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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Due to the versatility of Yii framework and with its help, a skilled PHP developer could create mobile apps meeting any business needs. From online clothing stores to propane generators dealers, Yii could be implemented everywhere. With the help of an experienced Yii developer, your new mobile app is going to attract tons of new customers.

According to Statista, since 2014, the businesses have earned five times more in revenue through mobile applications. They don’t specify what platforms and coding languages the businesses use the most, yet among the best-hired programmers are Yii framework developers. Why so?

Have you known that about 67% of people purchase via a smartphone, with 77% of them making impulse purchasing? It proves the importance of having a mobile app. 

Statistics on PHP Developers with Yii Skills

In terms of a talent pool, there are 5000 PHP developers with Yii/Yii2 programming experience on Upwork. On Freelancer, though, we’ve found 25 candidates who match the skills we’ve specified. On Linkedin, about 2,851 employers are currently looking for a PHP developer with Yii/Yii2 skills. These specialists are a hot commodity so it wouldn’t be a problem to hire a Yii developer

Why You Need Yii for Your Business?

It’s not rocket science to list out the reasons for looking for Yii developers:


This framework is the best for developing forums for customers, content management systems, e-commerce platforms, and other services. You could apply Yii to solve any of the business needs that are out there on the market. 

Security tools

Through authentication, authorization, encrypting/decrypting, debug toolbar, and others, the framework prevents the intruders from breaching your system and compromising your security. Yii will make your system, by far, the safest.


Since Yii aims at automating different repetitive tasks, it saves time and minimizes human intrusion. This way you won’t need to hire a bunch of programmers and spend time on interviews. A couple of developers should be enough; they can focus on strategically important details. Available code templates double the saved time and money. 

Ease in implementation

There is no problem with finding a perfect candidate for the job. Whenever a decent Yii developer is needed, you’re free to go to freelance platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, etc. Besides, the Yii developers claim that the framework has easy configuration and large community support. 


The caching process speeds up the application’s boot time and enhances the scrolling speed of it. Through storing and further retrieving data, your app runs smoothly and bug-free.

Where to Look for Skilled Yii Developers?

Among the most common developer-seeking websites are Dice, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn. Besides, freelance platforms like Freelancer or Upwork will make the seeking process a breeze as well. Any Yii web development company is also ready to offer their services to find you the best programmer. 

Portrait of Perfect PHP Developer with Yii Experience

No matter what you choose, the real question boils down to the skills and personal traits of the best Yii developers. What are they?

·           Mobile App developing experience;

·           a Senior level (or Middle) – it means a developer has 5+ years of experience;

·           PHP development;

·           PHP frameworks such as Yii and Yii2;

·           HTML / CSS3;

·           framework testing;

·           understanding object-oriented programs;

·           English proficiency;

·           preferably a Full Stack specialist who can fix both Front-end and Back-end issues;

·           cases from their previous jobs of the same kind;

·           analytical thinking;

·           fast troubleshooting: the faster a developer deals with the issue, the less they work on the project. This means you will have to pay the less as well;

·           soft skills such as teamwork, on-time task delivery, and communication skills.

How to Hire a PHP Developer?

If you want not to screw up the hiring process, we insist you opt for the three-stage hiring. 

1.       Reviewing of candidates

At this stage, you are supposed to determine your company’s needs, choose a hiring method (outsourcing, outstaffing or on-premises), and do the screening. Then, you send invitations to the job interviewees.

2.       A job interview

You or your HR manager speak with candidates, ask them topic-related questions, and could even give some quick tasks to test out their logical thinking and decision-making skills. 

Math problems and logical tasks will also let you know about the candidate’s stress resistance. If a candidate displays compulsive behavior, we suggest you think twice before hiring them since they are likely to poison your workplace ecosystem.   

3.       A test task

After the interview, the best candidates are given a little test task to check if they do have the skills mentioned in their CVs. The results are going to determine who is the perfect match for the job. Afterward, send a job offer to the chosen candidate, and the hiring process is complete.


A viable alternative to Yii is Laravel. This is another PHP framework which suits best for both mobile and web applications. Laravel developers should have almost the same skillset as Yii developers, except for Yii development experience itself (although, it may be a nice bonus).

Through countless Laravel tools, developers take the best out of mobile app development. The tools include Vapor, Forge, Envoyer, Horizon, Nava, Echo, Lumen, Homestead, Spark, Valet, Mix, Cashier, and others.

Due to the complex language, there are not many qualified developers on the market. It’s not a surprise that only well-experienced and highly paid specialists will be glad to assist you in the world of Laravel-based applications.


In a nutshell, the Yii framework performs well with fixed-action patterns and repeated commands, thereby saving you thousands of dollars. A tangible benefit also comes from a variety of security features such as Cross Site Request Forgery, XSS, and Cross Site Scripting.

Through caching, the users of the app have the best and most convenient experience. Once you have such a nice fast-operating app, your products or services appeal to your leads transforming them to the customers who definitely choose you over competitors.


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