Starting Programming: The Most Useful Tools And Resources

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

The truth is, programming has become our reality, and it virtually powers everything around us. Regardless of whether you need it to watch series like Mr. Robot, or you need it for your work, to know how to programme is to understand the modern world. Moreover, some of us want to learn how to build software themselves. Good for you, future self-taught techies, because we are here to help you out.

The Internet is overwhelmingly full of numerous free resources that can help you, teach you and guide you through the programming adventure. There is a variety of professional, self-taught, programmers who have published papers, books as well as online courses and tutorials on coding and similar software development techniques.

This is also an ideal time for you to start learning about programming because from 6th do 21st of October 2018, EU is holding a CodeWeek for those who wish to develop skills in coding and digital literacy. You can also check the CodeWeek offers and events on the official Apple website for more information too.

But, for now, you are stuck with us, and we will present you some useful tips and trick on how to successfully begin programming.

Start With Coding Fundamentals.

Before you even start programming, you need to set up an appropriate coding environment on your computer. For the beginners, choosing and preparing the coding environment can be extremely difficult and can take a lot of time from one’s actual learning.

The solution for this would be to start with some fundamental notions, ideas, and terms regarding coding, like variables, functions, for loops and if statements. One way to acquire this basic knowledge is through interactive websites, like or These websites are super helpful for getting started with coding and getting used to it as well. However, if you are someone who likes to learn from videos, without intervening and interruption, sites like Pluralsight and will do the trick as well. Both of these sites have excellent video courses and explanations provided by experts in the field. They will give you the necessary tools and assessments for free,  which will, in turn, help you build your fundamental coding skills in no time.

Choose The Right Books.

In order for you to become a well-rounded programmer, you need to choose the right resources and strong, reliable references, which are, of course, books. From general coding, back-end development to front-end development, the following books are a must read;

1.    The Pragmatic Programmer; From Journeyman to Master, by Andrew Hunt and Davis Thomas

This book goes under the umbrella of general coding books. It is designed for the new programmers, as well as the experienced ones. It will help you get the grasp of programming basics and set the foundation for the discipline to learn about variables, objects, algorithms and data structures.

2.    Code, by Charles Petzold

Code is intended for the very programming beginners; those who have no idea what coding is nor have they taken any step in learning to program. It is a look into the history of coding, from the beginning of the industry to the modern day computer science and software development.

3.    Up and Going, by Kyle Simpson

A book that is available to read online or in hardcopy, Up and Going is a useful little instruction to JavaScript. If you have decided to join the or, then this book will pair excellently with these online practice courses.

Not to mention that there are also numerous services, such as PapersOwl,  that will provide you with essays and papers on the topic that you want, so why not let them come up with some useful programming content for you as well.

Don’t Waste Time Choosing A Language.

Choosing ‘the best’ programming language seems to be a big deal for the beginners. However, this is a common mistake for the majority of the coding newbies. Since there are a lot of programming languages, choosing the right one seems redundant, and here is why.

Every programming language is based on similar data, control structures, and design patterns. So, by learning the basics and the general programming language elements, you will be capable to quickly build up that knowledge with every new language you encounter in your programming career or hobby.  The most important thing you can do as a beginner is to pick the kind of software development you want to pursue and start building up from that point.

Turn To Apps

Programming services, like any other services nowadays, are shifting online. If you want to start coding, then you should take full advantage of the opportunities the digital world can offer you. Yes, we are talking about apps; they can be excellent online tools for your programming adventure. Here are some apps you can use:

1.    Udacity

Udacity is an app and an online course that can help you in your steps towards becoming a certified programmer. With Udacity, you can learn about HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Phyton and much more. The app and the courses are led by experts who work for Google, Facebook, MongoDB, and Cloudera. Since Udacity is an app, you can take your learning everywhere, anytime. Not to mention the certification (nanodegree) you will get at the end of the course. Udacity is an excellent opportunity to start programming at your own pace and demand.

2.    Solo Learn

Solo Learn offers online courses and travel-friendly apps that can help you learn wherever you go. Solo Learn also provides a variety of apps that are mainly designed for specific programming languages. From programming concepts to experimental development, Solo Learn will help you learn fast through courses, texts, and quizzes.

3.    Swift

For our friends who want to learn to programme for macOS, iOS, etc., Apple offers Swift, a programming language that is easy to learn. Swift comes as an app for iPad as well, so you can experience programming in the form of interactive and fun ‘playgrounds’ that instantly show results of your code as well as instructions and corrections.

In Other Words…

To learn to programme means to get ready to invest a lot of time, energy and will-power. It is not easy, especially in the very beginning, when you are being exposed to all the new information in great abundance. But it gets better with time, and you should not give up, because programming is an art form that is not only amazing, but it also pays very well.


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