crucial part of this is ensuring that you have a wide range of social media audience that does not just antique on a room wall, but relevant profiles that are either interested in what you have to sell to them, or are willing to have you buy them over. It now depends on whether you can, and how you intend on going around this. Naturally, the fast-paced procedures might seem a bit much to keep up with, which is why it is important to keep a tab on a couple of points and slowly but surely work your way around them, ensuring that you give your business the kind of strong followership it requires.

Knowing you need this kind of approach however is not enough, it is also important to know exactly how each one of the platforms works and how to maneuver your way to the top of their favorite picks. Each one of these sites works differently, and it is crucial to understand the technicalities as well as the target audiences offered. So, here is a few but really vital strategies you might want to add to your marketing arsenal.

The Right Platforms

It will not be so much of a bad idea to reiterate the fact that not just any social media is to be employed for the advertisement of any kind of product. Consider for instance that Facebook has the largest social media network on the internet today does not necessarily imply it is being the best platform for any kind of product. It is known to constitute almost 80% of users of the internet which is an impressive figure. But while some only make use of it as a form of distraction and meeting friends, there are the minute others who explore and implement the marketing opportunities the giant media offers. It is also known to constitute more of the older than any other generation, so you might want to consider that.    

The linguistic proficiency of Twitter conveniently makes it one of the favorites around the world, but despite this, it is popular for being not so friendly because of its rather peculiar interface. It, however, has an amazing audience as well as mechanisms for popularizing relevant content. With YouTube, you meet a world of possibilities and limitlessness. It is one of the most valid statements that on YouTube, you can get videos for practically anything from how to correctly use a body scrub to how to fix your gas burner.

 As much as your product or brand may be seeking internet savviness, it is important to employ the right tools as well as ensure the right plugs are put in place.


If it is valid to assert that assessing the right social media platform is an important aspect of any social media marketing experience, then it is even more important to ensure the correctness, completeness, and accurateness of your profile. Since it is meant to be an online database for what you have to offer the public, then comprehensiveness is as important any factor to lay emphasis upon. For which reason your potentials for doubling your audience is greatly improved especially since they know exactly what you have to offer them, also providing pictures to boot will be a lot of help as well as a history of previous projects or jobs completed.

Market Analysis

Your corporate entrance into the world of social media is no reason to forget the principles of business you would employ in an offline market. This is why carrying out an analysis of your target market is very important. Since we have admitted the necessity of setting up the right platform the right way, it will do a lot of professional advantage as well as douse an amount of curiosity if you admit that your product or the services you have to render is not the only one of its kind, as you won’t be the first to proffer this kind of strategy. Therefore it is important to assess the network of competition out there, check out their profiles, what it seems they are doing right, what platforms they are employing as well as the policies implemented. The goal is not to imitate them but to aim to do better.     

Content Creation    

Having a business profile does not mean you have to be boring or not offer relevant content to your audience. Therefore, it is important to be creative, to rebrand. I once attended a program that had so much social media publicity hype, only to discover it was organized by a couple of undergraduates and it did turn out well for them. While you may want to utilize the tools provided by whatever social media you choose to utilize, it is important to ensure that you explore the potentials of such facilities to their maximum. “For instance advertising, paying for advertisement allows you a wider and more relevant outreach while the ad itself must contain key details that should include images and videos if possible. You can decide what you want your target audience to be with this kind of tool as well as their gender, nationality, race, sex, etc,” recommends Anna Morrison, a marketer at BigAssignments and  Assignment Help.

Attentiveness to your Audience

More often than not, customer service rating determines in a lot of ways, whether you will lose or get clients. As it is offline, so it is online. Most accounts would specifically designate this role to a social media enthusiast whose job is to attend to the social requests of your ever-widening audience. Remember it is a social platform, ensure you are always on the lookout for relevant content where your brand is mentioned as well as making sure you are able to meet all of their needs by seeking to know their expectations from an overview of your services and work towards meeting them. It also includes having yourself involved in conversations in the online family, this way, you are able to widen your audience and meet prospective clients.

Carve a Niche for Yourself

This is a really wide bracket of reference that includes possessing the right mind to create a name for yourself in the online presence, as well as embedding your brand in the minds of your audience. You have to remember that there is a difference between your followers and your audience, it is not only those who follow you that get to see your posts. Thus, “audience’” has a wider bracket than “followers” for which reason enticement is needed. You can organize an online competition or some kind of giveaway that rewards the participants, as well as introduce your name to the myriad of profiles out there. “This is known to be quite popular on Instagram, as well as effective. It is all about making sure that your audience is appreciated, since your aim is to create an online recognition, you could revise the terms of the contest as you so wish, and this could include referrals, mentions as well as tags and hashtags,” says Margaret Jackson, a content marketer at Australianreviewer and Essay Services.

Providing Quality Services

Regardless of whatever product or service, you have to offer, the aim is the success of your venture. One of my professors was once asked to pray at a Christian/Orphanage Center, and he began with “I pray the center never achieves its aim…”, and when asked why he would say that, he countered that if there were no more orphans out there for the Center to cater for, then it will no longer be in existence; its success would be its death. And that means your audience has to continually require your service. Having a social media platform for your business may perhaps be a big step to corporate success, but it also opens your shop up to some level of vulnerability. And by this is meant the case of disgruntled clients. They have your handle or profile access, they can decide to rant and see to it that your next client is not in the next couple of months. Therefore, it is important to ensure that each one of them is solidified, and although they may be disgruntled, they are pacified enough not to go all public on you.

Customer Service      

It is not an understatement that you will encounter some really unreasonable requests/questions, professional courtesy, however, would not allow you to lose your cool. That it is social media actually gives people that skeptic angle that does not let them know whether to trust that you really offer the services you claim you do or as much as you claim to. Therefore, it is important to build enough confidence in them to give them the right impression, and this may include fulfilling some of their requests, as well as conducting a customer satisfaction survey.

The goal is to capture the hearts and attention of an online customer base, therefore it is important to not just set up the platform of your making, but one that adequately attends to their needs. 

Building Partnerships

Business to business, or B2B partnership, aims for two companies to work together, bringing greater success for all parties. By building strong B2B relationships, you can add significant value to your brand, doubling your social media following because of greater trust and authority.

With business partnerships, two businesses agree to help one another in promoting and building their brands, which include B2B advertising and sales. That’s why it’s crucial to create the best B2B marketing strategies for successful outcomes.

Here are some essential tips to help build a business partnership:

  • Gain insight into other companies that are related to your niche and what you can offer them.
  • It’s vital to identify the businesses that will benefit from you and, in return, bring your business higher gains.
  • Evaluate how your business can be of value to the other company.
  • Identifying the biggest challenges or obstacles for their social media success is important so you can help them, and they can also help you in return.
  • Identify the types of social media followers or target audiences they have to check if it aligns with yours.
  • When it comes to marketing to other businesses, show them how your company can be beneficial for them. Submit a proposal that is objective enough, explaining and outlining the advantages or benefits your business can provide.
  • Maintain B2B relationships by staying in close contact with each. Build trust and a good long-term relationship in your organization by providing updates, feedback, and support are crucial to attaining your social media and B2B marketing goals.


There are plenty of ways to increase your social media following including choosing the right platform, market analysis, profiling, being attentive to your audience, carving your niche, and building strong business partnerships. Also, don’t forget to create quality products and services, as well as providing excellent customer service to attain your social media and overall business goals.


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