Tools Which You Can Use To Boost Your Betting Success

September 15, 2019
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Winning a bet can give you a great sense of pride and some extra cash in your pocket and whilst we’d all love to become millionaires in this game, it is widely accepted that a win now and again is more than enough to keep us happy. Something which many gamblers don’t get right, however, is the homework side of things, preferring to instead bet based on gut instinct, which is rarely very profitable. The web is awash with tools to help you out when it comes to placing bets and here are some which you should always be using.

Email Alerts

When you join Novibet or any other online betting site you will be offered a section of opt-ins such as sharing your data with other services for example. Now we are generally accustomed to opting out of anything which involves signing up to emails or sharing data, but when it comes to a betting site you should always opt-in. The reason for this is that you will be the first to receive promotional material which you need to use to make your bets go further. Maximizing offers like this can significantly help you to find more success.

Sports Databases

No matter whether you are betting on soccer, basketball or athletics, there are databases online which you can find that will give you a full breakdown of every team and player, and their track records. This is always a great place to start when you are thinking about a bet and it can provide you with key information about how well each team or individual will fare.

Social Media

Social media is also an important platform which you can use for gambling success as many professional gamblers will share tips and info directly from their Twitter or Facebook profile. They will offer many tips which you can choose to take if you want, but more importantly, they will share great odds when they see them. Betting companies and their odds vary greatly and you may find that the bet which you are looking at is 1/2 and another company may offer it at even money. Following top tipsters will help you ensure that you get the best odds available.


Always use a betting calculator when you are placing bets on multiples as it will give you the best idea as to how much you stand to win, and when you may be able to cash out the bet for a profit. Le’s say that you are placing a bet such as a Heinz, which involves a total of 6 selections and 57 bets. To ensure that you both understand how much to place on this bet, and how much you will win depending on the outcome, you should always use an online calculator which is specifically for betting, easy to use and easy to understand.

Don’t just bet what your heart tells you, do the research and make the smartest choices.

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