Using Visuals in Small Business Marketing – How to Attract More Customers

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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Small business owners have a huge number of visual marketing tactics at their disposal. 

While this is a great advantage of the digital age, it’s a double-edged sword, as well. 

Some entrepreneurs wander from one tactic to another only to lose their focus. 

They lose assets, time, and energy along the way. 

What’s important here is to get the most out of the chosen strategies for your business. 

That’s why we’ve chosen several practical visual tactics that are popular at this moment. 

You can adapt them to your needs and spread the word about your business. 

1. Shooting explainer videos 

SMB-owners have been using videos in their marketing efforts for decades. 

What was different in the past that only a handful of entrepreneurs was able to shoot professional videos. 

Today, however, it’s possible to make a top-notch video with a smartphone. 

That’s why more and more businesspeople turn to explainer videos. 

No matter if it’s a product, a service or a new managerial practice, you can explain various business features with these videos. 

The more explainer videos you make, the more materials you’ll have to advertise your business.

From your website and blog to social media channels and YouTube, there are many options for their distribution.

There are different types of explainer videos. For instance, you can shoot your screen while you’re explaining how something works. 

Also, you can record more serious videos that show how people use your products. Finally, you can create animated videos. 

You can learn more about these options in the guide on the Daily Egg blog

2. Sharing Visual tutorial

Closely related to the previous video marketing features, tutorial videos are another handy option for small business owners. 

The main difference between explainer videos and tutorials is the level of production. 

Explainer videos need to look more professional and revolve around one topic. 

On the other hand, tutorials can be made in a more relaxed way. In tutorials, it’s crucial to provide valuable content and tips that will help your audience cut corners in what they do. 

For instance, when you’re watching a guitar video lesson, it’s the playing ability that counts, not the player’s hairstyle. 

Different business owners possess a different amount of experience. 

Those more experienced should rely on the practices they’ve learned in their careers and put them in tutorials. 

If you don’t have too much experience, you can share practices as you’re learning them. 

The latter approach might resonate even better with your audience. When less experienced business owners see that you’re succeeding in what you’re doing, they’ll gain more self-confidence. 

And when you combine extending your knowledge with gaining self-confidence, you’re more likely to reach your business goals. 

3. Publishing original photos

This is the age of stock photography. 

Crowds of people make and sell photos on hundreds of websites. 

This is a win-win option for both photographers and buyers of these pictures. 

Photographers can make a nice amount of money only from these online sales. 

Business owners and website editors can find some great photos at the click of a mouse. 

The only little problem that may arise here is the lack of authenticity in these photos. 

While they’re a perfect choice for blog posts and generic stories, it’s better to rely on original photos for visual branding

In other words, SMB-owners need to take a certain number of original photos for their websites and other online places. 

For instance, you can take some photos in your office to depict the working atmosphere in your company.

Moreover, taking original photos at business events and posting them online can help your business be more visible. 

When you organize team building sessions, grasp the moment with your genuine pictures, as well. 

All those occasions will help your business look more authentic and different from the rest of the online crowd. 

4. Broadcasting live events

Persuasion and convincing are two powerful marketing tactics in every walk of business. 

However, you need to find a smooth and natural way to persuade or convince someone to trust your business. 

This is where broadcasting live events comes on stage. 

Business owners and their associates need to show their target audiences why they are different. 

Broadcasting their participation in various events live is one of the most practical ways to do that. 

For example, if you’re planning to hold a speech at an SMB-conference, broadcast this effort live. 

You can stream this live video to Facebook, YouTube, and other channels live at the same time

That way, you’ll cover several bases and reach out to more potential viewers. 

Apart from business events, try to use this live option for some in-house events or celebrations. 

The more positive and useful examples from your business practice you show, the more leads you may generate that way. 

However, stay disciplined when it comes to sharing live videos with your audience. In line with that, avoid posting too many stories to your social media accounts. 

Focus on the essential events and occasions and livestream only those business features. 

5. Ensuring consistent branding

When it comes to the use of visuals in SMB-marketing, it’s necessary to constantly push the envelope. 

That’s how business owners keep learning new things while informing their audience about this progress at the same time. 

Your audience will be grateful for all the useful content that you share that way. But it’s also important to let them know that you’re reaching your goals. 

What’s important is to stay consistent along the way. 

This means that you should provide your audience with new videos and photos at regular intervals. 

Blog editors know when they’re going to publish their next article. 

Business owners should apply the same tactic in their visual branding. 

Therefore, take some time to think about the best parts of the week or month to make and post new original photos, videos, tutorials, and other features. 

Also, having a mobile app is an important visual addition these days. As suggested by the Houston web application development specialists, launching an app will increase your marketing capacity. 

In addition to that, it’s another medium through which your audience will be able to see your visuals. 

As a result, it will add to more consistent branding in all the available platforms. 


One of the main goals of every visual marketing strategy is to ensure proper online visibility. 

Small business owners can do that if they build and retain their authenticity. 

Shooting explainer videos, taking original photos, making video tutorials, and livestream business events are some of the possible ways to do that. 

Together with a constant presence in relevant online channels and a mobile app, these features make a perfect combo for effective visual marketing. 

Every SMB-owner who puts these strategies to practice can expect higher conversion rates and more customers across various online channels.


Liam Collins


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