Technical Ways To Improve Your Current Traffic To Your Site In 2020

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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Driving more traffic to your website is now possible if you are well-aware of the technical points. There are mandatory strategies available that can quickly help your site gain the ultimate popularity it rightfully deserves. Right from the “upside-down” strategy to the “overhaul and upgrading old blogs one,” there are various interesting technical points to consider. So, remember to log online and get directly in touch with these points first, which can enhance the current value of your business to a great extent.

Learning about the “upside-down” post in details:

Most of the time, people aim to skip the author’s bio section knowingly as that information is not what they want. Moreover, most of the author’s bio sections are located at the bottom of the page, making it unrecognizable. For some selected centers, it can be a significant problem. If readers ignore the author’s bio section, they won’t be visiting your site then. For that, the “upside-down” post comes as a simple solution.

  • The entire structure of the article framing differs in this case. The procedure remains pure, and any business, whether big or small, can follow it with ease.
  • At first, you need to create a guest post like you always do. 
  • For the next step, you have to include the “helpful resource” section, covering the entire guest post section.
  • These sections then link up around two to three helpful resources on the vital topic to cover.
  • After you are done with these basic spots, you need to include your written content as one “helpful resources.”
  • This simple link can help quickly bring in around 78% extra traffic for the companies when compared to their previously written author bio section.

The source of your website traffic:

There are mainly two ways designed to drive in some more traffic to the website. The first option is free and involves major points like blog set-up SEO, SMM, and more. Another one is the paid option, which can always help to address more traffic to any website. Yes, it is costly, but worth the invested dollars. 

  • If you have less knowledge of click tracking and conversion rates, so see how much any sale might cost you, then paid traffic is not your cup of tea.
  • You can present your offer better at the outset if you remain organized beforehand. It helps you to succeed with any of the available traffic generated strategies or methods. 
  • The straightforward and essential way to track visitors coming to your website is through Google Analytics. There is no need to install it and, instead, go for the Urchin Tracking Module. You can get it from Google Analytics.
  • Google houses yet another fantastic tool for your use if you are not technically advanced. For that, you need two sources, such as campaign source and URL.
  • Campaign source can be anything like Cost per click or email, leading towards right ad placement and traffic.

Time to use a reliable and secure hosting service for the website:

From a more substantial technical SEO point of view, any business website needs secured servers. It helps the performance measurements to be useful. You can learn about it more from blast up now. Poor hosting services can hack your website and make you lost all your data. It doesn’t have auto-recovery systems. 

Google always keeps a stronghold on the secure hosting service. If your selected hosting servers end up going down frequently and for a longer span, then it might suffer your ranks. You better start monitoring and measuring the website up time and getting a glimpse of your website ranking and current standing. If you are not that lucky and get your site hacked or malware is affected, your website gets blacklisted and completely removed from search engines.

Secure technical SEO practices to follow:

Generally speaking, technical SEO remains a unique procedure to optimize your website for all the Google crawlers. It forms to be a significant part of getting a site’s traffic. If Google fails to crawl and index your website, you won’t get any rank, leading to failed organic search traffics.

  • This is technical SEO as the primary concern lies within the infrastructure of it and less towards content. It is one major topic, leading to some specified points to consider.
  • To make your website technically advanced, it is vital to choose a preferred domain as its starting point. Then it is time to optimize the Robots.txt file.
  • The experts are asked to optimize the URL structure of the site and with a local site structure. Even website navigation forms a leading point over here. 
  • It is advised to use breadcrumbs to improve the user experience for the customers. Some might even add structured base data markup, with canonicals.
  • Then it is time to optimize 404 pages and use 301 redirects. The site must have an XML sitemap and SSL certificate. 

Improve the blog’s traffic:

Just like focusing on the technical part of your website, it is better to give the blog a boost. Improving the blog’s traffic will mingle well with technical SEO, and it leads to a faster ranking of your site. Using the 90-day traffic plan from Kindle can help improve blog traffic to a great extent. Moreover, you need to be aware of how to create viral content, which can improve the final SEO ranking of your website. Some sites provide information on ways to create evergreen posts, which improves the blog’s ranking as well.

Paid advertisement all the way:

Once you are through with proper blog creation and technical SEO practices, you might have to focus on paid advertisements. It helps your business to move up a notch and gain ultimate human traffic as asked for. Even focusing on organic social media helps to improve your site’s current standing towards betterment. Besides that, make sure to focus on website analysis and influences to get detailed help in the site’s growth. So, now using technical advancements is important to enhance your site’s present ranking.


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