Top 6 Tips For Hassle-Free Mobile App Project Outsourcing

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Thinking of building your own mobile application? But confused whom to contact for it? In this mobile technology era, every single startup and established businesses are aware of the power of mobile apps to reach millennials. It is hard to survive in such a competitive market without having your own firm’s brand.

The demand will continue to grow as it is all about m-commerce. In this technological race, a business is bound to adopt new tactics like outsourcing an app for better and faster app development. Mobile app outsourcing is a very cost-effective and exceptional result baring development source.

The outsourcing idea has its own risk involved as you have to manage your mobile app development sitting halfway across the globe. Such app development happens only when you enter into a fruitful partnership, wherein you just have to hope for the desired app formation and the firm has to reach that goal effectively.

To get a more clear idea on mobile app development outsourcing, below are some tips on how to actually break down the process for achieving desired app development from a distant location.

6 Tips For A Successful Mobile App Development Outsourcing

Requirements are to be clear

Before looking for an app developer, it is very essential to be clear from your end about the app development. The main task is to analyze the purpose of building an app for your business. Here are some questions curated for your analysis, collected and got its screenshot from the Upwork website.

Recognize your audience, execute the plan by examining reasons, expenditures and execution time. Specify the desired result you want from mobile app development outsourcing company. For example, make a chart of your requirements by analyzing your target audience. Analyze every purpose that your app can solve and can stand out from the competitors. By drafting such a chart, you will make it easy for the app development firm to know your particular requirements and plans.

mobile-app-revenues Choose the best talent

Mobile app development outsourcing gives you an opportunity to choose a unique mobile development firm, who can match your app’s idea. Before hiring someone, you have to analyze the company’s background with past track records, certification, and other prospective services.

If possible, you can also examine the firm by giving a sample test. Outsourcing a mobile app is exactly like finding an excellent goldsmith who can make your desired piece of jewelry. Take your time in finding options and settle on the most promising mobile app development company.

For instance, do research on mobile app development firms across the globe and have a look at their past work that includes the firm’s experience, portfolios, team, and go for a free consultation if they provide. Share your app idea with the firm that you think is best to create my mobile app.

For example, if you are planning to develop an app like Uber, you should ask certain questions like:-

  • Have you developed such an app before?
  • Where can I find your previously developed apps?
  • Can I see a list of your current and previous clients?
  • Which platform are you comfortable developing for?
  • What is your app development process like?
  • What level of involvement from me will you need?
  • How will you keep me updated on the mobile app process?
Trust in the developer’s skills and expertise

In this context, you are entering into a give and take relationship. You will have to release the control from your end and set the ball rolling in someone else’s court.

A good flow of ideas, effective communication, and execution of a plan for a mobile app can be achieved by a sane tuning from point A to B i.e. from business to the hired mobile app development agency.

Trust in the developer’s skills and expertise, let the company pitch options, ideas, suggestions, and strategies for your firm. The developer can also help you in getting rid of unnecessary spendings on an irrelevant feature for the mobile app.

Set a security check

Before disclosing sensitive details, you should get an assurance from the mobile developing agency by signing a confidentiality document like NDA. This way, you can safeguard your company’s valuable information without the risk of fraud.

Regular reviews and related tools

Will you prefer to micro-manage with your developer? Probably not! It is better that you review your app regularly for better insights and proper communication. The reviewing technique helps both the parties to be on the same page. You can ask for an app-building milestone from the developer to review your app in parts as it is made.

For example, if they have stated that the home screen will be developed on a specific date, you can review that particular page and give them the changes if you come across any of it. By working in this manner, there will be no confusion and consequences, and the app will be developed efficiently.

Support and Maintenance

One of the important tips of mobile app development outsourcing is to get support and maintenance from the developer. You will be getting tech assistance in the form of any bug eradication, regular updating and any small problem-related with functionality in the app.

Always make sure that you never miss out on an opportunity from the developer’s side. Such maintenance is a boon for your mobile app to grow rapidly in the market with correct guidance and frequent testing.

In a nutshell

How do you make the best out of mobile app outsourcing? Tips like proper planning, clear expectations, studying the pros and cons of different app options, and to always communicate effectively for timely results will help in the decision-making process of the mobile app.

You can probably overcome the challenges and requirements beforehand with a proper solution and make an amazing mobile application for your business.




Yuvrajsinh is a Marketing Manager at Space-O Technologies, a firm having expertise in developing Uber-like apps. He spends most of his time researching on the mobile app and startup trends. He is a regular contributor to popular publications like Entrepreneur, Yourstory and Upwork. Apart from that, he connects recruiters to the job seekers in India. He has, in fact, helped over 100 candidates to find their new job.

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