10 Top UI/UX tools to Increase your Productivity in 2019

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

The outlook of your app/website can create a huge difference in bringing it into the spotlight. It is one of the important aspects of web/mobile app development. The first impression of your domain can have a great impact on users. In fact, it’s one of the major reasons behind maximum user retention. Before incorporating your UX design into your portfolio, you need to find the right UI/UX tools that can streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity.

Besides having all the essential features, of ideal UI/UX tools, save your time and energy from wireframing, prototyping, testing to the final execution. A designer gets saved from tedious efforts as many tasks are entirely automated. You have more time to bring more diversity in your design and to extend its scope. Today we have enlisted some top-notch UI/UX tools for best productivity. 


This app is designed to run smoothly on a web browser and on any well-known operating system. Having an interface quite similar to Sketch, the Figma app allows communicating with your team members and provides feedback in real-time. Collaborating with your team members during the designing process allows refining your designs and making them more attractive as suggestions from a number of skilled members assists to fabricate a professional outlook of your design. The app also allows smooth integration with a variety of channels as well. If you have created aUX/UI task in Sketch and then this app gives you a flexibility of importing it into without any hassle.


It’s a smart and easy to use prototyping tool, which assists designers in creating amazing prototypes, assure their quality and collaborate with their team members to get ideas for design improvements. The Mockplus is a cross-platform tool and designers can easily set it up to work on Windows, Android, and IOS.  There is a massive team of products managers and designers who have collaborated in making this tool successful. With the addition of new features, the Mockplus tool is expected to bring faster and simpler UI/UX  tool solution for dedicated designers.


inVision features a variety of drag and drop features that make it easy for designers to swiftly create interactive prototypes.  The app allows convenient collaboration with multiple individuals assigned to the project and offers to display feedback all along the course of the project. The Invision Studio is well known for more than just UI design and prototypes; it also allows creating intriguing animations. The timeline-based animations make this platform extra efficient, as you will not find these features in many well-renowned UI/UX based apps. The app is able to support JPG, PNG, GIF, AI, and PSD formats.


Teamwork is important especially if you are working on a high-end designing project that belongs to a well-reputed firm. It is quite daunting to decide individually which outlook will appear eye-catchy, so collaboration with your team is crucial. Meantime the iDoc tool allows cooperating with your team to share prototypes, wireframes, assets, code, etc. to come up with incredible user-interfaces and web elements. The apps also allow importing design projects from Sketch as well.


The Pidoco is a prototyping tool which is fully equipped with advanced features to create interactive UX prototypes rapidly. The designers can test run their prototypes in android and IOS devices.  The app features team collaboration through screen sharing and commenting on design elements in real-time. The team can acquire blueprints of the designing project with one click. There is a huge library of valuable components, which assists in making a UI/UX project more tempting. The designers with one of the best UI/UX tools Pidoco can also transform already built designs into alluring prototypes with few clicks.


The IOS platform has revolutionized enormously with having numerous apps available to perform a variety of tasks. In the field of web designing, the developers have created plenty of top-notch IOS based apps, which are being used by experts all over the world. Nowadays, the Dubai web design industry is making use of several high-end tools to enhance the quality of their design elements. Appcooker is one of the best mockup and UI/UX tools for prototyping, which are loaded of essential features to make the designing process easier. There are huge customization options available so a designer can conveniently mold their designs according to their needs. The app provides the flexibility of sharing the work with teammates, clients or with friends. You can export it to Dropbox or to the iTunes folder as well. This is an inexpensive tool, which will allow you to build awesome UI/UX designs with great pace.


Sketch is widely known IOS powered most versatile designing app. Initially it was known as an image editor for digital designs; however, constant updates and integration of new features have made this app one of the leading designing tools in the industry. The app has combined features of both Photoshop and illustrator and but is more advanced and user-friendly. Sketch is the player if game when it comes to designing UI/UX, there are very few tools that can beat it.

There are plenty of pre-design tools, which you can utilize in your digital elements. Creating vector shapes is more convenient than other conventional tools. While creating vector shapes, the app automatically adjusts to the layout and screen sizing. There is one limitation associated with the app is that is designed for MAC users only.


The proto.io is designed to cater all the needs during the entire UI/UX designing cycle.  There are numerous tools to carry out early designing tasks like wireframing and for later stages, you will come across intuitive tools to test your end results. The app allows performing a variety of activities during each designing phase; you can communicate with others, receive feedback and can execute results on web browsers. The Proto.io incorporates the library of most interactive building blocks that makes it stand out from the rest.

Moqups UI Prototyping Tool

You will find plenty of wireframe tools on exploring the internet but they come with limited functionalities like simple shape drawing. However, this high-end tool makes it easy to create perfect-looking wireframes.

Instead of just drawing a simple line, it assists in creating prototypes and allows integrating realistic UI elements with quick drag and drop.  With the help of the Diagram tool, you can make logical markups and can figure out the connections and links. 

Switching to Flow Chart View allows creating basic wireframes. It features creating and showcasing visual content primarily and one could not make use of advanced functionalities like object opacity and pre-sized canvases etc.


Smartly fabricating the visual diagrams helps in understanding the hierarchy of web elements. This requires a keen knowledge of technical information that should be simplified for the non-technical audience.  The main essence of UI designing tool is to present complex ideas by illuminating the technical flows in a simplified way. This online tool is equipped with a shape library that allows creating flow diagrams. You will find diagram specific templates to stretch your ideas or you can make use of integrated shapes on a blank canvas.

Final Words

Luckily, there is a variety of UI/UX tools that are highly capable of fulfilling most of today’s design tasks. No doubt, it’s great news for a designer, but picking up the right one and the functionality of UI/UX tool that resonates with your workflow is equally daunting. A well-chosen UI/UX design tool can help you schedule your tasks and boost your productivity by streamlining your workflows and offer a simplified way of performing complex tasks.


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