Steps to Build The Perfect Joomla Landing Page

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

In general, landing pages are optimized for an excellent conversion rate. Landing pages may either be your website root domain (your homepage) or may be specific with your ad campaigns. Usually, a landing page has concise information regarding your product or services with a strong call that is directed to the action button and therefore, the relevant information convinces the person to go forward with the desired action or purchase. An excellent landing page is an exemplary tool to generate leads and sales.

When it comes to Joomla website, the objective is very much the same. If you are confused about how to design a perfect Joomla landing page, kindly go through the blog. This blog will give you insight into how to develop landing pages that can retain and attract the users and engage the traffic.

​Be clear about the objectives

Be specific about your goals or objectives. Suppose, your goal is to acquire the visitor, or convert the user into your customer, or to generate sales. It is vital to communicate about your services or offer to the user, who is visiting the page. Consider all the important elements that play a major role in convincing the user towards your product or services. Hence, you will be able to acquire the visitors who can then turn out to be your long-termed loyal customers.

Catch the attention of the user

There is a saying “ First impression is the last impression”. True, the first impression that you deliver will last forever, hence make it calculate. This means that you are not getting the second invitation that can change the mindset of a person, because he/she has already made up the mind. Therefore, the business owners need to be assured about the headlines which hold the considerable importance of whether the users stay on the page or plan to leave the page.

Hence, it is thereby important for the business owners to craft the headlines that bespeak the business offerings and goals. As a business owner, your main focus should not just be on the conversion, but on the long cover time outcome.

If you are planning to develop a landing page in Joomla, then your main focus should be on the headlines that title the page. If it is required then turn off the excess modules and menu items that can distract a reader. Once you control all the attention of the user then you can direct to the page layout and the text.

​​Evoke the action with the help of landing pages

The landing pages are quite different from the normal pages of the website. They are designed in such a manner that elicits the action. Hence, it is very important to develop the landing page with a simple structure and layout.

The word limit of the landing page should be within 150 words. Why so? Well, procuring too many words can divert the attention of the reader from the main objective and this will impact the conversion rate.

It is also good if you start using the bullet points to drive the attention of the user to the key element. The structured landing page will help the user to take the decision easily. The headline should be mentioned on the top, the form on the right side and explainer to the left.

​Hold the visuals high

Along with the text and structure, the visual aspects play a vital role in apprehending the attention of the user. If you add an image with your headlines, it will surely gain the attention of the users. This step tends to circulate the message visibly. You can implement this in many ways. How? You can do this by placing an image that can arrest the attention of the reader to the message you want to convey or either by displaying the actual offer.

To be more precise, you must present an image for the display that goes in sync with the headlines you posted, persona and offer.

Be the socialite

The Landing page is the right place where you can be short, harnessing the social sharing and social proof will the key element that the success you get. When you incorporate the social sharing on the landing page, it allows the marketing. Social proof is another stereotypical strategy that one should not ever underestimate.

Hence, the business owners should incorporate the social sharing button on the landing pages. As a business owner, it would be strategical for you to include the social sharing button on Thank you page. It depends upon the nature of the offer that you try to promote.

Use the Joomla extensions

Whatever the action may be, just click through the web pages and hit on the generation of the leads with Joomla extension. With the Joomla extension you can quicken and simplify the entire process of targeting to generate leads and click through the pages. Some well-known Joomla extensions are Impacto template extension, SP Page Builder, Jin Bound, JA Joomlart, Chronoforms and, many more which you can incorporate.

Step involved to develop stunning Joomla page

​Prepare the contents and graphics

Before developing a page, take your time to prepare the content, graphics, and draft. Plan the structure and layout. For example, we are developing a landing page with five sections: Let’s say, The Header, Features list, Slideshow, Call-to-action, and a footer

​Install the Joomla extensions

Download the extensions. You can do this by accessing the Joomla panel that is back-end. After going to “ Extensions” click “Manage”. Browse through the download installation package and then install. For example, you are installing JA Joomla extension. Go to extensions and then click manage. The extension would be installed. The next step is to set JA Joomla Page builder template as the default style. To do that click on the extensions, then go to templates, select JA builder template and set it as the default template. The process of installation is done. Now, you can develop a landing page.

​Develop the landing page

To develop a new page, click: “ components” then click the extensions, you installed then you are set to develop a new page. Once you are done with the page, save it and then click the button “ Live Edit”, and then proceed to the panel that builds the page.

Develop the content block

In the layout, there would be 3 sections:

  • Header: The content block present in this section will be presented on all the pages.
  • Content: The content block will be present or displayed in the accustomed page only.
  • Footer: The content block present in this section will be presented on all the pages.

Now, click the “ add block button” in every section. Choose the type of content block and then hit “ layout”, the style. Go with the same steps for “ content” and “footer” section.

Customize the content and the style.

Once you are done developing the page, go for the customization of the can do this by following the below-mentioned procedure.

When you are done with the content block. Click the icon” setting”, which is on the right toolbar, then configure the style which you want for your page such as you can change the background color, text aligning, animation, background image, etc. The changes will be auto-saved but won’t be published. When you are done with your work (the changes required), click ”publish”. The user can then see your page.

Final Note

The above-mentioned tips will surely help the businesses to design an interesting Joomla landing page that can convert visitors to loyal customers. It will surely act as an integral part of the inbound marketing strategy and will direct the visitors. It is always better to hire a Joomla developer, as they would be proficient enough working with different extension and different projects. They would take less time in developing the domain or the campaign which you are planning to run. This way, you would be able to concentrate more on your goals and can make the changes


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