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Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Workspaces are now being converted into smart offices through the incorporation of valuable office resources which are “gadgets that enhance productivity,” and while some of these gadgets are easy to use, staff training is a must so that employees can slowly learn how to use the devices as they work. It is recommended, therefore, that the smart gadgets be introduced gradually (one smart device at a time) so that people don’t get confused about how to use them.

Benefits of office modernization

  • Smart devices help increase efficiency and productivity
  • Smart devices free up employees to do work that the machine cannot do
  • Smart devices encourage connectivity and access to office files and information
  • Smart gadgets help employees prioritize tasks

The Multi-device keyboard– in a bid to get rid of the wired connections we present to you the multi-device keyboards that are characteristic of a slim profile and are completely wireless so placement and use on different monitors is a breeze. And as you modernize your office, find out if your supplier can furnish you with this unit as it allows workers to easily switch between devices without compromising the work at hand.

Outdoor CCTV cameras

 These ones are a must-have but be sure to get the ones that will work perfectly when the weather becomes not so favorable. The modern CCTV devices can now capture a wider field of vision and will work perfectly in darkness; well that is a perfect security solution. And instead of using the memory cards to record information, through WiFi connection, information can be relayed in real-time to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Air quality monitor– you might be wondering if your office really needs this device, well the answer is yes, and here is why? Poor air quality can cause ill health, and will, therefore, irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. And for the individuals who suffer from allergic reactions they could aggravated asthma or suffer from the shortness of breath among other respiratory conditions.

It is, therefore, not advisable to breathe polluted for an extended time, so with the air quality monitor, it will help inform you of the quality of air in your workplace so that you can take the necessary precautions.

Winston online privacy device for information protection- Want to protect your information from third-party prying eyes or unwarranted advertisements, then this is the device to get. The Winston online privacy device is installed in between your router and modem and will protect your information online. So apart from fighting viruses, your information will be secure from the data brokers, hackers, and by extension the government, so your top secret is safe online.

Smart ring video doorbell- is more of a security device as it will provide you with information on the happenings within the vicinity of your organization. The unit has up to 3 functions, and you will, therefore, be provided with a security video, it has incorporated the ring function, and detects motion. The device is internet-enabled meaning that live feed will be transmitted to your phone.

Smart Earbuds- will allow you to talk using your phone hands-free and can also be used to block external noise. If your office is located in the middle of the city and you can’t stand the noise from the hooting cars down the street just invest in the smart earbuds and your productivity will be enhanced.

The smart wall plugs- allow you to operate all the devices that have been connected to the main sockets. The idea behind using the smart plugs is to save time, so instead of walking all the way to switch off the heater, the dehumidifiers or the lamps just use your smartphone to operate them and mind you they mustn’t be connected to the internet.

Smart plugs are compatible with Amazon Siri or Google’s Alexa meaning that you can still customize the devices by just using the voice commands.

The smart coffee machine-

 So instead of stepping out for coffee, how about you order for it to be made and only get up to go and get it. And the good thing about these budget-friendly coffee makers is that you can create a schedule where you will be provided with a cup of coffee every day at a specific time.

Apart from the devices mentioned above, smart homes are also a new phenomenon and raging in developed countries already. Whatever solutions you opt for Vivint smart home can provide you with the necessary security guarantee with best in class security systems.

Final Thought

Manufacturers and suppliers are looking to tap on other niche markets such as technology, and you should therefore be able to find suppliers that can furnish your office with the above smart office gadgets as you make purchases.


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