The 5 Best Apps for College Students in the US

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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Entering a college is a must-have of high schoolers in the USA. You finish school with a desire to start a new life as a fresher. Parties, new friends, new goals are the only advantages you imagine. But the studying process may end up being very boring and tough. And a student is most likely to quit everything just because he cannot cope with the tasks. But do not give in too early; in the world of innovations, there are lots of tools to make your life easier and organized.

The acknowledgment of the fact that degree is important, students turn to different online helpers. For example, they can buy essay online or ask an expert to conduct proper research for them. And they pay a cheap price for such an activity. Among the other tools, there are applications, and software aimed to complete a task for them. What applications do students use in the USA?


This app is helpful for those who study literature. It helps to understand the material by checking the reviews, summaries, and quotes. While writing the assignment, a student can explain a hidden meaning the author tried to tell. The founders of this app created a separate page with a detailed analysis and summary of the book. Besides, there you can find highlighted sentences, which you should pay attention to.


It is another useful app for those who struggle with memorizing. It helps to understand how your memory works productively. The concept lies in personalizing the timing of the emerged flashcards. For example, if a student learns a language, the vocabulary cards will turn up within a particular time. Therefore, it will help to repeat and repeat a word until the memorization.

iHomework 2

This helper can deal with your deadline. You should write down all your assignments and tasks for the day. This planner reminds you about the essay or paper needed for a college examination if you mention a time. Moreover, a student can track the progress of the grades as he completes the assignment. Or check the progress of the semester. Once you fail the papers writing tasks, it will monitor on what work you spend most of the time.

iTunes U

Yes, you can not only listen to music but also study. Now, this program is suitable for both – lecturers and students. It is a storage of free educational content where a student can view the tasks and his grades. In addition, it is possible to communicate with the lecturer. And listen to audio and podcasts. For lecturers, there is an option of starting discussions with students. Collect and grade the homework. It is a kind of an online professor’s journal.

Dragon Dictation

Constant typing sometimes can cause damage to the wrists. Thus, dictation will not only help you to avoid such aches but also save you time. Dictate the messages, homework, and emails to the application. It will automatically be converted into a text. Afterward, a student can share it with others. The automatic mechanism will write down the text with precise accuracy. Therefore, there is no need to rewrite it.

Rely on the software which has good feedback and comments from real users. Buying the app does not guarantee you the best content. Never pay money for tools that you cannot check before the payment.

Still hesitating if these apps can help your case? You can still turn to experts where it is possible to buy essay online. Place a custom order and receive your paper on time. Such a purchase will save you time and on some occasions, money.


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