Three Reasons to Dip Your Feet in JS Development

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Updated: Dec 05, 2021


The realm of IT is as vast as the comprehensible Universe. Just like our planet is engulfed in the ever-expanding pitch-black Universe, the world is subjected to the expanding field of computer science. The numerous applications of Information and Technology have altered the way we interact with the outside world. Languages form the very basis behind these advancements. Just like we use different languages to communicate with different people, different languages exist in computer science that enables a developer to program various elements that have become the backbone of modern civilization. Even writing this article was made possible only due to the existence of programming languages that now constitutes the skeleton of the digital world. The bigger question however is, why should you go for the react JS platform and what incentives does it possess that suit your needs.

What is React JS?

React JS is basically a platform where you can fabricate interactive user interfaces for a website. Imagine programming a website from scratch, manually adjusting all of the tedious details to match the demands of the website owner. Gone are those days. Delve into the world of React JS that allows you to swiftly construct attractive and user-friendly interfaces in no time that strike a perfect blend of form and function. You can learn more about React JS development through the following link

Why should you use it?

Well, let’s cover the basics here.

User Friendly

Imagine using a platform that is exponentially annoying to use, because, for every function that you want to perform, you are forced to conduct extra steps. Luckily, React JS is an incredibly intuitive piece of software that is loaded with the functionality available on the go.

Pairs well with SEO

Now, most of you must have heard of a term called search engine optimization. In layman’s terms, SEO rating basically decides where your website will rank when a relevant keyword is searched on the internet. SEO guidelines are basically a form of standardization of ideal quality control, the more your webpage conforms, the higher it ranks. With SEO capabilities baked right into the control panel of React JS, you will be most certainly fulfill the minimum requirements of SEO.

The Power of JavaScript Library

JavaScript is one of the oldest languages and the components stored in the library of JavaScript are exemplary. HTML is the basic code behind digital elements and JavaScript has the unique capability of transforming these HTML components into defined functions, making the task hassle-free.


As you can see, the advantages offered by JavaScript are uncountable. To fully grasp the concept of JavaScript, you need to have a basic idea of the skeleton of the digital world. Start learning now to integrate yourself into the contemporary system of React JS and start developing!


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