Reset The Net – What it is and How Does it Matter to Masses

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Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Reset The Net is movement that intends to stop the surveillance done by the big government agencies. When I say surveillance, it is all about gathering information and data which is available all over the internet. The data is gathered by these agencies to make intelligent decisions.

How is Information Collected?

There are always weak links that can be broken and privacy of a website can be breached. There are the technology champions who develop the internet and security and there are the technology champions (the hackers) who know how to break the security.

Those master minds work for such agencies to break into the layers of security of websites. Gathering information by hacking is only one and very small part of data collection, we in our everyday life, surf internet, and leave lot of information on all the websites that we visit.

That information, our browsing habits, social networks and for that matter everything that we do on the internet can be easily tracked by hackers. This information then can be intelligently deciphered to understand the information of any individual, organization, city, state or as a whole about a country.

The intention of such agencies might be in the best interests of humanity but that really depends on the circumstance and relationship of such agencies with other parties whose information lies with them. Further there are people who work in such agencies and anyone can plan to become corrupt and sell that information to wrong hands.

Reset The Net wants to kill the problem at the root by stopping the information collection itself at the first place.

Reset The Net Backer – Google

There are private organizations as well who collect such data, one such company is Google. Google itself is backer of Reset The Net initiative, however, no one is worried much about Google since it has its own worries and boundaries to leak such information. Any government in the world can act against a private organization very badly if information is used wrongly against anyone.

As a technology enthusiast, Reset The Net sounds very interesting but a very important initiative to me and for me it brings more promise to reduce the spam, junk and useless websites. It sound a little bit impossible in the first place but everything needs a start to manifest. It definitely promises a cleaner internet, which as of now is full of garbage.

I do not have actual data but not more than 1% information on the internet seems useful. Reset the web should actually be expanded further to clear of the junk along with making the web more secure place.

As an individual blogger who is not associated with any government or private organization, Reset the web for me is a cleaner and better internet and I support it from that perspective and urge others to support it as well.

How Can You Help Reset The Net

Watch this clip from Rest The Net organization, you will get to know conceptually on how you can help reset the net and spread the word around. Cheers for the cleaner and secure internet.




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