Top-10 Computer-Assisted Translation Software

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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Computer-assisted translation software, or CAT, is a tool to translate from one language to another with the help of translation memory tools. Usually, they store large amounts of texts that were previously translated, which lets them get accurate predictions. Also, CAT ensures the correct grammar, spelling, and phrasing due to their auto-correction plug-ins. They do not translate word-for-word and thus are better than machines. Let’s look at the list of 10 best computer-assisted translation software available today.

  1. Phrase

This translation management system has certifications and strict adherence to EU policies of data protection. It has glossaries, translation memory, SmartSuggest technology, Checks, In-Context Editor option, and many more. The software supports locale files, tag keys, and can integrate with plenty of platforms.

  1. Lokalize

This is one of the fastest-growing and convenient translation management systems. Importantly, it has clear UI/UX and has affordable pricing. Like many other CAT, it is multiplatform and can handle web and mobile apps, other software, games, and marketing documents. To find out if the app is popular among translation companies, read a list of online translation services reviewed and find out about the recent preferences. In general, Lokalize has great customer reviews and portfolios, so it may be helpful.

  1. Smartcat

This platform helps to connect businesses and translators in a collaborative environment. It is a free-to-use technology that allows many people to work together using CAT tools. You can use the platform for its elaborate CAT with good reviews and broad possibilities to develop your business.

  1. SDL Trados Studio

This software is for language professionals who are interested in broad terminology, reviewing, and translation with the help of machines. SDL Trados Studio gives a powerful automation base for your translation that you can use to further review and edit your data to have the best result.

  1. Transifex

Transifex works with different startups and enterprises of any scale. The users have a chance to use a localization platform and SaaS-based translation for many purposes. You can translate digital content such as subtitles, mobile apps, games, and others. This company is famous for its clients because it has case studies for Microsoft, Salesforce, Waze, and many more.

  1. Protemos

This software was formed back in 2011, so it has extensive experience which helps to provide the best results. Protemos offers SaaS software and training via webinars, in-person sessions, documentation, etc. This CAT can support billing and invoicing, CRM, and collaboration. Also, it fits for project tracking, quality control, resource management, and quotes or estimates.

  1. Crowdin

This app is crucial if you need a team to translate the content. This localization management software will help to handle documentation, designs, websites, and many more. You can hire freelancers, use CAT, or create your own translation team to fit a definite project. Machine translation and quality assurance of this platform make it useful for all.

  1. Memsource

Memsource has an impressive list of supported languages, file types, and machine translation engines. It also has patented AI translation technology which reduces your costs and increases translation quality. Of course, there are also translation memory tools, CAT editors, terminology management tools, and many more.

  1. Pairaphrase

This is a web-based translation software that mostly fits enterprises. It is a smart, fast, and safe software that works within Microsoft Office and can translate to and from 57 languages in various industries. It can handle government, legal, financial, healthcare, and other translation types.

  1. POEditor

This is a collaborative online platform that helps you to localize software products such as websites and apps to any language. Also, it helps to automate workflow and integrate with Azure DevOps, GitLab, GitHub, and more. The software has a free trial, so you can test it and make sure if it fits your needs and purposes.

Computer-assisted software is a great tool to automate your translation. If you want to save time and money, be sure to use CAT and enjoy a large database of relatable terms. There are many options available on the market, so make sure to research each of the software, read reviews, and compare prices. If you are still not using CAT and have lots of translation to do, consider doing it now for a faster, better result.


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