Understanding the Revolution in Enterprise App Development

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

The eye-catchy surge in the smartphone users has encouraged entrepreneurs to take the ‘BIG’ step of shifting from desktops to mobile devices. Considered as one of the most flourishing career fields, Enterprise Mobile App Development has immensely revolutionized the way business tasks are executed.

Additionally, these enterprise mobile apps have moderated the outlook of business professionals who were stuck to the traditional perception of viewing mobile apps on the basis of two parameters including usability and innovation.

Nowadays, almost every renowned mobile application development company is engaged in delivering high-end enterprise apps for companies dealing in different verticals.

Are the above stats tempting you to learn more about the revolution in the world of Enterprise Mobile Application Development? If yes, then continue reading to know how enterprise apps have created a wave in the wide world of business.

Enterprise Mobile App Development- What lead to its ravenous demand?

With more and more business owners and CEOs focusing on data-mining along with the desire to incorporate business intelligence into their projects; the enterprise mobile apps have served as great help tools.

In other words, whether it’s about using the Salesforce CRM data, enabling the intra-team communication via chat or using the all-new Office 365; there are mobile apps that can handle everything.

Therefore, the entrepreneurs are using mobile apps for ensuring zero data loss that’s otherwise caused due to usage of standalone systems.

Enterprise App Development- Expected to remain one of the most lucrative markets for app developers

As per a worldwide survey, it has been found that 16% of global app developers who are busy developing enterprise apps are almost three times as likely to earn a whopping $25+ on a per app and per month basis.

Although the Enterprise IT developer segment comprises of just a mere 8% of global app developer community, Enterprise App Development is still being chosen by about 4% digital content publishers, 8% product extenders and 4% gold seekers, amounting to an impressive 35% of global incomes and around 25% of application developers.

Swift- The next ‘Big’ programming language for Enterprise App Developers

Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently referred Swift as one of the best suited programming languages for building enterprise mobile applications. He has also said that Swift would be one of the most used languages among enterprise app developers in the next 20 years.

The open source nature of Swift will make it one of the most preferred app programming languages among developers who can’t afford to invest in the tools and resources for building stunning enterprise apps. Moreover, the small learning curve associated with Swift has enabled the non tech-savvy individuals to grab an excellent opportunity of building apps easily and quickly.

Other Swift features which will continue to remain hot topics of discussion among enterprise app developers include: open source core libraries, flexibility to create contextual apps on latest iOS versions, ability to utilize the proactive features available during keynote and many more.

Gradual shifting of Enterprise applications to cloud computing

Yet another trend introduced in the Enterprise App Development world has been the gradual shift of enterprise apps to the cloud architectures. As per this trend, some of the renowned enterprises have opted for moving some parts or entire infrastructure to cloud computing setup.

This move of the enterprises has encouraged the app developers to indulge in development of different types of enterprise apps including the ones listed below:

– Payment processing

– Content Management

– Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

– Automated billing systems

– Business Intelligence

– Messaging and collaboration systems

– Enterprise Application Integration(EAI)

– Email marketing systems

– Business Continuity Planning(BCP) and many more.

A closer look at the key benefits associated with Enterprise Application Development

Improved Employee Engagement

Both, employee engagement and feedback gathering are indispensable components of a well-nourished business enterprise. Thanks to the rise of modern enterprise mobile apps, employees have received an excellent platform to register their participating in important business decisions. Availing the ease of understanding the business ethos, these employees have been able to provide valuable feedback to the management.

A greater focus on device-level security

Business firms have been precisely focusing on ensuring flawless device-level security. The Enterprise App Development industry foresees the creation of apps that would prove helpful in resolving data loss issues that are quite common in the BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) vertical.

An increased productivity is guaranteed with Enterprise Mobile Apps

Ever since the inception of the EMM(Enterprise Mobility Management) trend, more and more businesses have started investing in mobile apps that can render their employees an impressive freedom of working from any corner of the world. Therefore, offering a greater mobility to the employees is expected to hike the company’s productivity as a whole.

Enterprise App Development entails enterprise-level file storage and sharing

If you’re seriously bothered about hassle-free storage and sharing of files across different departments within your enterprise, then an investment in mobile app development is your best bet. There are developers who are ready to serve you with apps that enable centralized data accessibility along with multi-device sharing.

Enterprise Apps to work in-line with the phrase “Businesses need to work everywhere everytime”

Push technology is indeed one of the most valued things in the world of Mobile Application Development. The convenience of sending user notifications definitely adds value to the entire business handling process. Since a business needs to be operational everytime and everywhere, it is imperative to develop enterprise apps that can work even while a user is offline.

For instance, if you’re into sales, then you might have to implement business tasks while on a move, in remote areas which don’t have the facility of internet. It is under such a situation that an enterprise app(with offline compatibility) can serve as a ray of hope.

HTML5- The web technology which will grab the attention of maximum enterprise app creators

HTML5 will continue to remain one of the foremost choices of enterprise app developers. The sole reason for this is the biggest promise that’s being offered by this developer-friendly web technology. HTML5 expects minimal code changes for every mobile platform that you intend to target via the application.

The ease of writing a single app makes HTML5 the biggest standard in the enterprise app development arena.

There’s a need to deal with enterprise app ownership in larger enterprises

It is the app’s ownership that has made enterprises reluctant in adopting mobile applications. There have been constant debates as to whether the app should be owned by the company’s IT department or whether it should belong to LOB(Line of Business).

However, today, some of the smart enterprises have chosen to build cross-functional team comprising of IT, users, LOB and security. This can actually result into ultimate success of the corporate app, ensuring that the concerns of each team member are addressed for sure.

Thanks to Lucie Kruger for sharing this informative guest post!

Wrapping it all up

The word ‘Enterprise App Development’ is spreading like fire in multiple domains like healthcare, financial services and product manufacturing. Whether you’re an established enterprise or the owner of a mid-sized company, mobilization of workflow tasks is something that can be achieved only with the help of a killer corporate app.

Quite similar to the year 2014 which witnessed an extensive growth in the development and deployment of in-house enterprise apps; this year would also have the enterprise app developers earning hefty sums of cash via development of apps that are easy-to-install and have the potential of accelerating the business growth.




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