Understanding the essential nature of using Salesforce DX

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

As a business owner, you need to use Salesforce DX to help your team in developing better applications. But first, it is crucial that you should understand what Salesforce DX is and what it helps to accomplish. Salesforce X basically encompasses a set of new tools and exciting features which can help in the cycle of application development. Basically, Salesforce DX will be a chance for you to show how you would be able to manage the complete application development procedure for your business organization.

Some cautionary information

It is crucial for you to understand that Salesforce DX will not be like some magic bullet which can fix all the daily challenges which your team is facing in creating changes and then managing the new releases. The tools which are currently available with Salesforce DX would be quite useful and also accessible for the members in your team who may be able to work with the commanding line interface or the CLI and in the integrated development environment or the IDE.

Aside from this, when you adopt Salesforce DX, you will be getting a lot of flexibility too. The reason for this is that Salesforce DX will have a completely new toolset with new exciting features, some of which your team can find to be useful at the present while keeping the others on hold until further investigations are conducted.

Why should you use Salesforce DX?

Traditionally in the lifecycle of software’s development, the application developers would be using sandboxes in order to both create and to test the changes. The basic source of this truth will lie in the moving target. There would be a lot of times when the teams would be in the midst of some project, where the team would attempt to push their latest development out to the public and not work on pushing their application to the higher environment. Some other developers can opt to rather work on improving the application furthermore before they finally release it. The basic source of the truth of these application developments is in Salesforce.

When you have Salesforce DX, you will be able to alter the manner in which your team will define what their sources of truth are. You will not have to waste time joining together several different environments in order to create the latest code versions and metadata. You will be able to provide your team with the latest code version from one centralized source controlling system. This is also known as Source Driven developments, and it will be more convenient to use. The shifting of the source driven developments will not be eliminating the conflicts in the codes or the metadata and will not be required to have the changes get communicates specifically across your teams.

However, it will be putting the burden of your organization, management and resolving of your changes in a source controlled system that would be required to get built in a more efficient manner. The development which is source driven will also be able to provide you along with with your team more efficient visibility along with a detailed audit history which would be incorporated in the changes which are made in your app, whether it be the code or in the configuration. It will also give you more appropriate ways for undoing the changes which have got negative impacts.

Some additional benefits which you will be getting

Besides the supporting of source driven developments, you will also get additional features from Salesforce DX which will allow managing your releases along with the changes which you have made in your Org. This method of the organization of the metadata and the deployment of changes is known as unlocked packages. The unlocked packages would help in providing you with repeatable, scripted, trackable and a more efficient manner for managing the changes in your Org. This will help you in saving a lot of time which you can devote on other more important affairs pertaining to your business. Also, it will reduce the percentages of error incurred while releasing new updates in your applications.

There is also another essential benefit in using Salesforce DX, and this one lies in the specific tools that it provides. By using these tools from Salesforce DX, you will be able to work on creating new applications in a much faster way, and you will also be able to test them before you release them successfully.

Source driven developmental pattern will help you in relieving a lot of issues which pertain to the managing of applications in multiple environments with different versions. Before the onset of Salesforce DX, you would have had to use unmanaged packages if you wanted to share any specific applications with your others. You would have to remember the login in that org so that you can work in that package again. Also if you wanted to iterate in your application and put it in another organization, then it would have been quite difficult, and you would have had to use manual replication procedures. Salesforce DX has changed all of this in an effective manner.

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Salesforce DX will undoubtedly make the development of applications much more efficient. The process will become easier and will be more convenient for your tea. Source driven developmental patterns are effective in the sense that they can help in saving a lot of time. You will be able to make updates, sync your changes and create new scratch orgs much more quickly. The amount of time that you save can be used for other more fruitful purposes, and thus you will be relieved from burdening yourself with unnecessary tension. It can be good in many ways. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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