Ways to Improve Your Instagram Account

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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Have you noticed how your favorite celebrities and influencers all have really good-looking Instagram profiles and want to know how you can do this too? Are you tired of having no theme or style for your page and want to do something about this?

We all love scrolling through our Instagram feeds, admiring the beautiful photos of our friends, family, and favorite celebs. But what does it take to have a successful account? It’s not just about taking great photos and picking out your perfect filter, there are some tricks behind the scenes that we need to know in order to make sure we are getting the most likes and followers possible.

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to get more engagement or want advice on how to create a great and impactful Instagram account, read on to find out how you could be doing this to the best of your capabilities.

What is an Instagram account and how does it work?

If you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you might not know about the incredibly popular social media platform, Instagram, or what it is about. Instagram is by far the most popular social media platform out there with billions of users active every single month. This popular social media platform is all about sharing your favorite photos and videos from your day with your friends, family, and even other people that follow you.

Although this sounds like a very basic platform, a way that they have made it so much more interesting for the users, is by introducing new features all the time. The platform has also become very popular for businesses that enjoy organic marketing. In the same way, many growth services like Growthoid help you get Instagram followers, using organic methods. Either way, these new features that are constantly being added create a sense of mystery and allows users to keep discovering new things on the platform.

When it comes to posting on Instagram, you want to be posting things that you know others will like. Making sure your images are of the best quality is the right place to start. Sticking with a theme, color palette, and tone, it is a great way to keep track of things

Choose a Great Profile Pic

First up on the list of things to do when trying to improve your Instagram account, is choosing the right profile picture. When you start your account, in the very beginning, you will be given the option to include a profile picture, and this is something you should definitely include, otherwise your account will look fake.

If you have had your account for a while already, changing your profile picture is simple too, and there is nothing difficult about it. When choosing the perfect profile picture for your page there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, it needs to match your account. It should have the same style, look, and tone, as the content you will be posting to your page.

Next up, is what is in the picture. If it is a logo, you want to make sure that it is clear enough for people to read in the small circle icon where it is shown. Even though the image is going to be small, ensure to use a good quality photo to make sure that the image looks good in all of the sizes that it is shown in.

Edit your Photos and Videos the Right Way

Instagram is a visual platform where you share photos and videos with your followers and other users. As mentioned earlier, is it also a place that prides itself on its look and sells a life of luxury. This means that when you are trying to improve your account, you need to improve your content in the process.

When editing your photos and videos, you want to stick to a similar color palette. One that is aesthetic and easy on the eyes. If you aren’t familiar with editing photos, Instagram offers a variety of filters that you can use to instantly make your content look better.

Don’t Forget About Hashtags

When it comes to improving your Instagram account, something that you should ot be missing out on is hashtags. Hashtags are one of the most important elements when it comes to growing your account and reaching new people, as they are one of the many ways to gain likes. They allow you to post within your niche and find a new audience too.

When using hashtags, related and relative ones to your content are the best way to go as they ensure that you will reach your desired target audience and niche.


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