Top 5 Tools to Pick Great Domain Name for Your Website

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Whether you are planning to launch a personal blog or working on a professional website, one of your tasks must be to work on the branding and one aspect of branding is selection of a catchy and relevant domain name.

Domain name carries the first impression of your website to the online world and should be selected with care.

Domain name that relates directly to your business area or blog topic and outlines the essence of your website promotes it by default.

What should be the name of my blog or business website?

Finding a domain name is very interesting and challenging task at the same time. However, It can be frustrating at times since basic names are not available anymore especially if we look for .com domains but then new websites with great domain names emerge every day.

Where do those great domain names come from? Most of those names are generated by the creative machines, the online tools that throw suggestions.

These tools are free to use and you too can utilize to figure out that killer name for your next website.

Before you get started with the research process, be mindful to look for a domain that falls among one of the below three categories.

Domain Name that Relates to Blog Topic or Area of Business
Domain Name that Includes Specific Keywords
Represents Unique Brand Name

I research and buy domain names for myself, my friends and customers and over the last 5 years I have tried more than 50+ domain name generation tools.

Here are few of the domains that I generated using online tools and bought recently for my upcoming websites.

Domain generation tools not only work to figure out domains that include keywords, these tools really throw some great ideas for an all new catchy brand name.

Over the last few months I have analyzed most of the available tools and here are my top 5 picks where you can try your hands. If you do not find a domain name using these tools then you definitely need a break and come back again for further research.

#1: NameMesh – This is My Top Domain Name Generator Tool

This is one of my favorites and by far the most comprehensive domain name research tool. I researched “TheNextWiki” and “CoinsRadar” using this tool. NameMesh combines multiple words together, uses antonyms, synonyms, and intelligence derived from the current real world trends.

It uses techniques to modify the keywords smartly and generate new words that appear very brand-able.Techniques include blending or meshing multiple words, also called as Merged Portmanteau, misspellings, phonetic variations, short URLs, words overlapping, acronyms usage etc.

You can check availability of common tlds like .com, .net, .org etc as well as newly available tlds like .email, .link, .domains etc.

#2: Panabee – Simple Yet Powerful Domain Name Picker

Panabee is one of the most simple and easy to use tools that I have ever used. This is often my go to tool whenever in need for a new domain name. and are the outcomes of my research on this website.

You can find domain names as well as app names and names for your start-up company here. Panabee claims to be your free brainstorming partner.

If your perfect name is not available, it throws additional names created from your original search criteria, derived using phonemes, abbreviations, syllables, prefixes, suffixes and the popular trends on the web.

Related words and phrases are also shown to help you brainstorm and generate more ideas for further research.

#3: LeanDomainSearch – The Most Versatile Domain Name Search Engine

This comes in the top three for the reason that it is one of the most versatile domain picker tools on the internet as of today. you can sort the results alphabetically, by popularity of search term or by length of the domain names. You can also apply additional filters to quickly figure out the available best domain name.


Lean Domain Search uses standard prefixes, suffixes and pairs the search phrases with other common words that are found in existing successful domains names. You can keep track of the domains that you like by marking those as favorites and check all your favorites at once to close on the final name.

#4: Domainr – Creative Domain Names Can be Found Here

Domainr operates a bit differently than the above three tools, if you liked “” then Domainr is the tool for you.

It breaks your search word into chunks and checks many combinations across all available tlds to produce catchy names. Domainr covers the entire domain space, including tlds with non-English characters.

Domainr has iPhone app and you can keep researching on the go, it offers below features-

Search all domains, including country-code domains
Internationalized domain name (IDN) support
Registrars for all domains
Share results via email
Pre-register the new gTLDs

#5: – Speed and Usability

Domize is last in my list but not the least. It has got very powerful research engine and offers lightening speed when it comes to displaying results back.

The speed and usability is what brings it among the top 5 domain name generation tools.


All the domain ideas listed are supported with additional information about the domain including availability, previous registration date, expire date etc.

It also shows the registration price for the domains that are available and offer price for domains that are already registered but available for sale.

You can opt to exclusively search premium domain names as well from the database of over 3.9 million domains.

* The prices and availability of domains displayed in the images above may not be applicable at present.

Good Luck with your next domain name, write back to us in case you need any help finding a great domain name!




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