Top 7 Programming Jobs That Will Be Most In-Demand in 2020

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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

DESCRIPTION: Since the digital revolution began nearly thirty years ago, technology keeps advancing very quickly. As IoT, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence emerge; many best IT jobs will also develop in 2020. The demand for technical workers will also go up


If you are looking forward to doing the best IT jobs, then there are certain fields you need to start specializing in. These fields are the ones expected to be in high demand in 2020. Those fields are also the ones that have the power to stay in today’s world. If you can offer both computer skills and soft skills for instance; compassion and communication, you can fit perfectly in the best IT jobs which will be on demand come 2020. Additionally, technical employees need to have a good knowhow of how technology is leveraged to enhance systems and how it pulls into strategy.

Seven best IT jobs which will be on demand in 2020

1.    IT vision Engineer

This one is among the most wanted part time programming jobs. Since 2013, the demand for people with computer vision engineering skills has been going up. The experts with this knowledge create and enhance machine learning algorithms, system vision and analytics to recognize, arrange and monitor tools.

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2.    Machine learning Engineer

These are specialized coders that create Artificial Intelligence systems which will read and use knowledge. This kind of job is actually one of those most specialized jobs in programming. The engineers carry out advanced coding using comprehensive datasets and algorithms to teach the intelligent machines.

We have seen many companies becoming Artificial Intelligence companies. When this happens, Artificial Intelligence becomes the best IT field to invest in.

3.    Network Analyst

Many companies are investing a lot in the networks as the Internet of Things gets into the workplace. So many things will require to be joined in a perfect manner and this will be a big boost for demand.

In future, a Network Analyst will put together his/her technical skills with the knowledge of how to use it to offer real-time trending data on network traffic. This will require a person that knows a lot beyond networking or beyond knowing how sensors function. The Network Analyst will be expected to understand the company fully and he/she must also understand AI fully.

4.    Security Analyst

IT cyber security jobs are currently on demand and this demand may keep going up. This is so because attacks keep getting more complicated and the technologies fighting them keep advancing.

The duties of a Security Analyst are going to advance in order to encompass extra data skills for IT jobs and Artificial Intelligence knowledge. Security will continue being so crucial and changes are being seen from a reactive security system to a proactive one. Expect to witness more of a threat hunting, AI-improved system.

5.    Cloud Engineers

This is considered one of the best IT jobs mostly because organizations are moving systems to cloud. Most organizations prefer the hybrid technique with several vendors. In future, cloud engineers can create systems at scales which include both in-house technology and outside systems. These are systems that will go above AWS that Amazon experts are working or Azure which Microsoft experts are working.

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6.    DevOps lead

As seen from most IT jobs websites, many application creators and business analysts are emerging. This implies that the DevOps groups must also be increased to manage duties between those teams.

DevOps provide the knowledge necessary for project management and development in organizations and even outside software development concept. They are likely to be seen under new titles in future however their work will be on high demand.

DevOps assist in driving the best efficiency and they provide software to companies quickly.

7.    User support specialist

This job is among the best freelance programming jobs for beginners. As technology becomes more and more integrated into the functions of company units, more workers will require experts to assist them. As digital transformation takes place in organizations, the work becomes interwoven into the systems and support specialists will be needed to support that.


Those are the best IT jobs that will be on demand in 2020. As the IT skills keep changing so quickly, it is crucial for companies to have training mechanisms. This will ensure that they keep teaching their employees about the skills that will be on demand in future. Did you enjoy reading this article? Are you interested in any of the types of it jobs we have described above? If yes, please share with us how you are preparing yourself for the job. We would also like to hear your suggestions, comments or even inquiries if you have any. We will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

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