5 Time Tested Ways to Make Your Social Media Audience Grow

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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Small startups can brush their shoulder with world-biggies in terms of audience and reception. That kind of ‘impossible’ can only happen in social media. In that sense, social media is the biggest level playing field for businesses. It provides the only effective and far reaching way a new and unheard-of startup with a small marketing budget can have a competitive standing with biggies.

Many businesses still seem to grope in darkness while searching for the right strategy for assured result in the growth of their social media. Here we introduce 5 time tested ways to make your social media audience grow.

1. Offer quality content posts

Like in web, content is king here as well. Unlike web, there is nothing as important as content for social media campaigns. You have to create unique, relevant and interesting content to grab user’s attention and impress them further to stick to your page.

  • Blog posts on recent topics and search keywords with quality outbound links can make users return to your profile.
  • Images can be posted to describe your business culture, growth and reputation than just product images.
  • Offering tips and practical wisdom to your audience is a nice way to grab their interest and let them stick to you.
  • Sponsored posts or promoted content is another way to make visibility and discoverability work in your favor.

2. Make use of features to connect friends

All social networks have their own way to let users connect with people they know. Making extensive use of these features is extremely important to increase the user base quickly. Knowing the friend finding features of each platform and then devising your strategy to connect new people is important.

  • Twitter allows searching email contacts.
  • Facebook besides allowing searching of email contacts it offers an advanced people search feature as well.
  • Instagram basically allows connecting all your Facebook friends in the Instagram app.
  • LinkedIn allows searching email contacts and in search it offers suggestions of former colleagues and classmates as per the profile information provided by you.

3. Giving social account links on website and emails

It is important to promote your social page through other digital avenues like your mails and websites. Obviously, you need to add the official social buttons on your website but that is not where you should stop. Your social media business profile should be reached from a variety of sources allowing more avenues of audience to connect you.

  • What you can do is to add small social network icons to the header, footer and sidebar of your website.
  • You should make all your email recipients know about your social presence by providing respective links to targeted social accounts in the email signature. You can easily do this by making use of small icons of social network platforms.
  • There are services such as WiseStamp that can be useful to create professionally optimized signatures with the social links.

4. Post regularly but do not create noise

While quality content is a must, it is not just enough. A business that offers an informative and useful blog post once in a blue moon may be dumped by users as irrelevant or dead. So, to show you are alive and to make a lively presence keep posting regularly.

  • Frequent posts with your web links let the users know your name and message visible, creating more listeners and grabbing more attention.
  • Do not make too much noise by flooding your social media page with too many posts within a short span of time. This may lead to the fatigue of users who can eventually drop you out.

5. Promote one social account through another

A great majority of startups are biased to one or two social media than the rest and often they have more followers and active audience than the combined number of users on all its social pages. Why not promote the underperforming account through your most successful social page? It can fetch you loyal users quickly across platforms and can play significantly in raising the volume.

  • It requires simple steps like tweeting to the Twitter followers to follow you on Pinterest.
  • Some social accounts also allow linking other social profiles. There are certain tools as well that can allow adding one social page to others in just seconds.


Social media has become an integral part of growth strategy for any new or established business, new businesses can specifically take advantage of social media marketing to have their presence felt within no time. Choosing the right set of tools and strategy to move forward is a critical aspect since it can make or break your social media success. Do share with us your social media success stories! Cheers.




Keval Padia is the Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps. He is a Mobile Game Developer, with acute knowledge of Mobile Game Design and User Experience Design. His vision is to become the best iOS development company, which can transform people's idea into a fully functional application at a very affordable price

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