Top 10 Angular Libraries for Web App Development

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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Angular is an amazing framework by Google that offers a complete tool kit for helping the developers build awesome products. It is a popular choice of several developers and users worldwide. This open source helps developers maintain effective web infrastructure while building web apps with ease and great comfort. Angular has a large community of developers who are ready to help you when you get stuck during development. It is built on MVC architecture and is capable of building dynamic and responsive web applications for small and large businesses. Angular follows the DOM methodology for improving the performance of the app.

What makes Angular popular for web app development?

The best part is that Angular has a vast ecosystem surrounding it. It offers a wide range of component libraries to add the desired functionality to the app. Developers can implement their own library and share it with the world. Programmers get a free hand to experiment with HTML and attributes. They can get the advantage of writing lesser code and building feature-rich custom web apps matching the clients’ requirements.

Programmers can build Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to deliver app-like experiences. They can develop cross-platform applications as well as desktop apps for users. This framework offers extensive documentation that helps the coders get the required information. As the overall framework is based on components, it offers consistency for the web apps. Consistency results in greater productivity of the projects that are built using Angular.

The latest version of this framework offers great support for the creation of libraries. Delivering good software requires a few steps. The developers need to build the software, test it, publish, and release it. A software engineer can automate the recurring manual steps, and automate releasing of an Angular library. It may not be an easy task to automate the release of Angular library.


Ionic is an AngularJS based framework that is used for building web-based hybrid apps. It is one Angular module and a style sheet that can be used for building feature-rich web apps. Every Angular developer can read and debug Ionic source code as similar structures and concepts are used for building applications. It consists of 4 different parts: Stylesheet, AngularJS module, command line tool, and keyboard plugin. As Ionic supports Android 4+ and iOS 6+, it is a popular choice of several users and developers across the globe.

Angular Material

This is an important tool that was developed with guidance from Google Material Design and offers a wide range of ready. Angular Material helps the developers to add modern elements into their projects. Angular offers a wide range of reusable and well-tested components that can be used for integrating Material design into your application.  Angular developers can add new features to create several templates for the project.

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Your search for UI library for Angular ends here. This is a collection of rich UI components for Angular app development. It offers some themes that can be used to customize the appearance of the app. It also provides data display components such as graphs, panels, buttons, statistics, tables, and more. Hence, users would not have to look for additional library once this functionality is added.

NGX Bootstrap

NGX Bootstrap consists of all the core Bootstrap components powered by Angular. It improves the performance of mobile and desktop. As it is designed keeping in mind the extensibility, you can expect high-performance solutions by using this library.

Onsen UI

Onsen-UI is a popular library for building hybrid and mobile web apps. It is compatible with both AngularJS and Angular 2+. Onsen-UI for Angular offers different types of components with Flat and material designs.


Dragula is a library that includes several frameworks. It involves Drag and Drops components as well as designs. It is easier for the users to move the elements on the page with fingers on their smartphones or with the mouse on their keyboard.

Angular Fire 2

Firebase is a great platform for web and mobile app development. It offers various services and tools. Angular Fire 2 is a popular library that is rated by 3.6K stars of GitHub users. It offers real-time data synchronization and automatically offline data storage.


This Angular framework is developed by Chinese developers. It is built on Typescript and offers a great advantage to the users. NG-ZORRO features enterprise-class UI for web apps. It synchronizes design specification with Ant Design.

Vaadin Components

Vaadin Components bridge the gap between Angular Components and Polymer elements. They offer Material UI components for desktop and mobile apps. This Java-based UI framework helps to simplify your web app development. It automates the communication between the servers and browsers.


This library comprises of native Angular components for a smooth and sleek user interface for building web applications. NG-Lightning system allows the developers to create rich enterprise experiences and custom apps. This Angular component has a great impact on your application by improving its performance and offering flexibility.

How can we forget Clarity when talking about Angular libraries? This is an open source design system that brings together all the Angular components, UX guidelines, and HTML/CSS framework. It offers several components for building Angular web apps.

In a Nutshell

We have just talked about 10 popular Angular libraries that can be used to build next-generation web applications. Though Angular comes with everything you may need for building a feature-rich web app, you can install some libraries and enjoy their advantages. You can look for the best AngularJS development company to help you choose the right libraries for developing an awesome web application that meets your business requirements and objectives. Do some research over the internet and try to hire experienced Angular developers for your next project. Collect quotes from a few Angular development agencies and compare them before you hire someone to work on your project. You should get the best value for the money you spend on Angular development.


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