Why Grand Theft Auto V is one of the Best Games Ever Made

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Updated: Sep 02, 2021

Grand Theft Auto V will go down in history as being one of the best games ever made. The GTA franchise has always been popular in the gaming community, but GTA V shook the world with its release. Rockstar really went above and beyond to deliver one of the best and most interesting gaming experiences ever made. The open-world, all the different types of vehicles, an amazing story with interesting and complex characters make GTA V be something unique. Although being released all the way back in 2013, it still holds up.

Meet the Gang

In this entry of the game, players will be able to switch between three different characters and do a handful of different missions with each one of them, and the characters are extremely different from each other. There is a retired bank robber, Michale De Santa, who is married with two kids and has a tough relationship with his family. The gangster Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips, the crazy and unbalanced drug dealer and arms smuggler. As the story goes on, these three will meet each other, and their paths will cross, and alongside Lester Crest, an old friend of Michaels, these three will plan and do all different kinds of heists.

Explore San Andreas

Inspired by Southern California, players can roam around freely in the State of San Andreas and can choose to control any of the three characters to either follow the campaign and discover more about the story or just explore the city and do whatever you want. Being able to explore the vast open-world has always been one of the most fun aspects of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and GTA V did a great job in delivering that. There are so many things that you as a player can do in the game, the possibilities are endless. After completing the heists, you will earn a lot of cash and can spend it on amazing and expensive vehicles, and use it to further expand your gun arsenal. You can also buy clothes to dress the characters as you see fit, and vehicles can also be customized.

Outside of the missions, the world of GTA is huge and asking to be explored. You can use your purchased vehicles to travel across the map, or if you find a vehicle that you want, you can take it by force. Use cars, boats, jet-skis, and different kinds of air vehicles to travel through the map. As always, all vehicles are included with many radio stations, with diverse genres that you can listen to while cruising around the world. But if you start causing too much chaos around, you will begin to attract the attention of the authorities, with the good and old wanted system.

Like the other games, the wanted status goes from one to five stars, and as you get more and more stars, different kinds of forces will be sent to stop you. The first few stars will only trigger so that the police will chase after you, with all different kinds of vehicles, and they will set up traps and roadblocks to stop you, and in the last few stars, the army will be sent to deal with you. Getting the max stars and seeing how long you can last against these forces is always a fun test, and you can either choose to try and flee from it or stand your ground and go guns blazing against these waves of police and army.

Go Online

Although the single-player campaign is an amazing experience, GTA V online mode is an extremely fun experience. Create your own character, and start doing small heists to earn more money to better equip yourself with guns and vehicles, so that you can tackle even more complicated heists. The bigger the risk, the bigger the cashout. For the heists, there are some missions that you will need to complete before doing it. Preparations are needed, and you can join up with your friends or any other player, and complete these missions. When finally going to do the heist, each player will be attributed with a different task, so everyone will have their specific tasks. Also, the leader of the team is the one who controls the percentage that every player will be paid.

Heists are not the only thing to be done in online mode, you can also use your money to buy luxury apartments, garages to store vehicles, and now you can even buy a yacht, and invite your friends to come over and hang out with you. You now can also create and manage a nightclub, and even a motorcycle gang.

Being eight years old, the game received countless free updates with new vehicles, weapons, and plenty of new and exciting heists. It is extremely surprising to see a company develop and give a game so much content, and most importantly, all of it is free. GTA V is Rockstars golden game, and the game received countless awards, including Game of The Year in 2013, the year it was released. The game was released originally for PS3 and Xbox 360, but the game stayed relevant for so long that versions for the new generations of consoles were released, and will now even be available for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.


GTA V will forever be remembered for being one of the best games ever. To think that a game that was released eight years ago is still relevant is absolutely shocking. And for all that time, Rockstar released new content on a regular basis. Fans cannot wait for the announcement of a new game, but it is better not to get your hopes up, as a version for the new-gen of consoles was announced, and there have been no rumors about a new game coming out.

In online mode, you will need a lot of money to be able to obtain all of the mountains of content the game now has. It might be a little frustrating to start from scratch and battle your way to buy all you want. So, if you want to buy everything you want right from the start, you can use some specialized services to buy money in GTA V as well as modded accounts. You can get it for any platform.


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