Photomath and How to run Photomath on PC?

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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Stuck in a maths problem and couldn’t find a solution? The tech-driven arithmetical app is an excellent way to do the same. Photomath is a primarily a mobile application that is used to solve mathematical problems. No doubt, maths is one of the toughest subjects, and finding the right solution is no less than a challenge.

With Photomath, you can scan the problems and then find the solution displayed on the screen. The app is free to use and provides a detailed guide on how to solve a maths problem. This is one reason why the acceptance and adoption rate of Photomath is huge.

Not sure how the app works? This article will guide you through the methodology helping you use the app to solve problems.

How Does Photomath Work?

As a free-to-use application, Photomath is all you need to solve a maths problem. The app uses OCR technology to scan problems either in a printed or a handwritten format. OCR stands for optical character recognition technology. This facilitates reading the characters in the problem one by one. It could either be basic arithmetics, an equation, linear problems, or a log function, the app works for all.

Once the app has traced the problem using OCR technology, the algorithm then runs the problem to find the right answer. It takes a couple of seconds for the app to calculate the right answer.  The algorithm first reads through the character and the relation between them to get the correct formula. Once this is done, another algorithm primarily the problem-solving algorithm is applied to the formula we received above.

What’s intriguing here is that the app doesn’t display the answer straightaway. Instead, a step-by-step process with instructions is displayed on the screen. This helps students understand the way a problem is solved and not just get the right answer.  Photomath has an advanced tech capability to solve complex maths problems, emulating the expertise of a skilled mathematician.

The app runs on the mobile through the standard application. However, if you are looking for ways to run the application on your desktop browser, don’t worry. Here we have outlined the steps highlighting how to run Photomath on PC using Android Emulator.

Download Photomath on your PC

To run this super-smart mathematical application, perform the steps given below. Here we will use BlueStacks for the download process.

  1. Start with downloading BlueStacks on your computer. Once you are done, you would next need to install the BlueStacks application on your device.
  2. After installation, launch the BlueStacks application.
  3. Now click open the Emulator and then select the “My Apps” button as displayed in the emulator.
  4. Now in the search bar, enter the keyword Photomath. Download the app and then install the same.
  5. Next, use the login credentials of your Google account and download the Photomath application from Google Play Store on the BlueStacks application.
  6. Depending upon your standard settings of the desktop, the installation process will begin automatically once you are logged in the playstore.

Once the installation process is complete, you will then be able to run the Photomath application on your desktop. If you run into any issues you can refer to this article by BrowserCam.

Note that you can also use the Nox app player to download and install the Photomath app on your PC. The steps to be followed here are the same as that of BlueStacks. The only difference lies in the platform. Earlier you used BlueStacks, here we will download the Nox app player and use it to log in to the Google Play Store. Download the app and get started with the Photomath application.


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