SendPulse Email Service: Review and Key Feature Highlights

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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

I have tried several email services, all of them had their own pros and cons, so I was confused which one to choose. Recently I have discovered SendPulse. It is really great. They managed to combine three channels successfully: email, web push notifications, SMS. Every service in SendPulse has its own useful features and advantages that make it stand out.

Service has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The main services are on the top and most important features – on the left.

1I’ve already used email service, so I’ll start from it.

Email Service

Free pricing plan

The most pleasant thing about email service is a free pricing plan. None of the email services, except, SendPulse gives such opportunities. In SendPulse you can send email campaigns absolutely for free if your mailing list is up to 2500 subscribers (15,000 emails per month). This is great for small businesses.

Mailing list

After uploading your mailing list, SendPulse confirms its validity, and before sending the first email campaign, as well. This is a great practice to keep it clean.

Also, a good idea is sending a campaign to multiple mailing lists at once, it is very convenient. Besides, if you have the same email addresses in 2 mailing lists, don’t worry, the recipient will receive only 1 email.

Artificial Intelligence

It gives a chance to increase email open rates by 30%. This technology is a real must as it implies an individual approach to every subscriber. AI collects such important information about clients as the preferred channel of communication, the optimal time for checking the inbox and a device used. Besides, it takes into account previous history of purchases and the users’ activity on your website. Then, it analyses all the information collected and specifies the best time, channel and device for every user.

AI is available within all the paid pricing plans.

Email marketing automation

SendPulse cares about large businesses, having a big number of subscribers. Email marketing automation is the key to success, as it is pretty difficult to send personalized and segmented emails to every subscriber if your mailing list is growing rapidly.

These are the variants for automation.


So, autoresponders can be implemented after several actions:

  • User subscribes
  • User is added to the mailing list
  • Date set in the variable, for example, user’s birthday
  • Triggers. After certain conditions are met: subscriber opened your email, didn’t open, clicked the link, etc.

It is easy to create such a campaign. You can activate sending SMS after a user subscribes or added to the mailing list.

You can add triggers. It is shown below.


Email templates

Creative, beautiful and original template is essential for email marketing, as it grabs attention, keeps subscribers interested and is a bright representation of your product. SendPulse offers many categories of email templates, you will surely find something suitable for your business.


You can upload your image or create own email template with a unique design. You can do it with the help of drag-and drop editor or HTML editor. There are no special technical or programming skills required to use these editors, even a beginner will cope with them.

Subscription forms

In SendPulse you can either choose a ready-made subscription form or create your own one in Form Builder. There are 4 layouts available.



After sending an email campaign, you can analyze its results. The following metrics are available:

  • Email open rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Number of delivered emails
  • Open by location
  • Clicks map
  • Devices
  • Error statistics


These results determine the effectiveness of your work, so take them into account to improve your email marketing.

A/B test

SendPulse allows to create A/B(split) test. A/B test is used to optimize your email marketing. With the help of it, you can test a lot of elements of your email, such as:

  • Subject line
  • Call to action
  • Links in the email
  • Text elements
  • Preheader
  • Photos and images, etc

After an A/B test, you’ll improve your work sending an email campaign with the winning element.

Web Push Notifications

Push notifications in SendPulse are free forever!

You can apply personalization and segmentation to them. Besides, they can be sent automatically after a certain condition is met. With the help of analytics, you can monitor the results of your push campaigns.

SMS Service

You can test SMS service with the free plan – 10 SMS are available for this purpose, but you can’t change the text. SMS campaign can be sent immediately or you can set the sending date to automate your email marketing and not to miss important events. SMS can be personalized as well as emails and push notifications.

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