Starting Your Own Business? Here Are Things to Consider “Beyond the Book” Zone

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Updated: Sep 01, 2020

If you have a business idea and are willing to deal with the details and complexities that a business would bring with it, then this is the right time to take it to the market. Who isn’t fascinated by the ravishing lifestyle of the entrepreneurs that the movies project? To be honest all of us are. At some point in our lives, we are hit by this idea of starting our own business and owning those super cool cars with a big house and some pets.Not many of us have the courage to take risks and start our own business, but it seems people have. And these are the ones with loads of courage and undying will to succeed. 

If you too are someone who is thinking of starting their own business and have spent hours understanding business the book teaches, then this writeup is surely for you. The experts associated with enterprise mobility services, share here some interesting points that no book would ever teach you. They share the experience of learning the business on the streets!

1.   If You Are Not Winning It Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Meant for It

When you start giving your idea a shape and vision you have to continuously brush up your skills and exert yourself to become better everyday. Running a business is not a crash course, you can’t learn everything at once. Don’t wait to enter the market after learning everything (that day would never come). Once you are in the market you can better understand the technology you would be working on, the latest trend and other things. If you think doing all by yourself is difficult then hire a IT consulting firm that can be your technology partner.

Not everyone is capable of everything, but with time you can learn and develop better skills. This is a race you won’t win if you don’t walk with time.

2.   Thumb Rule Self Before Others

As you begin to work on the idea of your business, realize it is your undertaking and it would proceed only if you do. Work on your preparedness to be a businessman before you involve a team. Preparedness is to teach, coach, instruct and be involved with any other activity that would earn you a leader’s reputation. Prioritize your tasks and divide it in the order of completion. Understand you are the employer and the employee here. You don’t just decide the task to be accomplished, but you are the one who works in the direction of completing them.

Take your foot off the break and stomp on the gas to get things going instead of simply planting them. Always remember, you are the one responsible for your business, others are responsible for their parts.

3.   Be Your Own Customer

Before you expect others to appreciate your product, learn to do it yourself. If put in simpler words, how many web designers you know with a crappy website? None. Their aesthetic taste and practical implementation reflects the product you would get. Thus, before you seek others validation you need to be sure you are satisfied with your product and are ready to move forward with it. Put it to use to find the flaws and issues in the model.

Practical implementation of your product would give it a test environment in the real world.

4.   Root for your Business

In the initial phase of business launch the response rate would be slow. Don’t lose hope. Be your biggest fan. Trust everyone later. There could be a possibility that you are working on the project alone. You may have to be your designer, developer and what not. Try to manage all these alone. Trust your product, work on it with all your might and promote it well.

Initially you would have to get things done on your own and gradually you can expand your team considering the prospect of your business.

5.   It Would Be Nothing What You Thought

Your business is going to be big and high performing but only if you give it time. It would not only take your time and efforts but  blood, sweat, and tears too. In your early days you would be thinking of working from various locations, sleeping late and travelling the world for your business, and all these thoughts would sound so fascinating to you. The reality is it would be more hectic and tiring than interesting as it sounds. It is going to take long days, endless efforts and never failing will to continue in the direction of your dreams.

No matter what it takes to take your business in the market, if you trust your product the efforts will be worth every minute.

6.   Compromise Comes with It Unsaid

Compromises and success are the fertilizers that would nurture your business. There would be hell a lot of things that you would love to do but won’t be able to because you need to look after your business. Initially it would be satisfying, but gradually it would become difficult, less convincing and irritating. If you are ready to make compromises and set your business as your priority you are prepared to take a leap of faith.

7.   Failure Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have It

The chances of your idea failing is pretty great, and this definitely doesn’t mean you don’t have it in you. It is important that you put all your efforts in the right direction and come up with better ideas. Perseverance is the key here. A never failing, stubborn approach to success is going to get you one surely.

8.   Your Product Is for a Specific Market

Not for once everyone would be a good fit for your product. You are not meant to help everyone. Being sure of the target market would help you craft your product to impress them. With great services and a product that serves your customer you would surely win the market. If not immediately but gradually. Do not try to be universal, it won;t take you anywhere.

9.   Guard Your Calendar Aggressively

When you are working for yourself you cannot choose to simply float. When working for someone else you allotted a task and that’s all you need to excel in. When working for yourself you are responsible for all tasks and sometimes it could be draining and tiring but most of the time it is going to be worth the effort.

10.                 Your World Stays Behind

There could be chances that you feel you are losing your friends. Don’t worry your real friends, family would stay with you even though this. They would value your efforts while others would fall apart.

Out of the La La Land

These are struggles of starting your own business that no one would ever share. If you have an idea you want to monetize on, enter the market asap. Be ready for the pains and sacrifices, money, happiness and success. Just remember it may seem like falling apart, but actually it is getting in place.

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