Why You Should Use Illustrations in Website Design

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

If you visit many websites, there is either a photograph or an illustration. But have you ever wondered what the designer and owner went through to decide on what to use? Both of these media have their pros and cons, but which is used depends on what the owner of the website wants to achieve. For now, we will focus on why you should use an illustration for your website. Here are the main reasons.

Illustration Engages Potential Customers

When compared to other media like video and photographs, illustration engages the users more. Various studies have proven that websites with engaging illustrations receive more traffic per day. This is because they communicate with the users in a better and clearer way. Some illustrations are accompanied by text, which even makes it clearer.

It Can Visualize Data

Using an illustration that will analyze data in a simple visual way will capture your audience. This type of illustration is called infographics, and they have been used successfully for many years now. If this is your target, then let the illustrator create an attractive and informative illustration to summarize all of this information. The audience finds it easy to understand these illustrations since they combine data analysis tools, text, and other illustrations.

When You Want to Tell a Story

Consumers need a compelling visual to get attached to your brand. While long texts may not achieve this goal well, illustration is the best strategy to consider. Thus, you can easily take potential customers through your product’s journey by using an appropriate illustration. When preparing one, ensure that you use reputable illustrators. You can visit iLustra’s homepage to know more about what they can offer.

Illustrations Are Highly Customizable

Unlike photographs that need to remain the way they are, illustrations are unique and customizable. Creative illustrators can summarize the story you want to tell in one illustration. They add a lot more information by modifying the illustrations to depict some important things about the company. Additionally, simple text that can add meaning to the entire illustration is the best way to go.

Maintain the Website Theme

Illustrations can enhance the theme of a website in an incredible way. You get to choose the colors and message to put in your illustration. But what is most important is giving the audience a feeling for what you offer. Websites with humor, fun, or any other theme can bring it out better if they use an illustration. At the same time, it will give the intended message. Photographs and textual information may not combine these two well. So, an illustration takes the day here.

Express Ambition

Photographs may be good, but they will not tell the audience more about the ambition you have for your brand. But illustration will do this in the best way possible. The best thing is that this can be merged with other information that you intend to pass to the potential clients. One illustration can tell it all. As mentioned earlier, all you need is a creative illustrator who will bring all of your ideas together and create a one-page illustration. However, it could also be a series of illustrations in one.


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