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Noeticforce.com is the creation of designers and developers going all guns to make a mark in the current age of tech revolution. We work on various technical projects ranging from development of modern web apps, mobile apps, websites and enterprise applications.

Noeticforce.com is one of our most loved projects, which was initiated to motivate, engage and inform designers and developers on the tips & tricks, best practices, tools and technologies in the area of web and apps development.

Noeticforce.com is an online magazine and hence lives on content. Our writers do in depth research to contribute quality content on noeticforce.com in an attempt to satisfy our readers insatiable appetite for informative and knowledgeable content. On the side, our writers get visibility, promotion and appreciation for their knowledge…and coffee during weekdays and beer over the weekends.

To keep feeding this website with informative content, we are always on the lookout for the like minded guest authors who are willing to share their knowledge with the community. It is always a win-win-win proposition – For us, for you and for our readers.

Content Categories for Article Submission

We cover anything and everything that makes modern web apps, mobile apps, websites and enterprise apps possible.

You can submit articles on Web design, web development, mobile apps design, apps mobile apps development, design tools, development tools, frameworks, games dev, Content management systems, Tutorials on programming, Tips, tricks and tutorials on JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Java, Haskell, Scala, Python, Swift, C/C++, UI/UX and anything that makes sense in the world of design and development.

We love list style articles, below are a few for your quick reference –

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Submission Guidelines

Note: All articles are reviewed internally by our editors, any article that does not follow below mentioned guidelines will possibly get rejected.

  • Our editors approve only well researched and thorough articles, preferred length of the article is 1200-2000 words.
  • Submission should include the title, minimum one image and a short description of what your article is about.
  • You can submit article in HTML, DOC, DOCX format, images should be in JPG format and good resolution.
  • There should not be any issues with the copyright of content and images that you submit.
  • Article should be unique, original and should not be published anywhere else, and should not be copied or plagiarized from another source.
  • Please include author bio, you can add your Twitter, Facebook and other social media handles in the author bio section for self promotion.
  • Article should not just be meant to sell or promote a product or service of your own. If you intend to promote a product or service, we offer option for sponsored posts.

If our editors like the article quality, we will reply back to your email and move forward with the next steps.


Email your article to info@noeticforce.com for review and approval. We will reply back to your email with approval status within one week.

We publish approved articles only after a written confirmation over an email from you.


We do not pay for guest posts and contributed articles. Authors are free to self promote themselves using the author bio section and by adding their social media handles or web page reference etc, as required.

Having said that, we do pay for articles that are of exceptionally good quality and match our writing style. Once you have emailed us the article, our editors will go through the article and let you know if it is fit for publishing. Please note that we do not add any links back to your website/blog for any of the paid articles

We are also on the lookout for authors who can write regularly for noeticforce.com, if that is your intent, then please drop us an email with one sample article and few details of your prior work for reference. Our editors will contact you to settle down on the frequency and payments.

Contact for Sponsored posts to promote your products or services on noeticforce.com  – info@noeticforce.com.