The Importance Of Digital Marketing During Lockdown

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Updated: Jun 03, 2020

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, the world is now experiencing the greatest economic depletion since 2008. Nearly 5 million people over the world are now infected and over three hundred thousand people have died due to coronavirus infections.

The World Health Organization has no clear answer about a vaccine against this virus. To fight such a horrendous situation, almost all countries have imposed lockdowns and laws for social distancing in order to save more lives. Also, some governments have introduced a curfew in cities to force people to stay at home.

To balance people’s livelihoods, people are now pushed to work from home. Most businesses are now in deep turmoil, and many have already seen sales plummet in the last few months. Some industries, such as tourism and airlines, are now facing threats of cessation.

With no quick sign to resurrect this economy, the world is now realizing the importance of digital marketing. Other than that, people are now indulging in digital media interviews, video marketing, online media articles, and more. You can have more online marketing insights in this legendary marketer review.

To understand the importance of digital marketing, let’s dive deep to know more about digital marketing and its effectiveness during a pandemic.

1. You Can Target Your Audience in Digital Marketing

As internet users increase, the online engagement of consumers also increases. As such, it is an ever-increasing platform where you can expand your business by following modern trends. Also, digital marketing helps reach your consumers beyond borders and allows you to penetrate the market quickly.

One of the best benefits of digital marketing is easy, targeted market segmentation. Here in the digital world, you can target your audience and run campaigns to scale-out sales. Targeting your ideal audience also helps you to know better about consumer behavior on particular products or services.

Other than that, you can also target customers depending on cultural variants and launch services in accordance to their norm. One of the best ways to segregate customers is by using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Make sure you arrange your content based on your audience and promote it to specific areas.

2. Monitor Campaign and Optimize For Better Results

One of the best benefits of digital marketing is being able to monitor your campaigns and see how your investment works throughout the time frame. If you are running TV ads, newspaper ads, or leaflet promotions, your customers will of course spike, but it is difficult to calculate the conversion rate of your promotion.

With digital marketing, you can monitor the marketing trend, successful conversion rate, and the current condition of your campaign. You can see metrics such as like, comment, share, click, impressions, etc, based on the platform and decide what to do next.

Based on such metrics, you can change your strategy and implement changes at any point in your campaign. That optimization can result in more benefits, and you can get more return on your investment. 

3. Target Specific Geographic Locations

In the old marketing concept, if you target a specific geographic location for your marketing, then you can scale out profits. But in days of the pandemic, when the entire globe is facing lockdown, you can target specific geographic locations in your campaign of digital marketing. Furthermore, digital marketing helps you understand which areas are hotspots in promoting your products.

You can redesign your strategy based on market outputs and set new campaigns on specific geographic locations. Most importantly, you can try this from remote locations without putting yourself in danger of getting infected with COVID-19.

Because of targeted locations, you get to know more about consumer’s behavior in specific locations. You can also understand what market stimuli are influencing people in specific locations. If you can work on that, then you can drive more sales in digital marketing.

4. Good Opportunities for Small Business

In traditional marketing, you may have to face heavy-weight competitors to thrive in the market. However, digital marketing is so diverse that you can find a space in any niche or micro-niche to skim profits in the current market. You can target your competitors and target markets where you have relatively weaker opponents to face.

If you do proper market research, you get to know what exactly your competitors are following and use the same strategy to make your way in marketing your own products. Because of targeted marketing, you can target a specific class of audiences in specific locations that creates a better sales funnel for your small business survival.

Let’s say you are promoting herbal soap. You have to target audiences who are searching for herbal soap over regular soaps. For that, digital marketing can be a great source to help sustain your business.

Join social media platforms and run campaigns for target lead generation. Then, try marketing to skim profit in particular customer groups. In reality, it is almost impossible to topple Lux or Dove in mass marketing, but if you try digital marketing, then it is possible to find profits in the midst of giants.

5. Getting in Touch with Consumers  

Digital marketing is a great platform to get in touch with consumers and nurture them for your business. You get to know what your consumers want and what changes you need. Also, you can try email marketing to reach customers with your latest promotions.

Other than regular business promotions, follow up your consumers with festival greetings, like “Happy New Year,” “Merry Christmas,” “Eid Mubarak,” etc. Digital marketing helps you build strong customer relationships and drives more consumers into becoming loyal consumers.

Building a strong consumer relationship also enhances your brand image in the market. Consumers will pick your brand as more trustworthy options than others, so you will be able to compete better in the market. Other than email marketing, you can try mobile SMS and messenger options to pull more consumers to your business.

Other than market promotion, you can send gifts or coupons to some of your loyal consumers for a better consumer relationship with the brand. Make sure you are not losing your loyal consumers, rather you are nurturing them for long term benefits.

Final Verdict

Digital marketing is the future of marketing. When the entire world is facing the lockdown, digital marketers are still going strong in their business. The stubborn virus makes us realize the importance of working from home. There are more than enough reasons to opt for digital marketing for better business survival.


Sophia Rodreguaze


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