10+ Wireframing Tools for Mobile Apps Design and Prototyping

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Since 2013, there has been a rapid increase in the demand for mobile applications all over the world. Thanks to the regular efforts put in by the wide community of app designers and developers, we can now download and use interesting and eye-catchy mobile applications on our smartphones and tablets.

With the Mobile App Development competition gaining traction in different countries of the world, it has actually become vital for the application designers and developers to opt for solutions that can aid in pacing up mobile app development projects. A great relief here is the amazing collection of Wireframing tools that have proved useful for developing high-performing mobile applications in almost every aspect of life.

Today, in this post, I’ll be making you familiar with some of the finest wireframing tools that have been specially designed for creating wireframes for mobile applications. The best thing about all these tools is that they are easy-to-use and enable you to expand your raw ideas in an impressive way and help you gather invaluable feedback at an early stage of mobile app development.

Let’s get straight to these useful wireframing tools tailored to meet the needs of mobile app developers, novice or professional.

1. Fluid

fluid prototyping tool

If you’re facing issues in visualizing the flow of your mobile apps, Fluid UI is the wireframing tool that will help you out. Serving as a captivating tool for designing interactive prototypes, Fluid UI allows you to create wireframes for all contemporary mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows 8.

Loaded with user interface elements and transitions, you can use Fluid UI for sharing your work with other team members, in real time. Plus, you can also avail the flexibility of exporting and publishing your app designs so as to gather important suggestions and applauds. Fluid UI also contains 2000+ ready-made iOS, Windows 8, Android and wireframe UI widgets for quicker smartphone and smart tablet prototyping.

2. Indigo Studio

indigo mobile app wireframe tool

If you hate coding, then Indigo Studio is for you. You can use this wireframing tool for creating animated and fully functional UI prototypes without the need for writing even a single line of code. Indigo Studio enables you to design storyboards in real-world context, followed by building the application design interactions and integrating the same with the storyboards.

The major advantage of this tool is that you can use it for sharing your designs with other team members, thereby speeding up the app development process.

3. HotGloo

As a stunning Wireframe UX Prototyping tool, HotGloo allows you to prototype any type of mobile application that requires a specific type of user interface. Packaged with commendable collaboration features, HotGloo permits more than one app designer to work on a single app wireframing project.

With HotGloo, you can access your app wireframing project anytime anywhere on a 24/7 basis, irrespective of the browser or operating system that you are using.

4. Mockingbird

Serving as an excellent online tool, Mockingbird allows you to create, collaborate, preview and share all the mockups for your website or application. With Mockingbird, you can drag and drop several UI elements on a page, followed by rearranging and resizing them to create a functional mockup within a few minutes. In addition to this, you can go ahead with linking multiple mockups together for previewing them in an interactive format.

Last, but definitely not the least, you can share a link for your mockup with your teammates and clients; allowing them to edit the same in real time.

5. Axure

Axure Mobile App Design Wireframing and Prototyping Tool

If you’re about to initiate the creation of interactive and UI mockups and wireframes, Axure is the wireframing tool you can’t afford to miss. Serving as a zero coding tool for wireframing websites and applications, Axure has all the documentation tools that are required for making design choices and documenting the designs.

You can either go in for the Standard edition or the Pro edition which includes additional collaboration and documentation features. The version 7 of Axure comprises of a brand new framework that supports innovative interaction web fonts, events, string functions and adaptive prototypes.

6. UXPin

UXPin is a simple tool for creating web-based clickable prototypes and mockups. You can utilize a complete tool-kit that comprises of numerous design elements and patterns for building great designs from scratch. Boasting a library of user interface elements for the iOS, Android and web.

UXPin comes with a responsive drag and drop interface that allows you to create wireframes and prototypes that work well on a wide range of devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. Other features include an intuitive commenting system, easy-to-share previews and real-time collaborative editing.

7. Proto.IO

proto.io mobile apps prototyping tool

Yet another zero coding wireframing tool, Proto.IO allows you to create fully-interactive prototypes that look and function just like the mobile app that you’re planning to create. Additionally, you can use this tool for testing your prototype designs on the smartphones or tablets.

Yet another interesting feature of this tool is the existence of actions that can be utilized for simulating the application. Some of the most existing features of Proto.io include: Dropbox sync, Material Design UI Library, Adaptive UI libraries, Offline mode and many more. Some of the industry biggies like BBC, Disney, ESPN, Amazon and PayPal have used Proto.io wireframing tool.

8. Solidify

If you’re inclined on going beyond wireframing and visualizing your app design ideas, then Solidify is the tool for you. With Solidify, you can easily get on with creating clickable prototypes from wireframes, sketches or mockups. Additionally, you can even choose to share the prototypes with team members for gathering their feedback and suggestions on individual pages or the complete prototype.

9. JustInMind

Just  in Mind mobile app prototype creation tool

Better and faster prototyping for websites and mobile apps is possible with the Justinmind tool. You can use it for creating dynamic wireframes and receiving instant feedback on the same.

As an all-in-one prototyping tool, Justinmind comes with a unique widget library, allowing you to insert HTML, Video, Docs, online widgets, online/offline content and interactive maps into your website/application.

10. Mockups.me

Mockups.me is a noteworthy tool that allows you to create interactive and collaborative wireframes of your application on any desktop or tablet. With Mockups.me you can quickly sketch, review and iterate the application user interfaces.

11. Protoshare

Protoshare is a fantastic wireframe and prototyping tool that allows you to design interactive website, app and mobile prototypes and wireframes. It comes equipped with impressive 2D and 3D animated transitions, mobile stencils fetched from a central resource library and an extensive mobile tool-kit comprising of pre-configured mobile screen guides.

The in-built drag and drop interface allows you to creative highly interactive wireframes and prototypes that can further be sent to an iPhone, an iPad or an Android device for the testing purpose. Some of the most esteemed clients of Protoshare include P&G, Fox, British Airways, Kronos, Stanford University, Capella University, Oregon State University, University of Florida and many more.


Wireframing being one of the most vital aspects of website/app development process, you can’t take it lightly. Here’s hoping the above list of best mobile app wireframing tools would allow you to come up with an organized and easy-to-interpret mockup/wireframe for your application.

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