The importance of sharing your story online.

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Updated: Feb 21, 2022

The importance of sharing your story online.

Do you feel complex when coming out to others with your story? Are your challenges the one which makes you feel worried about discussing with others? In the present time, everyone is happy to discuss their luxurious lifestyle and happy things. Though, what about the struggles which made you stand in the position that you owe now? It’s not about being shy to discuss your bad times. Rather, it is something that is going to help you become strong and even help others to learn a message from it. There’s nothing worse when you come up with your story in front of others.

In the world, everyone has gone through tough times or struggling period, which has been the past now. It may be about any accident which changed your life. Or a phase when the challenges were so many, and hopes were so less. When was the time you decided to change your life? Or what was the ugliest reality of your life which made you stronger to move ahead? Do you feel afraid of discussing your experiences with your friends or family? If so, then you can take a step and come online for it. Over the web, you get to see so many stories of people who saw failure at first but changed to a new life now.

Whether it is any small thing which made your life changed or any moment which was the turning point of your life! All your stories can be shared online with people who are not a judgment about your experiences. When you can be happy about your success, then why be sad about your challenges? If the challenges weren’t there, then you might not have such a life now. So, what are you waiting for? Being your story in front of the public

How does share your story online helps you?

When you recover from a struggling time or a challenging phase in your life, it is time you wish to fly high above the ground. In such a time, you can become a storyteller. Let your experiences come in front of the outer world. It can be a great way to feel relief from the challenges. When you overcome all your complexities and emerge as an online storyteller, you need to know what narrative writing is! But why so? Well, if you want to come up with your story online, you need to know some rules of writing. When you begin your storyteller journey, you’ll get an idea of why the narrative text is important!

·         It gives you a feeling of encouragement.

·         You feel like your past isn’t anything to feel shame about.

·         Sharing your story online can help you raise your self-esteem.

·         It is a great way to show love to yourself.

·         It makes you feel worthy of your life.

·         You get a chance to be happy about finding your voice.

How does sharing your story online helps others?

It’s a process of recovery when you start sharing your story with others or the public. Over the web, you may find stories of big billionaires or multinational company owners. Not everyone reaches that stage. But, everyone does come out from his or her tough times in life once. When you’ve overcome the past struggling phase, then what’s the big deal about sharing it with others? You won’t be required to spend any money on it. Instead, others will get an idea of how a situation goes worse when you do something or get stuck in something. If you’ve faced with anything in the past that keeps making you emotional or feel bad about it, let it be the online readers who can connect with you.

·         Encourage others to experience the same situation as yours.

·         Gives a feeling of hope to others.

·         Help others become warriors from their struggles.

Importance of sharing stories online

·         Recovery method

Often, people think that sharing stories is not worth thing. Though, sharing your story is the best way when you wish to recover from your past time or the phase which you never wish to recall anymore.

·         Find your voice

When you give words to your recovery time or your past, you’re finding your voice from it. You get to learn how did you successfully managed to come out from your challenges! When you start sharing your story with others online, you get to see that you’ve found your voice. And you’re not the one who is running away from the challenges or struggles to hide somewhere. Rather you took a stand and came out from it with flying colors.

In conclusion, everyone should know that no one is going to judge you when you speak up about your past or your story. Over the web, you get a platform to come up with your experiences and share them with others. Let others also know that the same journey as yours and what you did to turn it positively.


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