When should you contact an employment lawyer?

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Updated: Oct 08, 2022

Many people question when they should seek an employment attorney. They can help with employers and employees work together so that any problems can be resolved should they arise. If you find that your employer and employee relationship becomes stressed about wages, safety, discrimination, or wrongful termination then you should make sure to contact an employment lawyer. They can help you navigate the rights of your employer or your employees and can guide you on the right course of action and your duties. Here is a little advice on when to contact an employment lawyer. 

What is an employment lawyer?

There are a couple of different types of employment lawyers that you can use. One usually focuses on employees and can be referred to as an employment rights attorney or a federal employment lawyer. The other is a lawyer that focuses on defendants or employers which can be referred to as management lawyers. The important thing to notice is that you tend to find out that lawyers focus on one side or the other. 

What do they do? 

Importantly, an employment lawyer handles any aspect of employment. This could be wage issues, safety problems, or discrimination issues. If you are an employee, then a lawyer can help you know whether your rights have been violated and whether you have a case to pursue. They usually ask you to try internal remedies before going for a legal solution. You will be surprised to know how many labor laws are out there and how many employers are violating them, either wilfully or ignorantly. If you think they are then seek advice from a professional attorney. 

When should you contact an employment lawyer?

As soon as you believe that something is wrong, and you have attempted to rectify it directly. You don’t need to go directly to a lawyer if you feel like something is wrong. You can attempt to go through your own HR. This is something that can work and is often the most direct route to resolution. Other organizations can help you before going to legal services. Also, you should seek to contact a lawyer if you are starting a business.

Even if you are struggling initially to get a case, you can still contact a lawyer. You should treat your lawyer as a last resort. Your attorney can help you see if you have been wronged and see if there is a viable case. They can go through records and help you understand your issue. It may be just a miscommunication between you and your employer. If it is more than this, then a lawyer will be able to begin legal procedures and help you get through any tough times. 

Employment lawyers

These can sound scary, but it is useful to have one in your back pocket in case you need one. You should not be taken advantage of at work. It is a place where you go to earn money. You have a job description, and you should do no more and no less. Make sure to speak to your local legal professional if you need one. 


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