The Antivirus Prevents Some Applications From Updating. How To Fix This Issue?

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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

The antivirus programs and the Windows 10 updates do not simply go hand in hand. Now and then, Microsoft warns the users that they cannot install the new Windows 10 update or Windows 10 Preview to build if there they have done any third-party antivirus is installed. This is also the case carried on with the latest Preview build 15048 for Windows 10, where Microsoft declares that Insiders cannot get the new build-up Symantec or Norton antivirus software installed on the PCs. This fact has motivated the users to consider a severe ongoing issue between Windows 10 and 3rd party antivirus programs. 

If you check out the earlier updates on the Windows 10 Preview builds and the public version have faced similar problems. In addition, some of the Antivirus programs like Norton and Avast prevent the users from making new updates. Though Microsoft tried to resolve all these disputes, the company asked the users to give additional feedback. 

Easy Solution Hack

People even do not know the reason behind such behavior of antivirus programs and whether it is the fault of Microsoft or not. But there is something that is preventing the antivirus programs that prevent to make Windows security updates

If you are facing these issues, one of the major solutions is to disable the antivirus application that is restricting updates. Suppose you find that the antivirus starts to report a virus after the update is being installed. This will reduce these issues, and it should be done effectively. 

However, such solutions are not available all the time. You might be thinking, what is the real reason behind the Windows update being restricted by the antivirus installation? There are many compatibility issues between the antivirus software that make unsupported calls into the Windows kernel memory. These calls can stop the errors that make the device unable to boot faster. To stop these errors, Microsoft is now offering Windows Security updates to the devices that run the antivirus software available from the antivirus software vendors who have confirmed that this software is compatible with set a registered key. Want to install an antivirus on your PC? Here’s a list of the reliable antiviruses available in the market that you can use. Pick the best one from the lot and make sure you install the updated one to protect your PC from potential threats. 

Check Out the March 13, 2018 Update 

 The first update happened on March 13, 2018, with the partners on the terms of compatibility with the latest Windows Update now has reached the sustainable level of the extended ecosystem compatibility. Depending on the recent update of given data, we have carried on the AV compatibility to check for ‘March 2018 Windows security updates for the Windows 10 devices via the Windows Update. During this update, the changes that are made include AV software are highly compatible, and in most cases, there are known for the AV driver compatibility that will block the devices from updates to avoid such issues. The customers can check out the AV provider on the compatibility of the installed AV software on the PC.

The Issue- When Installing or Updating the Updates and the Same Time, Antivirus Is Running, the Installation Might Fail

What Are the Symptoms of this- You will see the installation manager displaying a message that the installation or updates action failed. In addition, the log file will typically have error messages that state the files cannot be created, deleted, or modified. However, in some checking, no errors will be reported, but the installed files get corrupted, that further causes some errors when running the real-time antivirus. If you rerun the antivirus or operation, you will get similar errors in the log files, but the errors will be related to the different sets of files. 

What is the cause of this problem?

The real-time running antivirus will interfere in the file operations, restricting files to create, modify and delete later.

How You Can Diagnose the Problems

The foremost thing to do is to pause or disable the working of the antivirus software and then rerun the installation of the updates. Then, if the problems get resolved, you can be sure that the antivirus software is making the issues. However, some techs say that the conflict can occur due to installing or updating fails too. So, it is crucial to diagnose the problems then and adequately find suitable solutions for them. 

How You Can Resolve the Issues

If you find that the updates are not happening due to the real-time running of the antivirus, make sure that you are running the latest version of the antivirus or it is up-to-date. Now, you have to close all the running applications as they might interfere with the installation of the updates of Windows. Suppose you find that the antivirus is still creating issues or making some update problems. In that case, you should first disable the real-time antivirus scanning at the time of install and update operations. The steps that are followed are-

  1. Stop all other applications currently.
  2. Now you have to disable the real-time scan of the antivirus software. (Follow instructions from the antivirus software provider given on the kit.)
  3. Run the installation or update operation in real-time.
  4. Now, you have to restart the real-time scan feature of the antivirus software.
  5. And then run the virus scan for ensuring that no harm has happened while the software was stopped.

If you follow all these steps, you can easily solve the issue of updates of the software, which happened due to the real-time running of the antivirus. If you have Windows 10 or any latest Windows version operating on your PC, you should first check its compatibility with the antivirus. While the antivirus is disabled on your PC, make sure that you do not visit any untrusted websites or run any unreliable applications on your computer, or else it makes you face lots of issues like data theft and potential threats.


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