Video Marketing as a Google Ranking Factor

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Everyone wants to land on the top of search engine results or at least rank higher on Google. There are several techniques to do so and one hot topic from the past few years is – Video. YouTube, for instance, is the second largest search engine after Google. The data clearly shows that videos are considered as the best form of content consumption with more than 3 billion searches a month.

Gone are the days when people have to read the long text to find out the information they needed. The time has changed completely and video marketing has made it easier for people to determine the data they need. For instance, as per video marketing volume statistics from WordStream, more than 500 million hours of videos are viewed on YouTube each day.

Is video a ranking factor? Why is it a ranking factor?

If there’s anyone that loves the video content the most, the answer is Google. Video marketing is the best way to boost your visibility on Google and drive traffic to your business website. Undoubtedly, videos are engaging and people prefer to watch them as they make the information more digestible by presenting it in a compelling way.

Another important point is that videos can lower the bounce rate as they help you in capturing the attention of your users and motivating them to stay on your page for a longer time. As a result, videos are highly effective to foster engagement, build backlinks, and improve your visibility on Google.

According to reports from Marketingland, 62% of Google global searches include video. In fact, videos are 50 times more likely to get organic page rank on Google as compared to plain text results.

Simply put – video might not be an actual ranking factor. But, if you take it in the form of content, it can be a complete game changer.

 How can you make actual high ranking videos?

As mentioned above, video is not a Google-confirmed ranking factor but they can make a huge impact on your website ranking. Video marketing might not affect the SEO of your website directly, but make a huge influence on it. The higher your videos rank, the more they will have a positive impact on the ranking of your website.

But driving SEO benefits from your business videos is not a piece of cake. For instance, there are countless videos on YouTube but all of them aren’t able to generate desired results. It means the videos you use for your business promotion need a well-optimized approach to get your message across successfully.

Now the question is what are the ranking factors and how can you include them in your videos. Here are some important tips that you need to consider:

Generate Qualitative Video Content

There was a time when video simply means tossing some pictures together in a slideshow with a great piece of music in the background. But, the concept of video marketing is at its peak today and creating videos that look attractive and deliver complete information has become the utmost part.

To stand out from your competitors, you need to ensure that videos you’re publishing are entertaining, eye-catching, and informative. It means you need to focus on building high-end and promotional videos to generate optimum business results. And creating videos is not a big deal with the help of an online video maker.

Renderforest, for example, is a cloud-based video maker that allows people to produce engaging video in no time. All you need to do is, make a video theme and selecting a template depending on your theme.

Optimize Your Video Content

Probably you know, YouTube and Google rank videos differently. So, if you are planning to publish your video on the YouTube platform, you need to ensure that your video is fully optimized. Here are some points you need to consider to create high ranking YouTube videos:

  • Keyword research
  • Add a customized thumbnail
  • Optimize for Google too
  • Give a relevant filename
  • Insert keywords in a short title
  • Include relevant tags and categories
  • Write down lengthy descriptions
  • Select eye-catching thumbnails
  • Encourage people to subscribe
  • Personalize your channel
  • Make a regular posting schedule

Share Your Videos on Other Platforms

Make your YouTube channel known by sharing your videos on different platforms. There are several platforms you can utilize to post your video content such as your website, social media, blog posts, etc. Embedding valuable and exciting videos on different platforms is a great idea to motivate your audience to visit your website regularly, get more views, and make your business videos rank high. You can visit Amazon to see how they use this technique.

This e-commerce site uses animated ads or videos on their homepage to promote different categories of products from their extensive collection and these videos help them spread their message effectively.

Embed Videos in Your Content

If you’ve embedded your video in the main content of your business website, make certain to build a video index and register it on Google Webmaster. This might not help with ranking your videos higher by itself but it can help Google find out what your website is all about and rank it wisely.

Wrapping Up the Post

An effective video content marketing strategy can change everything for you as well as your business. Apart from making a positive influence on your SEO efforts, your videos also play a great role in helping you engage your audience with your business. They help you in establishing a deep and emotional connection with your customers.

Getting higher ranking with your video marketing efforts can be a daunting job, but following these tips can definitely help you smooth your way and reach your business goals successfully. It’s all about building a high-quality video, tuning it up with your SEO strategy,


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