Python Is The Future: Master These Resources To Secure Your Programming Career

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Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Python, the popular programming language, has changed the dynamics of businesses and enterprises around the world. It leverages opportunities for engineers, developers, companies, and public institutions.

Over the years, Python has gone through massive growth and popularity. It has emerged as the fastest-growing programming language in the world. Python has been awarded as the ‘language of the year’ in 2007, 2010, & 2018, according to TIOBE Index.  

In 2020, Python has been recognized as the most popular language by the PYPL Index. The current year indicates that the new decade would be of significant changes for businesses and global economies.

The global economy is leveraging Artificial Intelligence with top-rated programming languages for greater businesses productivity and efficiency.

Why is Python popular in demanding Technologies?

There are tons of various reasons why programmers love Python, such as the easiest language to learn, the easy and simple syntax, and a variety of frameworks for web applications and machine learning implications.

Python is a feature-rich programming language, the key python features make it the language of choice among students as well as experienced developers.

The ten reasons for it being so demanding are as follows.

1.    Easy to Adopt & Use

Python is incredibly easy and is a popular choice for all programmers, especially for beginners. It was explicitly designed as a general-purpose language when it was created back in 1980. Some features that make it easy to adopt and use are as follows:

  • Python has the simplest syntax, unlike other complicated programming languages.
  • It gives you more emphasis on natural language.
  • The codes are easy to write in Python.
  • The syntax is easy to read and understand – even for amateur programmers.
  • The codebase in Python can be interpreted easily.

2.    Python is Versatile, Reliable, Efficient, & Speedy

When we talk about reliability, versatility, efficiency, and speed, there is only one name that pops up in developers and programmers mind.

  • It outshines all the other modern programming languages.
  • It can easily be used in any kind of programming environment—for example, mobile applications, web development, desktop application, hardware programming, etc.
  • The applications running in Python are faster than other applications. For an approximate ten times faster.
  • Python offers a high number of applications, which acts as a cherry on top.
  • Python saves a lot of precious time for you. It has advanced process control capabilities, robust integration, perfect design, and text processing capacities that make it speedy.

3.    Compatibility with Machine Learning & Cloud Computing


The digital world is filled with tons of data. Proper track of compiled-data improves workflows and work processes. When we talk about this, we are talking about the latest computer world trends, i.e., cloud computing and machine learning.

  • Python, the top, popular, and demanding languages for data sciences and analytics.
  • In most organizations, data processing workloads are controlled and accessed by Python language.
  • Python offers various applications that make it the most top-pick for organizations yielding in research and developments for the great transformation of usable data.
  • Python has its own libraries that are easily accessed with machine learning projects, e.g., Tensor Flow for neutral networks and OpenCV for computer vision.  

4.    Python Works Perfectly with Web Apps

With Python in action, web apps are rapidly marching forward.

  • Web development is enhanced as Python serves as jet fuel.
  • Rapid actions are done productivity achieved within markets.
  • Although there are other useful programming languages for web apps such as Ruby and JavaScript, Python has made its way with its Django – a popular web framework.
  • Python’s Django is great for building web apps and is even popular within the web development community.

5.    It is the Top-Pick Language

  • Python is the top-picked language for programmers, developers, and organizations.
  • Beginners are inclined to practice and learn Python as it is the hottest cake in the programming world.
  • It is project-development specific and is an integral part of studying in the computer world.
  • The learners of Python have seen massive career opportunities.

6.    Highly Supportive Community

More than 30 years of evolution and community building, Python has surely solidified the grounds.

  • Python has a vast community which ranges from beginners to expert level.
  • This community has built on trust.
  • It plays an important part in nurturing different community members by bringing access to valuable documentation, guides, and Video Tutorials for the proper use of this language.
  • The community serves to solve all the problems that any other community member faces.
  • The python programming language community also has the distinction of being the most popular and problem-solving community. 

7.    Vast Framework

Python has tons of corporate sponsorship and support from its community, which helps in developing vast frameworks and libraries.

  • The vast libraries assist the users to save their maximum time by putting less effort.
  • Cloud services offer accessibilities to cross platforms, and with Python, it has become easier than ever. 
  • These python libraries are specifically designed for natural language and machine learning applications like ‘nltk’ for natural language platform and ‘sclkit-learn’ for machine learning applications.  
  • There is plenty of available framework and libraries in python language.
  • Some of them are; matplotlib (used for charts and graphs plotting), Django (used for web development), NumPy (used for scientific computing), BeautifulSoup (used for HTML parsing and XML), and SciPy (used for engineering applications, science, and mathematics).

8.    Automation Supported

Python is supported by automation.

  • With Python’s tools and modules, automation is easier and accessible.
  • The overall experience of automation is relatively easier.
  • By adding necessary python codes, advanced automation performs incredibly.
  • Python enhances and boosts performance in the automation of software testing.

9.    Edge in Academics

The use of Python with artificial intelligence has been growing excessively over the years. It has proved to be of great assistance in academics.

  • Schools and colleges are rapidly accepting Python as a great programming language to teach, as it will leverage the students to get acquainted with artificial intelligence.
  • Apart from A.I., data sciences and deep learning have also been of great significance for students.
  • Teaching Python in academics means developing and working for more python developers and programmers in the future.

10.         Supported by IoT & Data Science

Although JavaScript is quite famous among the programmers and developers, the wonders of pythons can’t be forgotten. The rising and advancing trends in Python never ceased to end.

  • Python gives more advancement to connected devices and solutions for internet-related software.
  • Python provides maximum space for creating codes that ensure sensors, displays, robots, and other devices.
  • There is also another option for programmers to utilize Micro Python, as it gives an edge in reaching a maximum superficial level and extending speeds up for the development.
  • Data science is increasingly advancing and more accessible with python language.
  • The sending and receiving of data through different platforms become easier with a python programming language.

Top Brands that Use Pythons

Python programming language is like having a superhero for the development of your application. Python has also been amongst the most dominating mobile app programming languages in 2020.

There are tons of top brands that are using Python to take their business applications to another level. Some of them are;

1)  Google

The technological tycoon is sure to take the number 1 spot. Google is the famous reason why programming language has risen in popularity. The investments that Google made in it became the reason for its viable reputation.

Google App Engine was designed with Python as the main programming language. This application was developed with the python programming language as it uses libraries, frameworks, and tools.

Like a search engine and web crawler, many components of Google’s core technologies are written in Python.

2)  Red Hat

Red Hat, a multi-national software company providing open-source solutions to business communities around the world, have been using Python for making the workflow easier and compatible.

The American’s leading solution provider to the business of all kind use Python mainly for its installer and configuration utilities. 

3)  NASA

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), in charge of U.S.’s science, technology, and space, has been using Python for a long. The Johnson Space Center specializes and uses Python in its integrated planning system (IPS) as the standard scripting language.

4)  Walt Disney

WDAS (Walt Disney animation Studio) has been using Python and leading the animation industry for more than ten years.

Walt Disney uses Python’s technological toolbox with which they have been able to facilitate moving images and the in and out a sequence of data. With Python, Walt Disney was able to navigate script in audio/video and API for visual effect community.

5)  DropBox

Dropbox, another magnificently famous giant, is using Python. Dropbox’s desktop client is entirely written in Python. It gives cross-platform compatibilities to the brand. Dropbox is also using Python for its server-side code, making it the most used language at the company. 

6)  WordStream

WordStream, the famous platform that provides keyword manage solutions (KMS), has been using Python for optimizing and expanding PPC (Pay-per-click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

The company believes that this technology comes with a strategic and technological advantage over its competitors. 

How Will Python Rule in the Future?

Python has been the leading name for 30 years. There are substantial benefits in terms of features that Python offers. All these features make it the top-priority choice for the programmers and developers. 

The features of Python that make it stands out are its ability to read, write, easy coding, open-source network, supportive circle, cross-platform accessibilities, and more. Alongside many other giants, the U.S. secret service agency C.I.A has also used Python for updating and maintaining their website.

The future of Python is safe and secure. Since the introduction of this language, no one has dared to appear as an antagonist to Python.

Some of the mega applications are established because of Python. It has been estimated and calculated that in the coming years or in the coming decade, Python is going to shadow many others. Python is the future, and with the new integration of artificial intelligence, the future is all set to triumph.

For the people aiming to pursue their career in a python programming language, future career opportunities are vast. With a good career prospect and competitive market salary, the aspirants can get employment in;

  • Software Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Python Developer

Final Thoughts

After reading the whole provided information, it can be concluded that Python is the present, and it will shine in the future too.

For rapid progress and development, Python is the game that you must master. The new advancements in Python have made it even more convenient. For instance, it’s integration with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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