Top 15 Testimonials Web Design: Best Way That Needs To Be Adopted

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Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The contented customers are considered as the untapped marketing asset and play a powerful role in the success of a business. They undoubtedly help you revamp the revenues and earn the trust of new visitors. Being an underutilized digital marketing tool, positive testimonials effectively establish trust in an inexpensive way.

Hence, utilizing them thoroughly on the website is one of the wisest decisions to convince the visitors and turn them into the potential customers. Through this simple yet fruitful way, you show an evidence in front of global visitors/customers that they are at the right place where solutions are delivered to the clients according to their specifications.

It’s definitely a worthy approach that strengthens the brand value of your company.

Brief Description About Traditional Testimonials Page Design

Traditionally, the arrangement of customers’ reviews is being done in listing style. The designing elements, layout and structure of the entire testimonial page appears unattractive and kind of redundant especially for the users. This is the reason why there are miscellaneous companies that don’t go with the approach of creating testimonial page.

However, they know that client testimonials are substantial to acquire success over the web in terms of visibility, customer satisfaction and reputation, but traditional layout makes it attractive in look & feel. We are not saying that including testimonials is wrong, but having them anywhere on the site is far better way than including nothing.

Even though, it has been proved that testimonials are valuable for the website progress and being counted in the most crucial strategy (strategies). But, it is advantageous only if you step away of traditional testimonial page format and adopt any custom approach to design the page.

Is Adding Testimonials Really Needed!

It is simple; testimonials express your clients’ experience that they have actually felt with services that you offered them. It displays the satisfaction level and attracts the readers to trust on your company. Is there anything better than this to make the readers rely on you? The answer is no because they create a fabulous comfort zone around the visitors while accessing your website. Although portfolio section is profitable, but it just showcases the final product that you have delivered.

This part doesn’t tell about your flexibility, agile approach, friendly support. This is only possible by adding testimonials, because they give an insight of experience that your clients had during the work and it is, sometimes, an important thing.

Clients’ Positive Testimonials: Why To Showcase Them Throughout The Website

If your organization has earned an array of certificates and awards for satisfactory service delivery, then would you like to display them in shelf where people visit rarely? Probably the answer would be ‘NO’. It does not mean that you just dust off each award or pack them to throw in the waiting room that your business has ever attained. But, putting 1 or 2 proud achievements on the site does not hurt at all.

Thus, display them very carefully. Instead of hoping that the visitors will click on your separate testimonial page to know about your services, do great work on the prestigious achievements of your company. Add them in the sidebar or bottom of each page. In current digital world, technology is advanced. Thus, the world is progressing at a rapid pace. Now, researching brands and their products is no more the consumers’ job and they just expect from you to cater the relevant information.

This is not because the visitors/consumers are unable to collect information or lazy to find what they actually want. This is why because they are capable of navigating from one site to another, evaluating brands and comparing them with others via a few mouse clicks instead of visiting every store physically.

Client Testimonial Integration: An Exclusive Way To Accomplish Goals

The most comprehensive way to elevate the brand value is to integrate real testimonials of clients along with the customer reviews. But make sure that all of them are added aesthetically into the websites’ layout and central theme. These are something that you never hide from others, but you feel proud to share proudest or appreciating words of your clients with everyone who browse your company website.

The websites structured precisely with modern web design use seamless layouts to flaunt the positive customer reviews through different mediums including live social network streams, video testimonials, content sliders, case studies, etc.

15 Amazing Examples Loaded With Testimonial Page Design At Your Glance

Here, we are going to provide a vast collection of topmost testimonial page enriched websites that hopefully will help you comprehend and find the best design. All of them demonstrate persuasive, innovative and eye-catching visual appearance of testimonial web design.


It’s a stunning presentation of testimonial web design integrated with contrast background. The company named Kissmetrics believes in putting only the beneficial client reviews. Hence, we see a short collection of testimonials at this site, but these have been used in a well-organized way with miraculous background which has the real images of the company employees.


The reviews page of Grammarly includes a massive collection of quotes spoken by the client. All the testimonials present here consist of client names, their images & places. In some reviews, you can see their more details like designation and site name. testimonials


CSSChopper plays a phenomenal job which is appreciable in all the ways because of using clean, balanced and well-organized typography. They provide a variety on this page with quoted and video testimonials. In a grid format, these are structured beautifully after understanding the convenience of the visitors. You can also see the link of videos, from where, you can listen what their clients said about the company. Overall, great job done with enticing layout to make this page one of the top-notch testimonial website designs. 


A short and immaculately managed testimonial page you can see at, which is composed with short quotes and clean layout that potentially urge the visitors to read. The presence of too much client reviews sometimes unbalances the cleanness of layout and makes the page little bit confusing for the readers. There is a video with the client’s name and his site is available on the upper right side of the page just after the menu bar. And, a few words spoken by him in the video are quoted in the left side. testimonials


PSDtoWordPressExpert includes large size photographs of the customers with quoted testimonials. The layout of this page is clean and font & style of added text are easy to understand. The entire page has been designed elegantly keeping the simplicity in the mind which usually allures people the most. You can see the appreciable quoted words with the names 0f the clients and their location. testimonial

Decadent Cakes

Decadent Cakes’s testimonials look simple, but have an enticing route using minimum selection of colors and styles. In this way, the company wants to get full attention of the visitors on their previous clients’ words despite of used layout & design encapsulated here. The color selection is quite good, but one thing that I didn’t find, is the image of the client. Otherwise, the page looks pleasant. testimonials


Clients’ reviews are the center of focus that brings with simple layout and impressive block quotes. There is a content slider integrated with company names, quotes, client names and their positions at The Social Agency site. They want the complete attention of the visitors only on the words said by their customers.



The impressive block quotes with clear images of clients and company logos! This page has minimal design and majorly focuses on the reviews that are a combination of image + quote + client name, logo + quotes + client name and quotes + client name. Each block quote is fitted with short and medium length quotes that are the words from their precious customers. Need to add given link on this image: testimonials


White background gives an exclusive base to the images and text which is used on the website page and the testimonial page of HTMLPanda is one of the perfect examples of this approach. Their client testimonials comprise client names, their company logo, company name, and reviews in text form. Each section is separately managed with almost equal length. Need to add given link on this image: testimonial


WebReinvent with testimonial page displays why the selection of contrast color is imperative especially when there is a need of designing reviews page. This page looks awesome without hurting the visitors’ eyes and the reviews in quoted and video form are mentioned in blocks that are separate with each other. Additionally, each client review displays with respective client name in a well mannered way. Need to add given link on this image: testimonials


If you want to make your testimonial page lengthy with too wordy reviews, then take inspiration from this site which holds lengthy client reviews in paragraph form. Sometimes, it confuses the visitors and compel them to think that are these testimonials real or not? Including such type of reviews will work well for hotel websites, but I would not suggest it for the web development, retail, hospitality and fashion sites. Need to add given link on this image:

testimonial example

Indus Health Plus

Indus Health Plus consists of various sections under the testimonials page in left side. You may choose any one according to your needs, because testimonial, celebrity testimonial & video testimonial, all are separately managed and land people to particular page once they click. Need to add given link on this image: video-testimonial


Mostly people do not like to read lengthy paragraphs as they want to see simple but inspiring layout with organized view that provides them relevant information about what they are searching. Simplicity is a key to success and inkyROBO has proved it outstandingly keeping the clients’ reviews in testimonial page with their names and designations. The reviews are quoted here in italic style and font is balanced with text so that they are readable with a simple view. Need to add given link on this image:

inkyrobo testimonial

Techno Exponent

Techno Exponent utilizes testimonial page including the clients’ reviews in block quoted format. The layout of this page is simple and clean with white background, which enables the content to be visible more over the site rather than other things. Quotes are seen at the page with the clients’ names and their location in the boxes. Need to add given link on this image: testimonials


Testimonials are used at HireWebDeveloper with white background that makes the quoted text more visible and easy to read. This page contains client names and their reviews in attractive layout. Segmentation is being done here in a stunning way. It is undoubtedly a ideal way to use clear photographs of clients with their words and this company did this fantastically. Need to add given link on this image: testimonials


Keeping the testimonials on every page truly ensures the utmost percentage of organic traffic produced at your site and displays a positive image in the respective industry. In this way, more people know how reliable service provider you are, even without landing to the testimonial page.

Whenever the site traffic goes to this page, it is imperative to remember that this page is quite powerful. Therefore, you must think out of the box and endeavour to make this page elegant rather than having monotonous & dull list of reviews submitted by the customers.

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