The Top 7 Highest Paying Tech Careers To Consider

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Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Needless to say, the world has been moving in a very technology-oriented direction for several years already. So to complement this, there has been a massive demand for technically au fait candidates in all industries. And because they are in high demand, it leads to outstanding salaries and overall packages being offered.

Anything to do with IT seems to be a great idea to pursue as a career generally, but there are specific areas that are high-earning points. The world has never had a need such as this for highly qualified IT experts, and every day, the demand grows bigger. This is because there is a constant need to automate almost everything around us.

The tech industry is one that is actually devouring other industries whole, on its way to improving our lives by adding convenience, efficiency, accuracy, and other things.

Moreover, tips for getting a job as a coder will help you land your first coding job. Although, if you are unsure which direction you would like to go as a tech industry professional, here are some top-rated career options.

Big Data Engineer

These guys pull in the big bucks because their role is to straighten out copious amounts of information and make it easier for you to read and figure it out for whatever intents and purposes. They should be good with analysis, problem-solving, programming, data mining, SQL, and data visualization, among others. The information they give or mine is critical to the growth or assessment of any market or company.

Big data engineers are high in demand, so if you have the relevant skills and some experience, you can genuinely make a fortune on this particular career path.

Software Architect

Software architects are responsible for putting together the functionality of the code. In other words, whatever the software it is supposed to do, these guys come up with the design. Their knowledge should not just be about the coding and languages they are designing but should also move into project and people management. Their tech skill sets are highly sought after in the industry, and they are highly paid professionals due to their valuable niche skills.

Many companies struggle to fill the position of software architect because of how specialized the post is. It needs professionals with a mix of relevant skills, and these skills can take quite some time to develop.

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers are the professionals that manage how a network and its day-to-day operations come together and function. They ensure that whatever application is being run is doing so successfully without any glitches.

Being a blockchain engineer means your analytical, development, design, and implementation skills need to be very sharp, which forms the core of your responsibilities. A bachelor’s degree in information systems, engineering, or computer science will suffice, but you are worth more on the market if you are professionally certified as a blockchain engineer.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are like team captains as their responsibility is to facilitate the entire process of development. They are the ones who bring about the various undertakings and instruments utilized in the development of the software. Their internal customers include administrators, software developers, IT Ops staff, and system operators.

Key performance areas for a DevOps engineer are, but are not limited to, performance testing and benchmarking, project management, automation, designing IT infrastructure, security, monitoring, and reporting. They also are pretty much responsible for bringing all facets of the IT department together.

Cloud Architect

The technology space has been a buzz with the cloud for at least a decade now, as this has been front and center of people’s storage and backup conversations. As a cloud architect, one has the job of looking after and constructing the master plan and approach towards this. The entire cloud ecosystem, such as public, private, and hybrid clouds, is entirely reliant on them as far as architecture is concerned. 

Their skills set include knowledge of data and application migration into the cloud and cloud computing infrastructure applications. Because they are an integral part of the cloud architecture, they are generally involved in the legalities of SLAs with clients to make sure all of them are adhered to. Their role is of great importance because they need to make sure their designs and implementations of the cloud are secure in all aspects, avoiding data loss, among other things.

Full-Stack Developer

These tech professionals ensure that all your software and applications are working as they should. So if there is a problem in the system, they sit and figure it out at a highly technical level and make sure that it does not happen again. They are also involved in software testing and debugging, which means pro-actively taking out any glitches that could cause errors.

Full-Stack Developers are very interactive in their job roles because they need to know how well their applications work and report this. They sit through sessions of understanding the issues at hand from users and analyzing how to resolve them. After that, they can go back to designers for new application functions and ways forward.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

This is where technology has been fighting to go for the longest of time. As a result, the need for these kinds of skills has been quite considerable. One needs to forecast and outline possible ways in which things will play out and design an application that will have the same capabilities.

The idea is to create human mental capacity in a machine and have almost the same type of thinking like a human mind. These types of algorithms are beneficial when it comes to market trend predictions and forecasting. Of course, for there to be an estimated result, there needs to be data input on which the result will be based.

Nevertheless, artificial intelligence is high in demand skill set as well, and you really can’t go wrong when choosing this particular tech career.

Because the tech industry continues to grow at drastic rates, choosing a career in tech is a wise decision that will give you job stability, employment security, competitive pay, endless growth opportunities, and so much more.


Sophia Rodreguaze


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