The role of Python on big data and data analytics

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Updated: Sep 06, 2022

Python can be best described as a general-purpose programming language used by programmers to express concepts. Python language was first developed in 1980 and was mostly used to test microchips at Intel, building video games and empowering Instagram. It makes use of a simple language, and therefore many people use it as a hobby and in other services such as server automation. In the recent past, there have been very many people who have been thinking to learn python, but they lack the knowledge of the exact role it plays on big data and data analytics.

The key functions of python can be categorized into three including web development, scripting, and data science. In this post, each of these key roles has been discussed in details.

Web development

The main importance of python in web development is coming up with server-side codes. Many web frameworks have been developed from these advances including Django and Flask that have recently grown to be popular for web development. This has been the main reason for the increased growth for python as many companies, and business owners rely on it to map URLs, deal with databases and generate HTML files that they use on their browsers.

With this well stated, there are still very many people who question on the best python web framework they should use. To this question, yes there are very many frameworks that are in place, but Django and Flask are the only two that we can recommend. The most recommended reason to use python in web development is its simplicity, flexibility and fine-grained control. More to this it provides an inclusive experience in database interfaces, the directory structure for your app and control for admin panel making it one of the best for individuals who are just getting started.

Data science

Pyhton Data Analysis

Data science through python is meant to mean data analysis and data visualization. There are many popular libraries for data visualization that have been developed through python, but the two most popular are Matplotlib and seaborn. Python is most liked in these processes as it is always easy to use, learn and get a broader platform for you to learn other libraries. To be more conversant on how these processes work, it will always be important for you to learn on the basics of visualization and data analysis and if possible taking a course on the introduction to Data Analysis and visualization with python and Matplotlib. In order to master these skills one can learn Data science with python course from reputed Institutes which will give extra mileage in career.


Python Script

Scripting is as well another great function that can be completed through python. The term scripting is used to refer to designing small programs that are set to automate simple tasks. In this case, through python, you can be in a position to save a lot of your company’s time and resources as you will only need scripting to analyze your data rather than completing the applications manually.

More to the roles mentioned above, python is also considered effective for embedded applications and developing games. The most encouraging thing with it is it works perfectly in almost all platform including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

You can even pick up a python to javascript converter and use python as your scripting language for web development.


There are many people out there ready to learn about how python work while others are trying to use it, but the essential thing should be finding out the most modern python application to use. There are two types of python application including python 3 and python 2, but regardless of the application you want to complete, python 3 remains the most modern and most recommended to use.


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