Tips and Tricks to Pass Cisco 350-401 Test Using Exam Dumps

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Updated: May 04, 2020

Tips and Tricks to Pass Cisco 350-401 Test Using Exam Dumps

Have you ever been pondering if your tech skills are at risk of becoming outdated? Even if haven’t done that, the bitter truth is that they are. How you update your skills is up to you. Talking of new skills, Cisco is the pioneer of networking technologies. And their credentials are focused on several networking aspects that are key to smooth running of modern services and applications. When it comes to career growth, previous experience is not completely reliable. So, how can you update your skills in 2020?

To answer this question, we compiled a detailed guide to 350-401 exam, one of the new exams that’s related to brand new Cisco networking certifications.

Cisco 350-401: A Core Networking Exam

The Cisco 350-401 exam was unleashed in early 2020 and is available in two versions, English and Japanese, with a test duration of 120 minutes. It’s important to note that passing this exam will qualify you for 4 certifications as highlighted below:

Exam Description

Exam 350-401reinforces your knowledge of enterprise infrastructure by covering 6 objectives. These include Security, Automation, Infrastructure, Network Assurance, Virtualization, and Dual Stack (IPv4 and IPv6) Architecture. It should be stated that Cisco 350-401 is a core exam and passing it will only fulfil the first part of the certification requirements. To completely satisfy all the certification requirements, you will have to pass the core exam together with a concentration test to your liking. Usually, the concentration exams will be built around the upcoming technologies and industry-specific objectives. But what must you know about the related credentials of this exam? Let’s find out below.

Related Certification Path

The Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification was released in February 2020 as a replacement for most of the retired CCNP credentials (Wireless, R&S), CCDP. It focuses on enterprise networking solutions. There are no prerequisites for this badge. However, Cisco recommends that all exam-takers should be well-conversant with the assessment topics as covered in the test and possess three to five-year experience of using enterprise network solutions.

As for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure badge, on the other hand, it’s an expert-level credential that shows competency with complex enterprise infrastructure solutions. This badge will not only boost your career prospects but also help you distinguish yourself as a revered leader in enterprise networking solutions.

The CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification shows mastery of advanced-level enterprise wireless solutions. In addition to passing 350-401 exam, candidates are also required to sit for a lab exam in order to qualify.

Lastly, the Cisco Certified Specialist-Enterprise Core badge is a recognition for the investments made and the accomplishments you attain as you make huge strides towards fulfilling your career goals. Attaining any of the mentioned four certifications also earns you the Specialist title, which is a no mean feat when looking for new employment opportunities.

Reasons to Pursue a Cisco Certification

As you may be aware, Cisco credentials come in handy when seeking new opportunities in the IT job market. But this is not the only benefit these badges bring. Below, find more reasons why pursuing a Cisco credential in 2020 makes sense.

1. A Chance to Advance Your Technical Knowledge

Cisco remains a giant name in the tech industry, especially in the networking domain. Becoming certified shows your desire to remain at the forefront of modern technological developments.

2. Boost Your Salary Potential

Monetary benefits remain a priority for many IT professionals. Any slight effort made in the IT industry is always rewarded by proper compensation and better working conditions. For improved wages, Cisco credentials perfectly fit the bill. The average salary of a Cisco-certified IT professional equals about $70,000 yearly, according to the

3. Excel in Your Career

Forget what they tell youabout IT certifications. In fact, getting certified only goes to show your willingness to steady your career to the horizons of success. And who doesn’t dream of landing their dream job after many years of toiling?

Best Tips for Acing Your Cisco 350-401 Exam Right Away

Of course, taking any exam can be stressful and strenuous, however, if you put all your time, effort, determination and commitment, then the success is guaranteed. For you to pass 350-401 we prepared a short outline of the best tips ever.

1. Plan in Advance

The importance of a well-crafted study plan when preparing for your 350-401 exam cannot be stressed enough. A basic to-do list is a smart way to jumpstart your training as you come up with more effective methods later.

2. Use Online Training Courses

For many candidates, adopting a self-study learning approach is always tempting. Whether this is the most efficient prep option or not is a topic of discussion.

Getting enrolled in an online training course is one of the best ways you can prepare for your 350-401 exam. In fact, Cisco offers its official training course which might just be the right starting point as you consider other top websites such as Amazon and the

3. Get the Right Exam Dumps

When it comes to certification exam prep, a few trusted exam dumps providers never disappoint. The is a dependable provider of valid and updated exam prep materials that include dumps, study guides, and training courses, all by way of a simulated environment. This provider offers free and updated 350-401 exam questions with answers that you can download by visiting their site. For only $44.99, you can also get the expert-verified 350-401 Premium Package that comes with the premium file, and a study guide, all in one bunch. To open these files, you will need the VCE Exam Simulator, which again, you can download instantly from the With this reliable provider of trustworthy exam dumps, you’ll hone your skills and pass the upcoming Cisco exam in the first attempt.


The long-term objective of the networking certifications is to bring network operation engineers and network developers on the same page so that they can work together to help organizations achieve their business needs. And passing the Cisco 350-401 exam might just be the first step on your way to realizing your full potential in the industry. Whenever ready to test your skills, never forget that the has reliable exam dump questions and other important materials to help you pass your exam at the first try. Good luck!


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