Online PHP Editor: 10 Best to Edit, Run and Manage PHP Code

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

PHP Editor Online

Do you want to try your hands with PHP coding without spending efforts in setting up your system or server? If yes, then this article would give you a good idea on most of the PHP editor online that offer functionality to write, test and execute PHP code online.

The features and capabilities of online code editors for PHP range from basic online PHP shell capable of executing PHP scripts to full featured, modern online PHP IDE that let you build enterprise grade PHP projects and support remote team collaboration, code sharing, version control, provide support for php frameworks out of the box, code completion and many more features. for example is one of the good options to play around with PHP code online and gives you option to generate code by selecting required code features, libraries and frameworks that you need for your code/project. Other similar options include Writephponline and phpassist etc.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the most advanced integrated programming environments in the cloud, for enterprise grade PHP projects, including CodeAnywhere, Cloud9, CodeEnvy and Koding. We will cover these enterprise grade online PHP IDEs in the later half of this article.

There is another breed of online PHP editors that target online interviews and classroom coding tests and competitions. One such online editor include

You can do a quick Google search with keyword online PHP IDE or online PHP editor just to find out that there are too many editors out there in the wild.

Which Online PHP Editor Should You go for?

There is no universal answer to this and it completely depends on your requirements, need at hand, your budget, and of course, your liking. It is always a good idea to try out the free online PHP editors or the trial version of paid IDEs before narrowing down to the one.

We will start off by reviewing simple online PHP editor like PHPFiddle, WritePHPOnline and PHPAssist etc. and then check out some of the most advanced cloud based live php editor like Cloud 9, CodeEnvy and Koding that are fit for enterprise grade PHP projects.


PHPFiddle is probably the most popular free online editor for PHP. PhpFiddle let you create, execute, and test PHP code snippets. Apart from PHP, it also supports HTML, Javascript and MYSQL, which means you can build a fully functional web project using PHPFiddle.

One of the good feature that it offers is auto code generation based on the selections you make in the beginning. You can select various PHP libraries, database libraries, and sample code to be included in the initial code. PHPFiddle also offers APIs for developers, using which you can submit the code to be executed and it returns the execution results in JSON format.

Another great feature offered by PHPFiddle is the widgets, you can use widgets in your web pages or application and your webpage or application becomes the live PHP editor or execution environment.

Read more about PHPFiddle here at –


This is a commercial product, popular among professional developers, with customers including SAP, Redhat, Intuit and Youth Digital.The cloud environment provides development workspaces for multiple languages including PHP. Codenvy is built on top of Eclipse Che which is an open source project supported by the community and sponsored by many organizations.

In the commercial space, CodeEnvy competes with top online coding workspace providers like Koding, codeAnywhere and Cloud 9. For individual developers there is a free community edition available as well and the capabilities of free CodeEnvy version are good enough to get your PHP journey started with an online PHP IDE.

You can read more about CodeEnvy here at –

WritePHPOnline: Simple Online PHP Editor

WritePHPOnline is one of the most simple PHP Editor online which doesn’t bring in any jazzy features. The only thing it lets you do is write or copy/paste php code snippet, run it and see the output, apart from letting you beautify the code with PHP beautifier.

Another simple website similar to WritePHPOnline is RunPHPOnline, it is also simple and offers powerful online PHP interpreter for professionals and students. It is user friendly, offers instant execution and is safe to use, free of cost.

Check it out here at – Write PHP Live Online.

Cloud 9

One of the most sophisticated and feature rich development environment in the cloud is Cloud 9. With more than 40 languages supported in the cloud, it is the most used online IDE and offers class A support for PHP projects for enterprises.

Offers seamless support for PHP CMS systems like WordPress and you can develop websites in a rapid development environment provided by cloud 9 and test in more than 300+ browser/OS combinations. Cloud 9 is a very popular product in the commercial space and is used heavily by developers of small, medium and large scale organizations.

If you are an individual developer or a freelancer, it also offers a free version where you get one free private workspace, one free public workspace and the regular support of community.

You can read more about Cloud9 here at – cloud9.

This one is a website that intends to ease out interviewing process.Yyou can create interview sessions and share with candidates, who can write code live, can run the code and evaluate the candidates. The online code challenges need feature rich editor and has one for PHP interviews.

It lets you run PHP code as console application which helps you interview PHP and html developers, you can use it freely and anonymously.

Here is the link with more information – PHP console.

TutorialsPoint is best known for its tutorials on various programming languages which include some great tutorials on PHP web development. One of the great feature this site has to offer is the online code execution environment for PHP.

You learn PHP doing the tutorials and run the code right there live in the web browser, this makes learning fun and fast. The online PHP shell offered by tutorials point doesn’t just offer option to run PHP code but also let you manage small scale code projects online.

You can Check out tutorials Point PHP Editor Online here at – Edit PHP Online.


Another simple PHP editor that is easy to use and free of cost is PHPAssist, You might like its neat interface and features that include Live running environment, support for popular PHP frameworks, code snippets, option to share the code and cloning the project and a visual editor.

You can experience PHP, view and try new code without the getting into installations and server configurations, quick and easy on PHPAssist website.

Read more – PHPAssist – PHP Editor Online. is another great option to play around with PHP code in the browser and to learn basic concepts of PHP without the need to setup your system. With, you can write PHP source code, provide any input parameters using stdin, and run the code to see the output live.

This online php code editor is good for learning purpose but does not provide required features for full project management and hence, of course, not suited for enterprise grade PHP projects. Key features include online PHP execution environment, debugging tool, syntax highlighting, option to download source code, and option to share the code with public, you can also keep your code private and the tool is free to use.

Additional features from code analysis perspective include code execution time reporting, memory usage details, error messages and support for various PHP versions. The online PHP execution environment of is based on Sphere Engine which is a powerful engine to compile and execute many programming languages online.

You can read more about Ideone here at –


PHP is among the most used language in for web development and Sourcelair is among some of the top cloud IDEs that provide great support for PHP development online. Sourcelair is a fully integrated programming environment that supports multiple languages and works great as a fully functional online PHP IDE.

You get free access for limited period, for evaluation, post which you need to purchase it, if you like it. Some of the key features of Sourcelair include git and hg integration, auto save, pip package manager, Linux terminal, auto complete, drag and drop files from desktop to online environment, theme-able editor, code folding, syntax checking etc.

You can read more about Sourcelair here at –


PHP has been the programming language of choice for many years now and rules the world of web development. It also happens to be one of the easiest languages to learn and one can learn to do professional level coding in a matter of weeks. Everyone needs to get on boarded quickly to try hands in the world of programming, the quick and easy way to do so is using an online compiler, interpreter or debugging tool.

PHP online editor is a perfect way to get started with the development without the hassles of setting up the local machines or servers. The days of spending time on local machines are gone and everyone is moving towards online editors and IDEs for development.

The online PHP editors, interpreters, test environments and IDEs mentioned in this article are best in their area of application and you can start off with any of on these per your needs. Do share your experience with PHP online, via comments. Cheers!




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