Technology at Schools: How to Apply It Successfully

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Updated: Oct 05, 2020

With the boost of technologies, we try to apply them to every sphere of our life. This allows to simplify many processes, keep up to date with techno development, make everything better, faster, and more beneficial.

The same thing happens to education. Teachers, educators, school administration, and authoritative organizations aim to bring as many technological means to schools as possible, believing in their positive impact.

But the thing is that technologies only cannot improve the educational level at school without complementary factors to be taken into account.

Upgrade Teachers

It often happens that school administration care to upgrade classroom tools, but forget to upgrade teachers. This way teachers either don’t know how to exploit technologies or don’t want to use them because they are not used to. This means that pedagogical potential is not enough to cover technological needs and tools applied and needs to be enhanced.

So, it is vital to implement new tools along with additional qualifications for teachers to be able to use technologies in class. It means teachers can only educate kids after they get educated themselves about technological issues.

One can make a conclusion that there is always a human factor impacting any process and predetermining its success. Which means that highly-technological education will only have its results when people involved will apply enough desire and efforts to the process.

Use Adult Guidance

There are multiple exercises and tasks built on the techno devices use. Many of them imply the individual work of students using their gadgets.

Yet the practice proves that school students using devices for self-education or individual work are often distracted on games and social media. Or they may misuse gadgets to get the work done for them, so that it will have no educational results. This way technologies have a more disruptive effect than an educational one.

When we talk about adult education, they may consciously pay for essay online to spend more time on other significant projects, and there is nothing bad in that. Since they are mature enough to set priorities and achieve success with the help of technologies.

But when it comes to children, it is recommended to use adult guidance to make education with technologies more fruitful. Due to this, techno boost at school should be followed by close cooperation between students, teachers, and parents, to end up in beneficial results.

Decrease Inequality

Another thing technologies can’t manage alone is inequality. Since school education process is closely related to social relations development, inequality is a serious problem people need to strive for a decrease in schools.

Originating from different socio-economical background, children cope with technological educational tasks with different pace and success level. Students from more digitalized families have already acquired enhanced technological skills while students with poorer background need to be taught the basics. Meanwhile, families with better financial situation can have tutors or additional courses to help their children cope with technological education better.

This gives another reason for school bullying and social hurdles for children.

So, the technological education tools should be implemented with wisdom to create comfortable study conditions for everyone.

Find the Balance

Since technologies are only able to grant you benefits which are accessible to them, it is vital to find the correct correspondence between the number of technologies you are to implement and human efforts you are to apply to the process.

School education needs modernization and technologies to be applied but sensibly and with a balanced approach. Increase pedagogical potential beforehand but giving teachers special qualifications and increase their motivation to work and educate with technologies. Get someone to control the educational process with gadgets used, which means you need to implement either teacher or parental guidance. Organize comfortable study conditions for everyone, covering kids with different socio-economical background and different level of technological skills.

There is no determined amount of technological tools to be implemented into an educational program to bring it to success. The excessive amount of devices and techno tasks used in class or not enough technologies applied as well can bring to poor outcomes. So, find your technological balance and educate with benefits and ease.


Sophia Rodreguaze


Sophia is the contributing editor at She writes about anything and everything related to technology.

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