Tips for Enrolling in IT with no Experience

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Updated: Dec 05, 2021

The IT industry is running short of workers. They offer various benefits, give good pays, and lots of opportunities. If you lack experience and wish to be part of this great industry, worry not. Check out these tips by to make you get there.

Apply your Experience to the IT Industry

Soft skills are essential, and many of them are transferrable into the industry. You might not possess the requirements in the job listings, but the soft skills might be your way out. Skills like customer service, communication, Microsoft Office can bolster your application. Revise your LinkedIn profile as employers may take a look at it. Jot a new cover letter explaining your experience, why you have an interest in swopping places of work, and how your experience will be of help in your new role.

Look for Industry Certifications

You earn certifications within a few weeks of study. There are entry levels like ITIL, Network+ and Security+, that can secure roles in networking or cybersecurity. Certification shows employers that you have the needed skills.

A Degree in a separate field is an advantage

Think of how you can apply your degree you attained in a different field to move your life in an IT industry. A literature degree may bolster your creative approach to problem-solving, and as an IT worker, you may have better communication skills. Through using your degree as an asset, you’ll be unique from other applicants who will probably have computer experience.

Starting Over From the Bottom

Stay open to starting at the bottom. Be prepared to start on a lower level position and make your way up by working hard. Experiences that you will garner from working down-top will prove valuable as you eye even challenging posts. Your success depends on the will you have to push forward and how much time you invest in mastering your craft.

Use Networking as a Power

Connections are powerful tools. Employers would employ somebody based on a recommendation than bringing onboard a total stranger. Use social media to let people know about your interest in joining the tech world. Ask friends or relatives if they know someone, hiring the position you are interested in.

Educate yourself on relevant tech skills

There are many things to educate yourself on that can boost your CV. Your employer may show interest when you understand things like Salesforce and even expertise in posting on WordPress. There lies great content on YouTube that you can extract skills from. During your free time, you can learn new skills by teaching yourself about the technicalities that come with the profession. You can then add the skills to your resume once you believe you have mastered them. Believe you me, these sets of skills will distinguish you from other applicants and will probably give you a shot at getting hired.

Be on the lookout for Crossover Postings

Every industry that uses computers or networks has specialists. You might have a long experience in dealing with cars. A position of an IT specialist may pop at a car dealership. Through understanding half, the business can catapult you great miles into making you a respected employee from the word go. Even though you will start at the bottom, it will be the best platform to gain your first years of experience.  Being prepared with the right tools and the technical knowhow can remarkably boost your chances of having a tech career that lasts you a long time. 

Create Compelling Resume

Create a relevant and compelling resume, it should be a tailor-made resume for IT specialist and make you look like a candidate fit for an IT job. You can opt for a good resume builder or a guide who can help you get one created for you.


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